Chapter 13:

A Blossoming Mystery (Part 2)

Afflicted by Snow

Disclaimer: consensual non-con!
If you're uncomfortable reading this, 
all you need to know is Haetia can't
stand the reality he was presented with 
and what it could possibly mean so he
copes in a very VERY unhealthy way,
for both him and Linias

     Haetia delved into one of the inn’s rooms, uncaring whether it was one of the ones they had rented for the night. All he cared for right now was to separate himself from whatever the reality was on the other side of that door in that little creature’s room.

Collapsing onto the ground against the dresser, Haetia held his knees against his face vehemently shaking his head as if it would release the memory and sight from his mind.

Someone that looked like him? He didn’t need to be exposed to other locations and races to know that he was a rarity. Between that creature, the soldiers clad in black and red, the clan of fire elementals, his home, what did–?

He didn’t even hear the clatter of the doors’ closure, nor the footsteps that approached until the heat of its originating body was crouched down in front of him. In a blink he flung himself into whoever’s arms were in front of him, desperately clutching onto the cloth covering their torso and laying his ear against their chest to hear–feel–the beat of their heart not too different from his own, only slower.

He was a person. Different from whatever that thing was. He was a person. Healthy. And human.

The arms silently wrapped around him and gradually his own rapid beating heart stagnated.

A little calmer now, Haetia opened his eyes to see who it was that came to comfort him.


Hah. Of course it was…The prince wasn’t sure whether to be glad or annoyed about how deathly loyal his servant was.

Although still maintaining a hold on his chest Haetia moved to create a bit of distance between the two, and now they were able to meet each other’s eyes.

Did Linias always look this…worried? As far as he knew, Linias’s only expression was a stoic straight face.

In a gentle, delicate pine, Linias uttered, “My Lord, are you alri–” Before he could finish the question, Haetia pulled him by his sweater in a sudden jolt and forced his lips onto his own. “Mmn–”

His pale hands slid higher to allure his retainer into giving in, inching his fur-lined coat off and onto the hardwood floor.

Barely parting his lips from his servant’s, the prince whispered, “I–don’t want to think about it. Just–make me forget. All of it. I want you to violate me, and I mean violate.”

For a moment, Linias seemed hesitant and concerned. But, with the earnestness of the request from his Master he couldn’t refuse.

The request was all it took for Linias’s personality to do a complete shift. In a heartbeat he lugged Haetia off the floor by his overly extensive locks and forced him onto the short dresser. His vines crawled against the wall behind his ‘Master’, snaking around his arms and wrists and pinning them above.

Playing into the act, Haetia squirmed in defiance, trying to shove Linias away. Internally it was still a bit difficult to snuff out his concern for his Master’s wellbeing, but if this is what he wanted…

The vines then pried his legs open, giving Linias free reign to do as he wished. Immediately his tattooed hands tore off the cropped lavender turtleneck and navy blue shorts, leaving the harnesses in place.

Linias’s voice was cold and unsympathetic, juxtaposing his atypical neutrality, “Something like this was bound to happen eventually with how you prance around and dress like a whore.”

To not give his ‘kidnapper’ the satisfaction of his weakened state, Haetia kept his chin faced away until he jerked it forward. Those silver-hazel eyes weren’t recognizable as his servant anymore. They were sharper, much less tolerant and much less forgiving.

“Here you are criticizing the lifestyles of escorts. Have you ever taken a look at yourself?”

He pulled his sleeves higher by the forearms, revealing more of his floral markings.

The hands that Haetia once thought of delightful were now dreadful, unsure how they would toy with him next, and that question was quickly answered. Still seizing his chin, Linias clenched his semi in a grip void of affection causing the prince to jump in his skin.

“I haven’t done anything to you yet and you’re already getting hard.”

Haetia bit his inner lip, holding back his desire to beg for his touch and instead retaliate.

“Don’t–touch me!”

“Or what?” His hand slithered back, now jerking his head back by his white hair. “You don’t seem all too capable of helping yourself right now, and it doesn’t really seem like you want me to stop either.”

To showcase his point he rubbed his palm against the tip then the shaft. Entirely exhilarated, the prince’s member nestled into its kidnapper’s fondle, further standing upright and growing in size.

“N-No I–” Haetia began to say but his fever took over, hushing him with a thrilled exhale.


His cruel smirk displayed his conniving canines that soon enough sank into his neck. A surge of pain and pleasure tinged the prince’s frame as he bit back a whimper in order to hide his satisfaction from the abuse.

Bites were littered across his pale skin one abrasion at a time as Linias groped his cock that gave in to his internal desires against his outward will.

“If you didn’t want this wouldn’t you be trying at least a little bit harder?” Speaking in a low, sinister snarl his smirk stretched thinner. “Maybe if I touched you here instead?”

The tattooed hands lowered, outlining the rim to his entrance.

“S-Stop! Don’t–ah!

Not even given the privilege of finishing his thought, the fingers had already broken through.

Haetia struggled against the strength of the vines but it was no use. If anything, they only seemed to further constrict their grasp.

“I would ask you if that was a moan I heard, but your body is already answering for me. You’re soaking wet.”

The hole gladly spread as far open as the fingers demanded, pulsating as it yearned to be sealed with another. Humoring the plea, Linias met his own cock with the partially agape rectum.

Haetia fidgeted in place with a trembling cry as he attempted one last escape effort, “Stay away from me! When I get out of this–”

“You’ll what? Tell some form of authority? They wouldn’t believe you. Not with what you wear on a day to day basis. In fact, I’m sure that they’d ask you for a turn as well.”

The kidnapper enfolded his clasp around his thin and feminine waist, threatening entry.


Then all in one thrust Linias shoved the entirety of his girth inside, forcing a cut gasp out of the prince. Already his thoughts started to muddle as his uncontrollable libido took over, making it exceedingly difficult to keep up their play.

Without any further preparation or care he cut straight to ruthless thrusts of his victim’s walls. This forced Haetia to dig his maroon nails into the palms of his hands since he had little else to do with them. The slight pain it created was the only thing he could feel through his otherwise numb limbs after being strangled for so long.

Those same tattooed hands wrapped around his neck, compressing until air could no longer travel freely throughout. “What a fucking slut. I didn’t think you could get any more loose but look how easily my cock slips in and out. Especially like this.” He clenched harder, and in response Haetia’s body seemingly sucked in the rapidly penetrating heat every time it tried to exit.

Not even trying to hold back any more, Haetia moaned in full force, “Hha-..ah~!

Whatever skill that Linias had when it came to his near innate ability to know what he desired without words, Haetia reveled in it. He couldn’t remember the last time he was choked properly, most in his hometown were obviously too afraid of harming him then being punished afterwards. But Haetia knew that Linias prioritized his safety above all else and whatever he desired second. So combining these? He was the ideal sex partner, even he couldn’t deny that.

A twisted, gratified smile painted across the pale prince’s lips and he struggled to breathe; his molten gaze and fully flushed cheeks completely contradicting the current scene.

The kidnapper scoffed, impelling more violently and further liquidating his victim’s eyes.

“You could try screaming–if you want. But I’m sure they’ll look at the face you’re making right now and think otherwise.”

Whatever words were coming out of Linias’s mouth fell on deaf ears as the mind supposedly listening was reduced to a jumbled and beguiled mess.

Every part of Haetia’s frame withdrew in itself as its tension built until finally expending all of it at once in a full climax, “Ah–hh-a~~-!!

The stream launched out fast enough to be painful, landing on the kidnapper’s sweater and contrasting with its black fabric.

Haetia’s breaths were short and rapid as his still bewildered and disoriented head tried to bring itself back to the present moment: Linias chuckling and humiliating him.

“And you came before me. You can’t still be denying how much of a whore you are.”

Through his abrupt pants, Haetia struggled to articulate his ever-prevalent desires, “A-gain..please…”

The kidnapper only responded in another deprecating smirk before removing his vines and letting the body it once held fall limp in his arms.

Rather than showing any form of care or tenderness out of sympathy, Linias dragged him by his lengthy locks once again and threw him onto the bed stomach first. He clawed off the last article of clothing that he had other than his sleeve, harnesses, and heels: just his long red cardigan, thus inherently leaving him bare.

Forcing his victim down by his spine, he arched his back and lifted his rear high enough to align with the head of his cock, and he spared no time getting back to where he left off. Any opposition that Haetia could’ve had was muffled by the suffocation induced by the bedsheets–not that he would’ve fought back now anyway.

With each brutal drive he was thrust further into the confines of the sheets and still his fervent moans had no problem voicing their immense pleasure.


The violent oscillation gave way for his hair to part and fall to his sides, revealing more of the straps that laid beneath.

“Why do you even wear a harness? To make it easier for people to fuck you?”

As if to prove his point, Linias jerked him by the leather straps creating a full curve out of his victim’s back and relentlessly slamming against his most sensitive areas.

Pleasure rushed back through his body with the force of a crashing wave, clouding his mind and draining his thoughts once more as rampant whimpers and moans and pleas for more in response to the gratifying hypnotic assault washed over him, “Th-There!! Hh–Hharder–! Ffha~-!!

The leather etched into his abdomen and scratched against his ribcage but if anything the searing pain only brought him ever closer to another climax.

C-cum–I want–a-h~..y-ou’re–cum~!

Scoffing again, Linias struck his skin hard enough for it to gleam pink as if punishing the request.


His groin twitched and swelled, hence the strike doing everything but punish him, though the kidnapper paid it no mind and struck him again.

“Then–be a proper slut and don’t drop any.”

Almost in sync the victim and his kidnapper reached their limit, orgasming in nearly the same spasm that one could almost mistake for an affectionate conjunction.

Like a stretched out and ruined toy the prince’s rim found trouble in trying to return to its natural shape, and thus it couldn’t contain the sperm it so desperately requested.

Deflated and exhausted, Haetia believed himself to finally have nothing left to give. But, once he looked back at his servant-turned-kidnapper – wavy black locks strewn astray, biceps and pecs firm and large enough to crush him just from their constriction, sharp, feral silver scarred eyes – he felt his libido flood back and surge throughout his frame.


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