Chapter 11:

The Resulting Flood From a Burst Dam

Afflicted by Snow

Disclaimer: I hope this was
obvious but if not here's your warning,
the first half of this work
is very much dubcon
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uncomfortable with that feel free
to skip them

     Over the night they rested in the first of supposedly two towns before the soldiers’ barracks, then with the next town much further off they stopped by a waterfall to rest for a moment.

Revi had immediately ran off, giddily exclaiming something about making her own hot spring while Linias leaned against the bark of a tree, leaving the horses by the waterfall to drink.

Although he couldn’t see any of the others, if anything were to happen he’d know just from how dense the forest was alone. In fact, he’d know several miles in advance if anything was coming this way. That’s why he loved the outdoors, and the more vegetation and trees the merrier.

In his eyes, they were perfectly safe. Though others would be put off from the open space for the fear of anything coming around any corner, for him he had eyes, ears, and friends around any and every corner.

With a pleasant sigh, Linias absorbed the foliage until the forest around him retched. Probably Haetia. They never seemed to like him.

He opened his eyes and lo-and-behold his Master was trotting towards him, almost…happily? No, that wasn’t happiness. If anything he looked more feverish.


With a feverish gaze, Haetia slid his pale hands up the length of his servant’s torso until they were just above his pecs, though Linias didn’t bite yet.

It wasn’t just his posture or his eyes or expression. His entire atmosphere felt different. And did he…smell different? It felt oppressive, whatever the smell was that was hanging around him. Not oppressive in the musty sense, more in the sense of it trying to worm its way into his head and thoughts by using a pleasant and temptatious scent. Get him to do something he’d regret.

The best course of action was escaping from whatever was going on, but still he didn’t move. It was his duty to tend to whatever Haetia’s needs were and in this case he had to see what his Master wanted–or desired.

Liniasss.” His Master whispered, as if trying to seduce him. “Let me suck you off, yeah?

The more Linias was forced to absorb the scent the more he was able to pinpoint what it was. Pheromones. He’d dealt with animals his whole life to know the kind of effects they have, but he didn’t think that people–or rather Haetia–could emit such. It’d never happened before, so why, or even how did it happen now?

Whatever the specifics were, he couldn’t think about them right now as he started to find himself unwillingly aroused. He’d been taught to control himself in front of olfactory aphrodisiacs from his time with Mitsuyo but never anything like this.

“I…Don’t know if that’s wise.”

“Hmm? Whyyy? Are you afraaaaid of getting caaaaaught?” One of Haetia’s hands slithered down, rubbing the slight bulge curving Linias’s zipper. “Look, your body seems to want me to. Please?”

In truth he had no actual reason to decline other than some blaring instinct telling him that it was a terrible idea but if he had no legitimate reason then he couldn’t deny his Master, opposing instincts or not.

“If…you want to.”

Haetia smiled a smile as though possessed. “Hehe.” He planted a kiss on his servant’s lips in a flirtatious fashion, as if teasing more to come. “I do want to. Don’t you want me to?”

The seemingly enchanted prince continued to fondle the curve until it grew in size, adding to the preexisting flush that the pleasant aroma created in Linias’s face.


“Talk casually, I wanna hear what that sounds like.”

“...Y-Yeah.” He corrected, to which his Master’s smile stretched wider.

Then he undid the buckle to his retainer’s cargos and slithered his hand further within until he reached his goal. The moment his skin made contact with the private a delighted giggle left him.

“Tell me honestly, and I mean honestly. Don’t worry, my feelings won’t get hurt. Did you like having sex with me?”

Something told him not to grab onto Haetia at all, so instead Linias’s fists clenched in an attempt not to fall too far into temptation. “Y-Yeah.”

“More than others?”

Linias nodded albeit slightly.

Haetia’s voice was still soft and his eyes only seemed to melt more and more. “That makes me happy to hear. I really enjoyed it too, you know. More than anyone else.”

Fiddling with his servant’s pants, he unveiled more of his cock in order to get a much better grasp of it. By now it was fully standing at attention and that fact appeared to make his eyes sparkle in joy and gleeful anticipation.

“I’m not sure if I want it in my mouth more or inside of me.” Deciding in the same sentence, Haetia slowly dropped to his knees, weighing the member in his hands. “Touch me, will you? With your vines?” Playfully pleading he pecked the shaft.

Before Linias could confirm or reject the statement, Haetia already brought the tip to his lips and passed them. Muscles debating between tensing and trying to relax, Linias finally caved and threaded a hand between his Master’s long, opulent locks.

He loathed doing things this lewd outdoors. The forest was watching, the animals were watching, all of them were! He was completely fine with other people watching, that much he was trained for, but this felt like he was tainting them. Even worse, he HATED when clients asked for him to use his magic. It was already bad to subject nature to this, but to make them partake?

Still, nonetheless, he had to obey. Especially if it was his Master.

Extremely begrudgingly, he used his softest vines to unbutton Haetia’s shorts and take hold of his surprisingly or unsurprisingly rigid length. Delicately, the vines wrapped around and stroked every inch of his crotch, since they had the ample ‘hands’ to spare.

Content, a mixture of a chuckle and a whimper left his Prince as he tried to focus on his task.

He gave the cock a bob, then removed it and slid his inner lips against the entirety of its length before directing his attention back to the head. At first he’d give it a mischievous lap, then a more meticulous whirl that moistened every curve and crevice.

Already Linias was at the point of covering his mouth with the back of his hand as he held back his own heavy respirations. He had no clue how he was going to apologize for defiling this area later and nor did his Master give him the time to even contemplate it.

Again he pushed the tip past his lips, this time as far down his throat as he could manage. For the first time the urge to buck his hips down someone’s throat tainted him but he couldn’t do that to his Master of all people, as much as he was certain that this current version of him would revel in the sensation. He just wanted this over as quickly as possible and as least promiscuously as he could manage.

Now Haetia started to mix in his hands, using the added saliva coating the member as lubricant to his motions, though a handjob didn’t seem to satisfy him. What he really wanted was his cock in his mouth from start to end, so once again he imbibed his retainer’s hardened dick after licking it from base to tip then absorbing it fully.

Haetia repeated the process as the vines quickened their pace until they were coated in translucency sourced at the wintry phallus that they encompassed. Mumbled and gurgled whines failed to leave his mouth that was currently filled to the brim and more with cock as he continued to shove its entirety down his throat, now desperately bobbing his head in an attempt to extract the ejaculate it contained.

Linias’s grasp on his Master’s white hair constricted the closer he came to his limit. “Fuck..I’m–coming..!”

To make matters worse, he came in the worst way possible: in his Master’s mouth AND on his face, not to mention Haetia’s cum all over the grass below.

“Haha. That was the first time I’ve ever heard you cuss!” The impish prince chuckled after swallowing.

Haetia’s feverish, carnal eyes were much worse now that the act had concluded, and while Linias tried to catch his breath some extremely hushed part of him wanted to tear for the sickening act that he committed in such a haven.

The vines retracted and his Master came to a stand, softly whispering, “I want you inside. Please?

Now he REALLY felt his spirit break.

Just as he was about to decide between formulating some form of excuse or getting it over with once again without rebuttal, he heard rustling nearby.

But they didn’t warn—Oh of course they didn’t after what I just did–! Panic stricken, Linias rushed to clothe and tidy the both of them while his Prince was still unbeknownst to the whole severity of the situation.

“Linias~! I said–!”

“Sire, please–” He rapidly patted down Haetia to make sure everything was in order then set him a fair and believable distance away, kicking dirt over the milky-white streaks atop the grass.

Haetia opened his mouth to playfully protest again but by then the rustling became clearer as Revi turned the corner with Summer and Oliver trotting beside her.

“You guys ready to go?”

“Yes!” Linias cleared his throat. “I mean–Yes. You and His Majesty can go on ahead, I’ll be there in a second.”

Although a little skeptical, Revi walked off while Haetia reluctantly followed in both disappointment and annoyance.

The pair of horses squinted at Linias, slowly realizing what happened. Now he had to apologize to THEM too.

He would’ve MUCH preferred if Revi—or even Haetia’s late father—had walked in on them in an inn or something rather than this!

Once they were safely away, Linias first properly cleaned up his Master’s spurt then bowed in front of the tree he leaned against during the whole affair. “I’m truly, truly sorry! My Master just sometimes–”

The tree lowered a branch, patting Linias on the head.

“A-Are you sure?”

The branch formulated a makeshift nod, then gestured for him to hurry along.

Although a bit hesitant, Linias apologized profusely one last time before following after his posse, still filled with guilt and hoping that this would never occur again.

Originally he walked beside Summer as always while his Master rode her and Revi Oliver until Haetia gestured for him to ride with him. With silent disbelief, he sat behind Haetia and immediately his Master laid back into him and forced Linias to wrap his hands around making him remember, what had gotten into Haetia?

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