Chapter 1:



Their bodies rolled over each other in the highest complex plane of existence from the large-scale battle beforehand. As they got to their feet the Hero grunted as he delivered an uppercut to the Gods face. Eros and Thanatos had now become one being known as ThanatEros. The Gods roared as they then struck the hero back with their powerful fist. The combatants charged one another before they clashed at the forehead. The Hero screamed before the Gods quickly reared back and swung their foot upwards into the Hero’s chin.

The Hero flew through the air before the Gods then flew after him. The Hero was able to catch himself before propelling himself towards the Gods. The two then clashed their fists causing the Higher Plane to shake violently. The combatants looked into each other's eyes before the Hero then swung his opposing fist landing it square in the Gods face sending them crashing to the ground. As the Hero landed he then was able to blitz the Gods and the two began to exchange blows.

“Why do you do this?” The Gods asked as they exchanged blows, “Human existence is about Life and Death, that’s what makes it so beautiful.” The two broke apart before they exchanged more powerful blows. The two caught each others attacks as the Gods continued to speak, “If one is dissatisfied like yourself, they’ll choose hostility without a second thought.” The two went back to tradings blows before the Gods said, “But you SHOULDN’T be dissatisfied, it’s why Zeus gave us the go ahead to create our ideal world. You should be wanting to Live or wanting to Die, but instead you defy us both!”

The Gods landed a powerful blow to the hero’s face causing him to slide backwards. The Hero growled as he wiped the blood from his face. The Hero screamed as he charged and landed a punch across the Gods face that shook the Higher Plane. The Gods struck back only for their second attack to be blocked. The Gods gasped as the hero planted his fist in their stomach followed by throwing his knee into their chin. As the Gods were momentarily launched off their feet the Hero then thrust both his fists into the Gods abdomen. He quickly grabbed one arm of the Gods and swung them close to the ground before striking down on their head! The Hero quickly turned and spiked his elbow into the Gods sides before he let loose a roar, “GRRRRAAAAAGHH!!!”

After the two exchanged more blows their blood floated in the air around them. Blood dripped from the combatants mouths, before it then evaporated from the Hero’s mouth. The Hero straightened himself out before saying, “What you’re doing is evil. You’re mindlessly controlling innocent people. People who aren’t ready for the extremes of Life and Death. Children are wanting to kill themselves because of you, Thanatos. Criminals are wanting to live their lives doing nothing but hurt people. It needs to end. Humans need their autonomy. They need to learn what it means to be human! Not only that, but they need the desire for everything on their own terms, without trying to please some higher power.”

“What do you know about humans at all?”

“I know that humans are complex, all of us are. We do what we want with our agency, and along the way we learn things. Life, death, love, joy, despair, sickness, and health. If our only purpose is to Live as long as possible or to Die, then we aren’t experiencing life.” The Hero grinned as he clenched his fists, as he pointed to the Gods he said, “And no higher power gets to control us in what we do with our lives! My parents taught me that!! We live our lives to the fullest and take it one day at a time and live in the present! Humans are cruel and beautiful!” He tightened his right fist forcing blood to shoot from his pores. The blood then quickly heated up due to super-accelerated regeneration causing it to turn to a burning plasma. “They even named me in hopes that I’d be the one to set humanity free.”

“The main reason I’m doing this is because neither of you care for people like me. People who are stuck in the middle. Because we’re born without the desire for either of you, we’re seen as less than human. We live in whatever is just beneath poverty. The people who follow you, the ones you control, would rather wipe out our entire existence all because we don’t give a damn about you. So I’m here to break those other humans of your control, but I’m also here to stop the Genocide of my people. My mother was one such person that you let your followers mercilessly attack and leave for dead.”

The Gods stood there rather shook but at the same time grossly enraged. “If your people desired for either Life or Death, then it wouldn’t have happened.”

The Hero scoffed before saying, “Of course you’d say that.” After popping his neck, the Hero continued with, “Eros, Thanatos, my name is Yamazaki Genesis! I am the prodigal Undead ThantEros Child!” He chuckled before he got into a fighting stance, “Remember that.” He screamed as he accelerated towards the Gods at high speed.

“GENESIS!!!!” The Gods screamed, going to strike him down. Genesis ducked beneath the Gods' attack and struck them through the abdomen as he accelerated past them before coming to a stop.

“That’s Mr. Genesis to you, Punk.” The Gods' hollowed out body behind him surged with electricity before they fell to their knees and eventually forward onto their face. “I reject everything that you are, and I accept those whom you reject. Remember that.” The Gods death resulted in an existence erasing an explosion of white light. When Genesis woke up he laid in a large crater in a partially destroyed Shinigawa. As he laid there he saw the future unfold. Humanity had healed, they lived their lives to fullest by living in the here and now. A tear fell from his eye as he chuckled, “Mom…Dad…it only took me 4,600,000,190 years…but I freed humanity.”

“Genesis!!!” A woman in red clothing, and with red hair cried as she ran over to him. “Genesis!! Genesis!!!” She shook him but he didn’t seem to move much, “Genesis, please! Stay with me!!!” He looked over to the woman with his dying eyes. With a weak smile he lifted his hand and caressed her face,


“Yes! Yes! It’s me sweetie!! It’s me!!!” She sobbed, “Please, don’t do this! Don’t go! You promised me you wouldn’t-“She grabbed his wrist and slid his hand onto her bulging stomach, “I’m giving birth to our son any day now!!! So come on, let’s get you to a-“

“Nah, my time is up.” He spoke softly, “It’s been up for over 4.6 billion years, and now my regeneration won’t even kick in.” He chuckled as he looked deep into the darkening sky, “Our son, Perseus, when he’s born…tell him to fight for his friends. Teach him to live in the here and now, and above all…” He coughed before giving his dying words, “Tell him that his dad proved his love for him, by kicking the asses of the Gods who wanted to esnalve him...”