Chapter 1:


An Unexpected Choice

As soon as the bells of Kamagura High School rung, the students rushed to the exit out of the hellish classroom. Some went to their clubs, while others went home. But one particular student stayed there, waiting for everyone else to go first. Reading a book in the meantime, he was rather concentrated, even though there was so much noise pollution around him.

The third boy of the class, Kaoru Takumi. Having a nerdy appearance, with big glasses, he had no friends.

Five minutes went by after all the students had left, he was still sitting on his chair, on the back of the class...

"Just one more page, then I will go for sure... just one more..."

He ended up reading five pages instead. Closing the book, he looked at the time. It was already thirty past five. But it was not his concern. As he is the class rep, he sure can find an excuse and leave the school premises late. But something else was concerning him.

"This is bad... the post office closes at 6:30, I reckon. I have to hurry."

As he gently got up and closed the door of the classroom, he gazed on both ends. There were no students nor any teachers. It was perfect.

"Well then."

With all his might, he sprinted his way through the school, loosening his tie and pulling up his full sleeve uniform in the meantime. It was winter season, but all that running is bound to make one hot, right?

He is pretty sure he is going to be punished for running through the school building. But he doesn't mind. Because for anyone to stop him and punish him, one has to catch up to him first, which he doubts anyone can.

As he ran swiftly through the school gates, leaving the school grounds, it was time for him to change his appearance altogether. He removed his fake glasses and deconstructed his combed hair, as he ran, attracting a lot of girls. He was actually a hottie, hiding his appearance behind a fake nerdy personality.

Soon enough, he also became one of the school's mysteries, as the "running student" who is seen running at an amazing speed every Thursday, wearing the school uniform even though nobody has seen him at school.

This was also a proof that his fake nerdy personality worked. For him to cover up his charisma to such a level is a feat in on itself. But why is he running? Where is he going? Why is he covering up his own facial figure? This was something only he knew, nobody else.

Gasping for air standing before the post office, he was joyed that he was able to reach there in time. Taking out a mysterious brown bag from his school bag, he placed it in the male box, under the nickname, "UsernameX"

His alias, that is. Pretty sure he doesn't need an alias, but he uses it anyways. He doesn't want his name to degrade if something bad happens. Its a precautionary measure that he uses just in case. Reputation is key, and he has learned to guard it with his life. It is one of the keys to power.

He looked as the mailman went away, riding a bicycle, carrying that brown bag to its destination, along with other mails through the dipping sun.

Seeing as there was nothing else left to do, he took out a noise-cancelling headphones and resumed reading the book that he was reading in the classroom as he walked through home.

As if his appearance wasn't attracting enough attention, his cool and calm personality, silky black natural going hair, black headphones and reading a book in one hand as he flipped through the pages added to his attractiveness.

He ignored through all the heart eyed teenage girls as he walked through, never batting an eye on them. He had some other ideas in his minds.

High school life is said to be the best time to enjoy, but he doesn't believe in this seemingly foolish ideology. For he is already preparing for his future. Keeping his hobby, school, secret work and part time job intact. He hopes to live his later life in luxury, by working more this time.

"I am home."

"Welcome back. You were late today.", said his mother.

"Well, yeah. I had some work to do."

"Say, aren't you working too hard? Mother doesn't need money, she wants her children to enjoy life a little bit too.", said his mother, who was 35 at the time.

"I am enjoying life."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, don't worry too much."

"Well, if you say so."

Safe to say, his mother was a hot mess. She became a mother when she was only 19 years of age, and she knew little about parenting. But Kaoru grew up to become a good, kind hearted boy, and her mother is nothing more than happy.

Putting his school bag on the stairs to his room, he went to the living room and picked up his five year old sister, Luna Takumi , playing on the ground. She could speak a little.

"Onii-chan home!"


Kaoru wished for a younger sibling when he was younger, and his dream came true. Even though there was no fights between the family members, but they were still recovering from something that happened three years ago.

That incident still send chills down Kaoru's spine. That night, when his life was flipped upside down.

He only remembered three incidents that occured that day...

The moments before the car crash,

The ceiling lights of the operation theatre

And his father's last words to him, which were,

"P-please take care of your mother, sister and yourself."

"Kaoru? Kaoru? What's happened?", his mother asked, concerned.

"Oh, nothing.", he was zoning out at the dinner table.

"Kaoru. How is school going?"

"Its okay I guess?"

"Did you have any female friends which you know, you find interesting?"

"Mom?! I told you before. I am not interested in these kind of things!"

"But you should at least enjoy your youth, you know?"

"I don't enjoy these kind of enjoyments."

"Have you ever tried?"


"Well anyway. If you are happy with this current lifestyle you are choosing, maybe mother will also be happy."

Its been three years, and the Takumi family's wound is slowly healing...

Currently, it is 2 am at night, and Takumi had just completed studying for today. Now its time for his real grind.

"Well, now that studying is over, what should I write for the next week?"

For the past few months, the novel chapters of an anonymous novelist by the name "UsernameX" is slowly getting popular on the weekly Shoujo Magazine. And one of the biggest fan of this series is none other that the company's CEO's only daughter, Miku., an albino japanese girl.

Laying defencelessly on her luxurious bed, she enthusiastically read the unpublished manuscript of "Crystal Wings: A necessary sacrifice".

"Ahh. Why does every chapter feel so short? I wanna read moree."

"Miss, that chapter was extra long, having 3k words in total.", said her personal maid.

"This is the 50th chapter, huh? Its already been almost a year... but this feels so short. I don't get why others are not interested in this. This is truly a masterpiece."

"There are people that do recognise his works though. UsernameX has the potential for writing something great. He just needs more experience."

"UsernameX... I want to meet him in real life someday."

Miku was slowly falling for this unknown person named UsernameX, whom she doesn't even know if it is a male or a female, which is truly concerning.

"I want to help him though. He is wasting his talents."

"And how do you intend to do that, miss?"

"Hehe~ I have the perfect plan for that. But for that, I want you to find out UsernameX's identity. Can you do that, please?"

"Surely.", the maid said without hesitation. Because she herself is concerned about Miku, who is falling for this person person. She had to make sure that the person that Miss Miku is falling for is a decent person. What if it was an old guy or a suspicious dude of a gang? Well, it was all her overthinking, but that overthinking sometimes help.

After a few days, as Kaoru was peacefully reading that book during lunchtime, he was for some reason, called to the principal's office.

Everyone, him included, was shocked. This usually never happens. Did he do something wrong? Or did he get caught running through the school buildings? He didn't know. For now, all he had to do is to go to the principals office and find for himself.

Unexpectedly, the reason as to why he was called was surprisingly good. It was not for his misdeed, but for his promotion which could change his life for good.

"So you are Kaoru Takumi, or in other words, UsernameX, am I right?", the principal asked.

"Y-yes.", Kaoru was still tensed as to why he was called and how his alias was revealed.

"You seem a little tensed. Take a seat."


"You know the Weekly Shoujo Magazine, right? You were invited today by them."


Standing by the side of the principal was the maid of Miss Miku, who was a bit disappointed but still relieved as UsernameX was not an old guy or a gangster dude.

After the days classes were over, it was time for Kaoru to step up as a novelist. He was going to the actual headquarters of Weekly Shoujo Magazine. He was in fact, a little bit excited.

After everyone had left the classroom, he made sure to remove his nerdy appearance and took on his cool personality, which even made the maid skip a beat when she looked at him come out of the classroom, as she was waiting for him.

"M-Mister Kaoru Takumi, am I right?"

"Oh, yeah. I am Takumi."

"I am surprised. You seemed to have changed you appearance."

"Well, kind of I guess? I have to keep it a secret that I am UsernameX after all."

"You act like you are famous..."

"Well thats not the reason."


"I am scared. If my writing ever flops then I can save my reputation because nobody in the novel reading community will know about my real identity."

"Well, that is kind of smart."

Remember when I said the maid was a little disappointed? Well now, she has other opinions. Kaoru was a real hottie which even made the maid skip a beat, which is a real feat as only a few people was able to make that happen.

But deep inside, she had doubts about his love life. What if he was a playboy? What if he just plays with others hearts?

"May I ask Mister Kaoru-"

"Please skip the mister part. It makes me embarrassed."

"Is that so? Well then, Kaoru-san, do you have a girlfriend?"

"Ehh?! Not in a thousand years!"

The maid asking him this question without any hesitation made him flustered a bit.

"Have you ever had a girlfriend?"

"Still no."

"I see."

As the maid and Kaoru was going out of the school building, a huge black car was waiting for them, which would take them to the headquarters.

"Please hop into the vehicle, we will take you to the headquarters.", said the maid, opening the door for him.

"Thank you."

"But at first, I have to call mom I guess. I don't want to make her worry.", he thought, entering the vehicle.

"Hello Mom? I might be a little late today. It might even be night by the time I get home."

"Oh my. Has my son got a girlfriend?"

"Mom?! Please stop."

"Okay. Have fun! And don't forget to use protection."

"I'm hanging up."

"Was that your Mother, I suppose?", asked the maid.


The maid giggled a bit.

"Your mother seemed to be an interesting woman."

"I guess you could say that."


An Unexpected Choice

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