Chapter 32:



“Jack Vecner II, you've changed your name?” 

“Who are you two?” 

“I'm SenorSalis Diamante and this is Knight Gualterius, we are the two other Zealots that still live.” 

“What do you want?” 

“We are the two knights that serve directly under Gavenious, like Maray and Shrilon before us. And we heard that you and your crew have declared war on our king.” 

“That's correct.” 

“So we will fight you here and now to end this conflict with our king.” 

SenorSalis pulls out three greatswords. One in his right hand one in his left and one in his mouth. 

“Bring your king here, SenorSalis.” 

“If you beat me he will come, but it's not possible to beat me for I am much stronger than all of you including Jack.” 

SenorSalis breathed in, then breathed out. All of the Ghost's legs started to shake and one by one they fell over. 

“See Jack you can’t even stand before me!” 

SenorSalis laughs. 

They start sinking into the ground like quicksand. 

“SenorSalis I will not die here!” 

“Jack I’m not even doing that, it looks like you’re not my problem anymore.” 

They emerge from the ground in a cave. 

“That was dangerous Jack, what were you thinking?” Atlas asked. 

“I’m going to kill the king.” 

Atlas sighed. 

“Do you even know who the king is? He is one of the lower gods, you cannot take him down easily.” 

“Which god is he?” 

“He is Hastur, The King In Yellow. Hastur is the brother of Nyarlathotep. You don’t even have two arms, and you can only use 30% of your ability. You are staying here until you can all defeat me in battle. But first I’m making you a new arm and giving you my scales to create Forever.”