Chapter 1:

The Jealous Type Neighbor

That One Neighbor

Mr. Darwin stood by the window, looking out at his neighbors with a sense of unease. He had always been a practical and frugal man. He believed in saving for a rainy day and was cautious about his spending. But lately, he couldn't help but feel that he was falling behind his neighbors, especially Mr. Arkhan.

Mr. Arkhan had always been a simple man, content with his life as a preacher in their small town. However, in recent months, he seemed to have acquired a taste for the latest gadgets and vehicles. It all started with the new smartphone that he used one morning. Mr. Darwin couldn't help but notice it was a stark contrast to Mr. Arkhan's usual cellphone.

Later that day, Mr. Darwin found himself in an electronics store, drawn by the allure of the newest smartphone on display. It was sleek, and shiny, and promised to make his life more convenient. He thought about how it would impress his friends and neighbors. Without much thought, he decided to purchase it using his credit card. He was taken in by the feeling of having the latest technology, just like Mr. Arkhan.

The following day, Mr. Darwin strolled out of his house, brandishing his new smartphone. He pretended to answer a call as he walked past Mr. Arkhan.

"Hi there!," he said, mirroring Mr. Arkhan's greeting, a sense of satisfaction washing over him, feeling an odd sense of victory.

"Hello there!" Mr. Arkhan responded with a warm smile.

But it didn't end there. The desire to keep up with Mr. Arkhan's newfound gadgets and possessions continued to grow. He observed Mr. Arkhan park his electric scooter in his garage and couldn't help but think, "Nice new ride."

Three hours later, Mr. Darwin returned home with an even better electric scooter than Mr. Arkhan's. He made sure to honk the scooter's horn as he drove by Mr. Arkhan, who was washing his scooter in the driveway. Mr. Arkhan couldn't help but smile and return the greeting.

The next day, Mr. Darwin decided to wash his new motorcycle. He had been impressed by Mr. Arkhan's scooter but felt it was time to step up his game. As he was meticulously cleaning his motorcycle, he couldn't help but notice a change in Mr. Arkhan. His usually content and peaceful neighbor seemed to be caught in a frenzy of upgrades and purchases.

This time, Mr. Arkhan drove past his home in a new car, honking the horn to get his attention. The sleek vehicle and Mr. Arkhan's beaming smile left Mr. Darwin speechless. He watched as Mr. Arkhan parked the car in his driveway, and it dawned on him that he had no idea what Mr. Arkhan did for a living. The extravagant car was a far cry from a preacher's modest income.

"Now he's got a new car. Maybe I should consider getting a car too," Mr. Darwin mumbled to himself as he watched his neighbor.

A little while later, Mr. Darwin honked his car horn to greet Mr. Arkhan, who had just arrived home in his new car. The two neighbors exchanged pleasantries, but Mr. Darwin couldn't shake the feeling of inadequacy.

The following day, a neighbor from across the street, Mr. Shaun, approached Mr. Arkhan as he was inspecting his various vehicles.

"You have quite a collection of vehicles," Mr. Shaun commented, a hint of admiration in his voice.

Mr. Arkhan grinned and replied, "These are just entrusted to me."

Mr. Darwin couldn't help but agree as he listened to the conversation.

Mr. Adam, intrigued by the situation, chimed in, "Mr. Arkhan is quite the philosopher, isn't he?"

 Mr. Darwin observed the interaction, feeling intrigued by the word "entrusted".

He had a newfound curiosity about his neighbor. It seemed that Mr. Arkhan had a unique perspective on ownership and possessions.

Intrigued, Mr. Darwin approached Mr. Arkhan and asked, "How can you buy all of this, Mr. Arkhan?"

Mr. Arkhan chuckled and repeated, "Not at all, they're just entrusted to me."

Now Mr. Darwin found himself reflecting on his actions. He had impulsively bought the smartphone, the scooter, and even the car, all on credit. He realized that he had been trying to keep up with his neighbor, who had never truly owned the items he used. Mr. Arkhan's contentment and outlook on life had always been his true wealth.

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