Chapter 10:

Chapter 10


Three pairs of feet marched along an old dirt road, kicking up rock and dust as they went. Elizabeth walked slightly ahead; her bag lighter from using some medical equipment. Vera trailed slightly behind; exhausted from using a taxing healing spell. And Sir Isaac kept between them; lighter from the loss of his sword but still trudging along from raw wounds and pain.

"Next time we stop in town, we need to do some shopping." Vera commented. The two nodded in agreement.

"Wait. Does Dragula's Estate even have medical supplies?"

"Of course they do. It's the medical capital of the kingdom." Sir Isaac explained.

"I... don't think that's right."

"Are you sure? I heard that our vampire population pioneered the practices of leeching and bloodletting."

"Wha?! That is not medicine!" Elizabeth exclaimed, appalled.

"If you say so."


"A doctor, might I add, that has saved your life... how many times now?" Vera snickered.

"You shut up back there." The three continued to walk towards their destination. They traversed through grasses, then dirt, then mud and sludge. The sky grew darker as they approached the estate, with a distinct blood red color staining the clouds ahead. The smell of death grew stronger, yet somehow more pleasant. While closer to Ethros' capital, the smell of rotting flesh was perverse. However, the smell closer to the home of the vampires Elizabeth could only describe as a living death. Minutes turned to hours, which felt like days to the weary warriors. But their efforts did not go unrewarded, as a flock of hungry vultures made a cinematic reveal for the small ghoulish town.

"Ugh, finally!" Vera groaned. "My feet are killing me! Did we really have to come all the way here without taking a SINGLE break?!" The heroes approached the gates of the estate. There was only one way into Dragula's Estate, and that was through the single set of iron bars that broke up the large stone wall. Two vampiric guards stood in front of the gate. They quickly dropped and crossed their spears in front of Elizabeth as she and the rest grew closer.

"Halt!" They said in unison, not breaking their horizon fixed gaze. "You shall not pass! You shall not enter Dragula's Estate!"

"Huh?" Elizabeth tilted her head.

"You shall not enter Dragula's Estate!"

"I got that part, I'm just wondering... why?"

"Some members of your party are not welcomed inside our borders!"

"Wait, but I thought Dragula's Estate was open to all travelers? You even let priests and monster hunters inside! Why not us?" One of the guards pointed to Vera.

"Your mage possesses robes of the highest order in the Council of Alchemy and Magery. Those within that order must know purification magic, which is outlawed in our town!"

"Oh come on! That's ridiculous!" Sir Isaac protested.

"I had a feeling this might happen. I was hoping I could sneak in if I didn't give any indication of what I knew. But I forgot about my robes." Vera sighed. "Came all this way for nothing."

"I think I get it though. While purification magic is mainly used to heal or cleanse, it can actually do considerable amount of damage to undead. And seeing how most of their population is undead, it makes sense that they'd just outlaw it. Right?" Elizabeth looked to the guards for approval, they nodded.

"Doesn't mean I'm not upset by it." Vera hissed. "Whatever, you guys go ahead. I'll just count rocks or something."

"Are you sure, Vera? We could try to work something out with the guards?"

"Maybe we could bind her hands, could do her mouth too." Sir Isaac grinned under his helmet.

"Nah, I'll be fine." Vera said, trying to ignore Sir Isaac's comment. "I'll keep the guards company while you two get what we need." Elizabeth hesitated for a moment.

"Alright. We'll try to be quick, okay?" Elizabeth and Sir Isaac stepped up to the guards and gate, leaving Vera behind. The guards glanced at each other before raising their spears and the iron bars. The remaining heroes entered the town, ready to continue their quest and save their future.