Chapter 85:

Rekindling old bonds [Part 2 End]

Escape Witch

“We’re home!” Madoka smiled as she limped into the mansion's conference room.

Harumi ran up and tearfully embraced her.

“I’m so glad you’re home safe,” she smiled.

Emeri smiled as she limped and pushed a wheelchair bound Serika inside.

Yuni happily followed behind with Kumi and Nika. Though Yuni's smile vanished when she noticed someone missing from the conference table.

"Where's Nakajima?" she asked.

Hanabi and Izumi grew somber.

"You saw her killed before you by Kasumi. I can't revive her until I take out Kasumi's master Averice and gain custody over all that he controls. Same goes for your aunt. Though it was thanks to her storming into the prison and throwing everyone off that allowed me to bust down their barrier and save you." I stated.

Yuni hung her head down in sadness.

“We were lucky we got rescued. If it weren’t for you, they’d be dead and I'd be some Illumous robot. Even then, not everyone was able to be saved,” Yuni lamented.

Nakajima and Maria were the only two that had not been saved. Mutsumi Nakajima might have primarily been Yuni's boss, but it was thanks to her that Yuni's life changed for the better. It was also thanks to her bravely sacrificing herself which led to the rescue being a success.

"Nakajima, no Mutsumi. Thank you so much for everything. I'm sure Sensei will praise you too."

Nika then walked up and embraced Yuni in a hug.

“I’m sorry I caused you so much pain and suffering. I’m sorry I failed to stop Kasumi from becoming a monster.”

“So? We just kick her ass,” Kumi smiled.

“It’s nice to properly be with you two again,” Yuni smiled.

“Feeling good Doka?” Tetsuka asked.

“Yep, your boyfriend really is a genius. How did he fix me up so well?” Madoka asked.

“He’d say something like Omni 101.”

“What’s that?”

“Heh, I’m sure he’ll tell you.”

"Right you are Tetsuka. Now listen up, we've got alot to discuss," I stated.


“I guess we’ll be living here from now on,” Serika stated as she, Yuni, Emeri, and Madoka headed for the dining hall.

"It'll be much more lively. Plus, that Muramasa Jouzu guy said we could still adventure," Madoka smiled.

"Honestly, I'd prefer to lay low here for a while. We've been through a lot ever since we fled Tokyo," Emeri stated.

"Then how bout we wait until they reclaim Japan or whatever they were talking about?"

"Sounds good. I wanna properly reconnect with Miku and Nika anyway," Yuni stated.

"Didn't the Muramasa guy say Nika's gonna be training?" Serika asked.

"I still don't comprehend all this, but I guess the existence of powers would explain why Mado-chan is so good at escaping," Emeri said.

"Ugh, my records been blemished. I wanna set up a simulation of that place and escape it!" Madoka fumed.

"I'm glad you're back to your old self, but you really were in a horrible state," Yuni said.

"Yuni... I'm sorry I botched it, but that's why I wanna train so that I can escape something like that. He said I have a power, so I guess I gotta train it. Plus he said I could learn elemental magic! Now I'll be a real witch!"

"Ugh, more physical training," Emeri groaned.

"Cheer up. Though you really shouldn't be so down Yuni, you did score 2 depository keys even though you forgot they were stuffed in your breasts," Serika stated.

"Thanks for insulting me while trying to make me feel better. Well, we got the keys so that's that," Yuni pouted.

The girls entered the dining hall to find everyone but Nika was already there.

"How'd you all get here so fast!?" Madoka shouted.

"Oh, just used the warp dials," Tetsuka grinned.

"No fair! I want one too! Gimme Gimme!" Madoka pouted.

"Here you go," I snickered as I granted them the warp feature.

Madoka immediately tested it out and began warping around the whole mansion.

"For the record, I prefer to walk normally from point to point," Nika huffed as she arrived.

Once Madoka finally warped back, the banquet began.

"Just like you asked, I made chili crepes for you," Harumi smiled as she placed said item before Madoka.

"YAY! More chili! Thanks momma!" Madoka smiled as she dug in.

A servant then wheeled out a cart of freshly squeezed lemonade.

"Fresh from the orchards. This stuff will taste MUCH better than that crap you were chugging in America," Emeri huffed.

"What's wrong with my country's food?" President Phoenix Tombstone, the man in the crimson suit, growled.

"She's probably not used to eating the store food. She's a mortal too," Ryuujin, the man with purple hair in military attire, grumbled.

"Ohahaha! Harumi-san's cooking is truly on another level though," Honoka, the woman in the fiery yukata laughed.

"So Zeno, forget to invite your girlfriend again?" Kumi snickered.

"She just went to the bathroom," Zeno, the man with spiky green hair growled.

"Oh hey, the lemonade really does taste better," Serika smiled.

"Told ya," Emeri proudly huffed.

"I know everyone's lively, but they are good," Nika warmly told Yuni.

"I can see. Though I guess I should be glad this is real," Yuni sighed.

"Still upset? Well, I'm the one who should be fuming. My mother's gone, my sister's been corrupted, and now I have become a fighter in order to stop her."

"Sorry, compared to you it feels like-"

"Don't. Look, this could be considered my own undoing as well. I'm the one that kicked you out and failed to notice Kasumi's darkness. I was dreading having to see you again, but now, I guess I'm not. So don't beat yourself up. Enjoy the fact that your now under Jouzu's protection."

"Thanks Nika. I look forward to rekindling my bonds with you and Miku," Yuni warmly smiled.

"As much as I hate to admit it, the same for me," Nika smiled.