Chapter 25:



Shrilon Vecner grew up in Greenflower, Rucrula. He always inspired to be a strong knight like his father Jack Vecner. When he was twelve years old he abandoned his mother and went to Islena to become a knight where his father worked. 

He became a strong knight and joined the ranks below his father. He met a girl named Maray and fell in love. They became extremely strong and after his father retired, Shrilon and Maray became the strongest knights in Islena. Said to be the strongest duo in the world, they served directly under King Gavenious and had both unlocked Death’s Ring (X). 

They retired in the year 1025 and moved to Greenflower. Jack Vecner saw all the evil the King had done in Islena and rebelled against him. 

They fought in the capital of Auxburg until King Gavenious killed Jack. The next night the fire started in the Vecner house and they were slaughtered right where the next Jack was born. 

“I won’t drag their name in the mud, I will restore it from humiliation!” 

Jack shattered the axe and cut Gorebyss’ head off with his blade. 

Jack unlocked two Rings, The Traveler’s Ring (IV) and The Sorcerer’s Ring (V). 

“Nightmare are you ready to leave?” 

Jack walked back to where Nightmare was, he found a note written in blood. 

“Jack you have spoken, but that does not mean anything to Celtzer. If you want to see him again trade him in for yourself or try to fight the Master and have your whole crew be killed, the choice is up to you. To trade go to Witcherton, Northumbria but if you wish to die go to the Algarian Palace.” - Jury Greyheart. 

Next to the note Jack spots a severed eye from Nightmare. Jack woke up Nephelis...

“Everybody listen, I will be going to Witcherton to save Nightmare while you all go to the Algarian Palace to kill Celtzer!” 

“Why would he be at the Algarian Palace?” Skoal asked. 

“I don’t know but that’s where he is, find out when you kill him. I’ll see you all soon.”

In Witcherton Jack finds the meetup spot where Jury Greyheart is waiting. 

“Hello Jack, ready to take his place?” 

“Who do you think you are Greyheart? I can easily kill you right now if I want to.” 

“You cannot, Jack the second my heartbeat stops the collar on his neck will explode. Kill me and he dies.” 

Jack puts his collar on and Greyheart takes the other one off of Nightmare. 

“You are worth a lot Jack” 

Jack uses his right arm and sends the collar to the Abyss. Jack then stabs Greyheart in the chest and pierces the wall of the building with the blade, keeping him to the wall. 

“The executioner was right, I still have the power of the Abyss in my right arm.” 

“Why does he want you alive?” Greyheart said with a fading breath.


“Yeoman Abel was never the leader of the Zealots, the real leader Zelith is in Gehenna. When Lucius took over he cut ties with the Zealots...”