Chapter 84:


Escape Witch

Yuni stared in disbelief as the flames vanished. Everyone was still alive. Her eyes grew wider when Kumi landed before her.

"Hey Yuni, I'm alive, but we'll catch up later. First I gotta bust up that hairless whore for decapitating me," Kumi glared.

"This can't be real. Kumi died. I must be hallucinating," Yuni thought.

"Nah, it's real. I'll explain everything after I finish destroying Zuria and everyone else," I glared.

Yuni bore witness as me and my party instantly went after all the goons present. Kasumi was the first to retire, as Averice immediately warped her away after I knocked her out with a middle finger flick into an alternate universe and attempted to destroy her with my dark flames of destruction.

"What is going on!?" Yuni thought.

"YUNI!" Tetsuka yelled as she appeared and freed Yuni.

"Tetsuka!?" Yuni shouted as her gag was removed.

"Don't worry. I'm on rescue duty. Though who did all that to Doka and Meri?" Tetsuka asked.


"Sorry for bringing back bad memories. Though hang on tight, I'm gonna free everyone."

As Yuni wiped away her tears, she saw Thrasher get incinerated by the flames of a man in a crimson suit.

"*Tch* Averice snagged his soul. Well, here's a warding gift!" I glared as my eyes became bloodshot red with veins of wrath, and I launched an attack that cut Averice and Invidia in the Omni-Deity realm.

"The hell!?" Invidia shouted as he extinguished the flames.

"So this is what you were doing Ira," Averice glared.

"Ira, or do you prefer Muramasa Jouzu? You can't win a three on one," Zuria sneered.

"Three on one? Those two just retreated after a scratch, or rather they're too startled to know what's gonna hit them!" I shouted as I began pummeling Zuria.

Yuni then saw Kumi and Nadea duking it out in the sky as Nadea's three slaves charged at Tetsuka.

"You assholes, I'm trying to do the saving!" Tetsuka glared as she oneshot all of them with a quick kick.

Yuni also spotted a woman in a yukata with a flaming sword fighting against Griege the warden. She also saw a man with purple hair in military attire wielding a kanbo facing off against a polygonal figure in a pirate outfit similar to the one worn by the host from Venice.

"Looks like all the good opponents have been taken," Tetsuka growled as an army of Illumous foot soldiers charged at her.

"Metal dragon's ROAR!" Tetsuka shouted as a blast of metal emitted from her mouth and destroyed the fodder in an instant.

Yuni sunk to the ground in shock.

"H- How!?"

"Oh, we'll explain back at the mansion. I got everyone, so let's go," Tetsuka smiled as she encased all the prisoners in a metal box and leapt atop it with Yuni.

The last thing Yuni saw before being warped back to the mansion was Kumi decapitating Nadea and me going into rage mode. In an instant, Yuni, Tetsuka, and all the prisoners were back at the mansion. Zuria was too afraid of my enraged state to protest. Even Averice and Invidia were trembling, but foolishly decided to appear and attack me along with Zuria. I effortlessly gave those two a massive blow that sent them both scrambling back to the Omni-Deity realm. Zuria wasn't getting away though. My eyes blackened as my pupil and veins illuminated them in a crimson red. I then destroyed and erased Zuria from existence.


At the mansion, Yuni sobbed as she stared at everyone. Harumi and Tetsuka were also unable to stop their tears from coming out as they looked at Madoka. Suddenly, everyone began to heal as if by magic. In seconds, everyone had been completely healed of all the wounds they had recieved. Even Fubuki had all her prior wounds healed. Tetsuka and Harumi tearfully smiled and hugged the sleeping Madoka.

"This can't be real. This has to be a dream. I don't understand," Yuni stuttered as tears poured out of her eyes.

"Guess you're still in the dark," a man with spiky green hair sighed as he entered.

Yuni recognized him as the man who returned Serika's hat back in London.

"As unrealistic as that all looked, it's reality. Your friends are safe. You're safe," he smiled.

Fubuki awoke and sat up. She immediately felt the left side of her face as she stared in shock.

"How? I can talk and see again, and my mouth and face feel normal!?" she exclaimed.

Hearing her mother's voice caused Yuni to tearfully leap onto her.

"Yuni, I'm sorry you had to go through that ordeal," Fubuki tearfully smiled as Yuni cried into her breasts.

"The hell's with the racket!?" Serika growled as she woke up.

"Ugh. I feel... fine?" Emeri gasped as she sat up and examined herself.

"Oh good, you're up Meri," Tetsuka smiled.

"Did our medical technology do this?" Emeri asked as she looked at her restored fingernails.

"Nah, that was just Jouzu."

"Jouzu? Like Muramasa Jouzu?"

"Yep. Heard he just got back, and here he is now."

Emeri shuddered as a dragon eque man stood before her.

"Don't worry, Madoka and Nika will wake up a bit later. They're fine. I also killed that shapeshifting space blob Luzuria so you can rest easy," I stated.

Yuni looked up and stared at me.

"Emeri, Serika. Don't worry. He saved us," Yuni said.


"Is it really OK for you to get up and move, mother?" Yuni asked as Fubuki walked out.

"It appears so. I'm going to have a meeting with Miss Ginkawa," Fubuki stated.

"You aren't going to leave again, are you?"

"No. It's best for me to remain here with you. Though I'll continue to fight Illumous from here. I know things are hectic, but at least we're safe. We'll talk more after dinner. For now, you should wait until your friend wakes up."

"She's more than just a friend at this point. She's the love of my life and my reason for living."

"I'm glad you found someone like that," Fubuki smiled.

"I'm fine, so why do I have to be bandaged up and pushed in a wheelchair?" Serika grumbled.

"Because I'm still in shock. I was subjected to a horrible vision of you laughing at me getting hacked up. Then I saw what horrible things had been done to the real you," Emeri said.

"So why the bandages? I'm FINE!"

"Just let me push you. Tetsuka-chan was the one that suggested this to help us," Emeri pouted.

"It's more dramatic if you appear like that," I snickered as I stood over Nika.

"Muramasa Jouzu!? But aren't you supposed to be in the council room?" the girls shouted.

"I am. I'm Omnipotent so I can be here and there with ease. Once Madoka wakes up, walk over to the meeting room. I'll fill you in on everything there before we celebrate your return with dinner."

On que, Madoka opened her eyes.

"Huh? What happened?" she mumbled.

Yuni tearfully embraced her in a hug, as did Emeri and Serika.

Nika woke up and sighed as she saw me and the emotional scene before her.

"Bout time you woke up," Kumi smiled as she zapped in.

"Well, time to get moving. Everyone's waiting for you," I smiled.