Chapter 26:



Jack remembered Father Exodus calling him Mr. Zelith. 

“Who is Zelith?” 

“Why would he target you but not want you dead?” 

“Greyheart who is he!” 

“It’s probably because...” 

“Greyheart wake up!” 

Jury Greyheart had died and Jack had taken his sword back. 

“Hey Jack shouldn’t we get going?” 

“No, it’s getting late why don’t we stay here for the night.” 

Jack woke up in the middle of the night. He went outside and walked up a hill to stargaze before returning to bed. 

“Jackson is dead.” 

Jack looked over to his right and saw a man sitting there looking at the stars. 


“My father Jackson is dead.” 

“I think you are mistaking me for someone else. I don’t know anybody with a father named Jackson.” 

“But you do Jack Fireborne.” 

“That’s not my name anymore, and I still don’t know who you are!” 

“You saved my ass in Braxford and let me come with you on your journey, I admired you Jack.”

“Mialwraith? I saw you die, back in Whitecross!” 

“I did die, I was saved and reborn. After the battle I struggled outside and was saved and brought to a hospital. I then went back to Dunkirk and talked to my father again. I asked him where to find my brothers, he told me then I killed him. I went to the Cave of Hope and was made into a half-dragon man by Xenox. He also used my blood to help my brothers become half-human. I’ve come back to kill you Jack, by my brothers request. I am Drake, I killed Aderland, I will kill you!” 

Jack started to transform. “YOU WHAT!” 

“I killed your best friend Aderland after the battle at the Uncrowned Fortress.” 

“30% DEVIL Form!” 

All his skin became charred and soft horns grew from his head, a tail from his back and claws from his hands and feet. Mialwraith spread his cold icy wings and flew up in the air. 

“What is stronger, a god or a devil?”