Chapter 1:

[Illustrations] Maps

Fortuna: Grand Company of Adventure

(Hi! Thanks for taking the time to check out my story.)Bookmark here

Fortuna is a tale that involves many, many locations. In the interest of making things easier for both you, dear reader, and myself, I will be drawing maps of the various places in the world of Fortuna. I hope you'll find them as useful as I have!Bookmark here

Below, you will find links to every map I've drawn for this novel. If a map contains spoilers, it will be marked as such.Bookmark here

NOTE: Unfortunately (and understandably), Honeyfeed does not let you copy/paste things from people's stories. To deal with this, I've elected to use shortened URLs, so that it's easier for you to type them in. Don't worry! I swear they're legit!Bookmark here

All illustrations can also be found by going to my DeviantArt, <>Bookmark here

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Map #1 (REALMS OF THE WORLD - West Ed.):Bookmark here

<> (That's a lowercase L)Bookmark here

KEY:Bookmark here

Solid lines: Places where land touches water; lakes, rivers, oceans
Dotted lines: Country borders
Dots: CitiesBookmark here

Crowns next to city names indicate a country's capital. If the crown has four points and a bar under it, the country is a large Kingdom or an Empire.Bookmark here

Oskara, Ryu, and The Empire of Eternal Spring are located off the edge of Map #1. Their respective arrows indicate their direction relative to everything else. Bookmark here

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