Chapter 31:

The Great Old One


They leave the Palace and walk into the forest toward Islena. The ground shakes more viciously now. A large serpent came toward them and stopped, the ground stopped shaking. It grew arms and pulled a sword out from its throat. 

“My son has died today by your hands, Nyarlathotep.” 

“Who are you?” 

“I am the Great Old One, father of Cthugha and Magnum Innominandum.” 

“I will kill all of the gods that are in my way.” 

“You are the next Jack then, do you really mean to kill all of the gods?” 


“Then let me help you, I know how to create the only opportunity to kill us.” 

“Go on.” 

“By putting these four items together you can create the ultimate weapon, Forever, The God Slayer. You need the Excalibur of King Arthur, Scales from the Great Old One, The key from Yog-Sothoth, and the seal from Cthulhu.” 

“But to even try to fight Yog-Sothoth or Cthulhu you would at least need Death’s Ring (X).” 

“But Jack what is above Death’s Ring (X)?” Nephelis asked. 

“Ouvan’s Ring (XI)” 

“I go by Atlas now, after the end of the Celestial Era most of us started to go by different names. My son went by The Abyss and my other son goes by The Infernal.” 

“You are now part of our crew Atlas.” 

“I will be waiting in my cave in Baltaria for your arrival, until then.” 

“Ok everybody, we are going to Auxburg to fight Gavenious!” 

Once arriving in Auxburg they find their new wanted posters. 

Jack ‘Devil’ Vecner II v500,000,000, Nephelis, The Harpy v97,000,000, Aphaeleon, The Eterna v112,000,000, and Skoal, The Sandman v190,000,000. In other news the Ghosts have teamed up with Atlas. They have also started a war with king Gavenious of Islena by killing the king of Algaria who was allied with Islena.