Chapter 1:


Charon: You Who Guide The Souls

Charon's POV:

As the sun beams broke through the window, I looked at the lady's face that shone through the sunlight..


"Hmm?" I acted as if I didn't understand what she meant when she repeated

"Close the curtains... I'm sleepy..."

"Kizuke got into trouble at school, you should go there early in the morning."

Even tho I wanted to adore her cute face under the sunshine more, I had to wake her up.

And that was exactly what she did.

"Oh my! What happened to Kizuke?"

"It's nothing, I just came up with something to wake you up!"

"Charon!" She pouted her lips and I can't deny the bliss of seeing such a cute beauty at the start of the day.

"It's the 4th February. Do you remember this day?" I reminded.

She smiled beamly "Yeah I do. It was supposed to be the day I embrace Thanatos... But the Thanatos I embraced appeared to be Eros instead."

She smiled at me mischievously and I just shook my head helplessly

"It's better to say that Charon found out that you gotten the wrong boat and returned you home." I declared

It's true. In a world where people with dangerous super powers like us were cursed, we had no option but to struggle, or give up and die.

I had no doubts that I would choose the latter, but for her she never chose either choices but made her own way through a new option.

No matter how cursed she was, she reserved her powers to help everyone and give them hope.

It is said that hope and despair are equals in this world, so with no doubt after giving everyone the hope she had, all will be left for her was despair.


Multiple Years Ago
In our world, some people are born with super powers, some are useful, others are harmful.

My powers had the ability to steal other people's lives, that includes my parents which made me nameless.

Because of that cursed power, I had been called Thanatos by those people in the village, and oh how much I hated this name.

I met someone who was immune to my ability, it was a great yet temporary bliss. As fate had to separate us cruelly.

It was rumoured that people who got red eyes are descendants of the death deity Thanatos, he was no exception, so was his daughter.

She had bright red eyes, pink full and round cheeks, delicate snow white hair and pale skin. If cuteness and beauty were to be married and give a child, then she was the one. Despite that, to everyone she was the granddaughter of Thanatos, a beast in other words.

It was a cold night back then. The setting sun started sinking on the horizon painting the sky red.

It got my everything to be able to sneak into this institute, but the sight and smell there got me enraged.

Many blood stains were in the dark corridors of that cursed building, and from the smell I was able to identify its owner.

There was no doubt, it was hers.

I rushed using the power I always hated to detect her location as fast as possible as my heart was in deep pain and horror.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you."
"I am sorry that I couldn't save you earlier."
"I'm sorry that you has gone through a lot all alone."

I had a lot of words to say to her after saving her, but the moment I saw her all of them faded away.

She was sitting lifeless in a pool of her own blood. White long hair that was messy and all over her face.
Her usual bright starry red pupils went all dark and dim.
Her small cute lips were dry and injured.
Her cute round and full face became thin and paler than before.

Seeing that miserable state of hers, I couldn't help but feel a piercing pain in my chest.

I rushed towards her breaking the bars that separated us from touching each other.

"Shira! Are you alright-" she didn't even let me finish my words.

"Leave... It's totally hopless... There isn't a way to fix anything."

"What are you talking about? I came here to save you not for you to kick me away"

She looked at me with an expression of someone that gave up to despair "Why don't you understand? I said it's hopeless. Everyone has died and only I left."

Raising her clothes showing me the surgery sews "Look... I'm no longer a human but a weapon for them to use... My fate is sealed to be the one taking the innocent souls."

"What kind of bullshit is that? If you don't want to be a weapon then you can be a human!"

"Didn't you just see what I showed you? My ability became uncontrollable now... I'm beyond being helped."

I was in lost of words of what to say. I hated the way she looked haggard and pitiful yet I didn't know how to help.

Since we met, I thought that I was using her to comfort myself after I lost that only friend because of how they looked similar both in personality and look. 

Yet before long I known, I was in deep love with her.

"Kill me"
Those two small words got me out of my train of thoughts as I looked shocked at her.

"You have the ability to, only you do... Let me please rest from this misery."

"Shira what kind of Nonsense-"

"I'm tired... Ever since the start I was cursed. I knew it yet I wanted to live longer than I deserved but now I understand. This is my punishment for always rejecting Thanatos invitation."

I sighed heavily... The star I always loved has lost its brightness... Yet it's not over yet.

"Shira, there's still a hope waiting in the dark."

"I've lost it all... It's painful I'm sick of it"

"I'm sick of that too"

"I'm tired, I just want to rest peacefully."

"I wanna rest too."

"Even tho it scared me before, Now I want to die and end all of this."

"I want to die too!"

She looked at me shocked at my words when I continued
"I always wanted to end all of this frustration! But-"

She hugged me and smiled gently "If you always wanted to, then why didn't end it before? Perhaps you were afraid to die alone but no fear now. We can leave this cruel world together."

That lovely expression she looked at me with, this lovely fascinated eyes of someone in deep love...

Yet it only hurt me... I could feel my heart tear apart with that look in her eyes.

Because deep inside, I know those eyes weren't looking at me as Charon, the boy she saved from darkness...

 but they were looking for Thanatos, who she believed gonna end this misery.

"It's not over for us"

I held her round face in my hands and continued
"I wanted to die, I hated being Thanatos, I always cursed the fact that I have this power. But for me who wanted to end it long ago, Oris sent an angel for me to save me from that curse."

I smiled beamly "You gave me the name Charon saying that it's just their fate to be guided to the other side by me. Then let me guide you to the right side where you should stay now. Shira, instead of dying, hold my hand and let's walk together into the shining tomorrow."

"But we have no hope-"

"You gave me the little hope you had... We can share that hope together and grow it into a better future. Giant trees start from a small seed you know, and we can start from one step"

She started sobbing as she hugged me "Charon please don't leave me alone! I am scared of living on my own!"

"There's no way I would do that, I always loved you and will keep loving you."

We looked deep in each other's eyes.

Casting another destructive spell I made a way for us to run.

 It was obvious that they will go after us, but as long as we can make it out alive together it's more than enough for now.

Hand in hand, we run through the forest under the moonlight, racing through the darkness towards the bright future where hope awaits us.

_-The E.N.D-_

Kafka Mimika