Chapter 0:

Shiruka Sensei

The Shiruka Collection

November 1997, Japan...

A  23 year old man named Nobuto Shiragiku was hired to work for a publishing company known as Shonen editor after winning a novel contest.  He chose the pen name Shiruka and began writing many well written stories. He was praised for both his writing, and the superhuman pace he completed his work at.

However, he grew bored of the "easy to write" novels and wanted to try writing more wittier works.

"Hmm, what could I do to get my start? I want to write something dumb, and make a big fuss just to get it a print release. But what could it be?" Shiruka mused.

"How about you just write one letter?" I snickered.

"Hmm? Who- _! That's it! One letter! This will be a genius idea."

Looks like Shiruka's on the path to greatness. Though I'd better pop the idea for a manga in his mind. It will unleash his talent and help him achieve his dreams. Muwahahaha!

Mario Nakano 64