Chapter 0:

Scarlet Bridge

Scarlet Bridge

She was still standing there.

After the fight a month ago, she no longer wanted to see me. No matter what I said, there was still no response. She screamed angrily. Then she ran away helplessly, crying until she was out of breath.

The sun was setting, turning the whole neighborhood and the bridge we were standing on red. Her whole back turned red. And the whole bridge, which was already red, became even redder.

I came back home, collapsed on the floor, and then it was as if everything dissipated in a single sigh. Even my own shadow was nowhere to be seen.

She hadn't returned yet. She is probably still at the red bridge. That's where we first met. Since the day we quarreled, she had stood there every sunset and caressed the Lilium branch until it wrinkled. No matter how much she liked lilies, she shouldn't have treated them like that.

I was so tired that I didn't know when it would end. We had fought many times before, but this time, there was something different.

Suddenly I realized that I could not remember the reason why we had quarreled.

What was it?

Even though I was a bad person in the past, she never left. People out there, no one really needs me. It was just her, looking at me. Her eyes reflected my tired, melancholy face. Even though I had become so ugly and disfigured that I couldn't even recognize myself. Night gradually fell on the small town.

At that moment, I heard the door open. But my body refused to move. She didn't open the door to find me. She didn't do that in a month.

I heard her sobbing. I staggered to my feet, but my head hurt like hell and I fell to the floor. The shrill cry was unbearable.
She cried after a month.
It was the first time in a month!
I held my head and tried to cover my ears so I wouldn't hear the sound.

Why was I so desperate...? I denied everyone around me, denied my own existence.

"Did you know that the setting sun in the west symbolizes the sending of the souls of the dead to the afterlife?"

"No matter where you go, I will find you.''

"The Lilium is to remember the dead, right?"

"I've heard that some people can see Thanatos - the embodiment of death. Contrary to rumors of him being a fearsome god of death, he is gentle with everyone."

Nyx (Night), Erebos (Darkness), Hypnos (Sleep), and Thanatos (Death) are closely related. Night and Darkness gave birth to the twins, Sleep and Death."

"How do I know this so clearly, as if you saw it with your own eyes? I... didn't see him! I... I didn't..."

We plunged into the endless black night together. And never found a way out.
Did I pull you in or did you jump down with me?
How long have I been like this? Why do we live in this world?
"Thanatos, if you really exist, please answer me!"
The journey we are on, where is the final destination?
My existence, is there at least someone who still needs it?
In that moment before a person took their last breath, what did they think?
What did they see?
Is it true, as they say, that Thanatos would come to take them away?
Then where would they go?

And I realized that there was no one left to answer these questions.

The crying had stopped. I lifted my head
Outside the door came the laughter of children and their parents
The sound of wind chimes rang softly
The sound of the wind blowing gently
The clock rang...



Beautiful, heart-touching sounds were definitely not for us.

But if someone shared a little, we would surely be very grateful.
No one ever wish what they already have

Just thinking about that...

My eyes started to sweat as well. She was lying about everything, but I could only watch helplessly. Even that day, the day we argued on the Red Bridge, I watched helplessly as she screamed and left. Then I stood helplessly in this room and watched my own shadow slowly disappear. Helplessly watching this body fall and slowly die. Helplessly watching her rush into the blood-stained room. Helplessly looked into her eyes - where my reflection was no longer there. And it was also the last time I saw you enter this room.

In the end, she's still a liar. The sun has set so many times, but why hasn't anyone taken me away?

I heard a noise, and when I rushed into the next room, I couldn't see anyone. The night wind blew in through the window and filled the room, causing the curtains to sway and making sounds like her whispering.

Tomorrow at sunset, no one will be able to see her standing on the red bridge...

Scarlet Bridge