Chapter 2:

Catpurr 2: Trial One

Trials Of The Nekomancer!

Catpurr 2: Trial One

Loud screaming echoed through the sky as a body flailed and plummeted to its death.

"Levitate! Fly! Air walk! True Teleportation!" Adam rattled off skills as he tried desperately to stop his rapid descent to the forest below.

Think Adam! Think!

No matter how hard Adam tried to rack his brain for a solution, it came up blank as his status screen held no viable skill to save his life.

"NoNNONONONONO! Aaaaaaaahh!" Adam screamed, closing his eyes just before he splat into the grassy landscape.

".... Huh?"

But no impact ever came. Adam opened his eyes to see that he was floating in mid-air, just short of splattering the ground.

Suddenly his skill box lit up, bold letters showing a curse had activated.

[Catsification Curse activated!]

Adam's body abruptly spun, reorienting himself with his feet angled at the ground before he was firmly planted, completely unharmed.

"Huwha?" Adam sputtered, his face contorted with confusion at the events that had transpired and the status screen splaying notifications in front of him.

-1 Life


-Always Land on Feet. No matter what.

-Nine Lives(8/9)

-Weakness to Catnip/Irresistible

-Weakness to Milk

-Weakness to Chocolate

-Random Urge to knock items over

-Weakness to Cucumbers

-Weakness to Water

-Catsify skills.

"WHAT THE NYX IS THIS?!" Adam yelled, his voice coming out higher pitch than usual as he stared at the absurdity of the description before him.

He pulled up his system.



NAME- Adam F. Glow

SPECIES: Nekoboy


MAIN CLASS- Nekomancer

HP: 10/100

MANA: 0/75

STR: 7

CON: 10

DEX: 12

INT: 15

WIS: 9


Buffs:Loved by Undead(Unique), Minor Blessing of Eli(Unique), Eyes of a Predator V1, Corrupted Blessing of Nyx(Unique)

Debuffs: Ha! You Sacrificed Your stats for a Cat?!V1(CURSE) Catsification V1 (Curse)

Skills: Animate Bone V1, Irritating Touch V1, Cat Claws V1, Identify V1.

Everything was wrong! From his stats to his skills, even his species and system interface had been changed!

Suddenly a message appeared, leaving Adam even more confused as he read it.

[ConCATulations. This is a pre-recorded message! So uh, don't bother getting mad and yelling at me. Anyway, congratulations on being chosen by Eli! As part of your trial to ascend to lichhood you've been stripped of your possessions and skills and placed in a foreign land as part of your first trial! So, good luck! Don't die!]

Adam's eyes narrowed, for a pre-recorded message it seemed oddly too familiar, however before he could dig into the fading message his eyes went wide.


Adam began to panic, looking around for his companion, yet his fluffy feline friend was nowhere to be found.

Grasping at straws, Adam began opening and closing his system, telling himself over and over again that his familiar was still there.

Yet the tab for Familiar on the screen was non-existent, and Adam could no longer feel his pet's special bond.

He collapsed to his knees, stunned beyond all belief that his companion and best friend was gone.

There was an absence there, like a part of his soul was missing, a feeling of emptiness that was…



"SCHRODINGER!" Adam screamed in agony, the only sound to reply being the echo of the forest and a flock of fleeing birds.


After recovering and taking stock of his situation, Adam spent half a day walking around through the misty forest in a daze, going over the facts of his situation.

One. He was short.

Incredibly so. His oversized robes, now devoid of their magic power, was evidence of such. His body had regressed to that of a small child, albeit one that was much furrier than he'd been when he was an adolescent, a large tuft of red hair on his chest that never existed before.

Two. His eyes itched. A lot. They wouldn't stop crying and kept twitching at nearly every bush rustle and blowing leaves. Additionally his ears had been changed, replaced instead with fury pointed tips on his head that twitched when he touched them.

And three.

He needed to get back to the Garland continent to find Schrodinger. Although he couldn't feel his companion anymore, Adam had an instinctual feeling that his feline friend was still alive.

Alive and in danger.

Adam cringed at the thought of the Paladins having their disgusting meaty clutches on his one and only friend.


[Prove your worth by exterminating the meatbags!]

Suddenly massive Bold blue words hung in the air above the trees. Spelled out in neon lettering in the sky.

What the hell?

Before he could make sense of the words, his system updated, a message appearing in front of his face.

[MANDATORY Quest given!]

[Exterminate Fleshy Meatbag creatures that inhabit this area. 0/10]

[Possible Rewards; Exp, Gold, Pocket Lint, Bottle of Freya's bath water, half eaten Cookie.]

[Failure: Death.]

Death?! That doesn't seem fair at all?!

[You have Five Days to Complete the Task]