Chapter 1:

Ertugrul Frıgate

Ertugrul Frıgate

In the 1890s, the magnificent warship Ertugrul stood as the grand symbol of the still glorious and vast Ottoman Empire. This elderly vessel was about to embark on a journey that would etch its name into the pages of history. On the deck of the Ertugrul, Ali, a young Ottoman officer, stood with a proud stance, gazing towards the horizon. This journey would prove to be a challenging one for Ali and the rest of the Ottoman crew. A few months prior, following Prince Komatsu Akihito's visit to Sultan Abdulhamid, the Sultan had ordered a friendship visit to Japan with the Ertugrul ship and for the prince, he had written a letter to be delivered in person.

Months had passed since they set sail. The distant shores of Japan were beginning to come into view. Seeing this, Ali's heart began to beat rapidly with excitement. The wind around the Ertugrul swept through the sails like a passionate lover. Within Ali, the initial excitement was now replaced with a mixture of anxiety and fear, their rhythms matching the ebb and flow of the waves. Ertugrul, once a vessel of proud power, now pressed forward through the waves as if daring to challenge the dominion of the sea.

Their arrival in Japan was met with the gentle embrace of a coastal village. The air carried the scent of pink Sakura blossoms. The entire crew seemed quite excited. They had never before come into contact with a culture so distant. Here, in the heart of this foreign land, Ali's path was destined to intersect with fate.

Suji, a vision of ethereal grandeur, extended her hand in welcome. Her eyes, though veiled in darkness, gleamed with an inner light that seemed to pierce the very soul. She perceived the world not through sight, but through the boundless expanse of her heart. In Suji, Ali found a kindred spirit, a connection that transcended the barriers of language and sight, and in time, admiration grew into a love that bloomed like cherry blossoms in the spring.

Days melded into nights, and Ali and Suji wove a tapestry of shared moments. Their communication transcended the confines of speech, a symphony of hearts that resonated in the quiet spaces between words. Suji's laughter became a serenade that danced in Ali's ears, and her smile, a beacon of warmth that bathed even the coldest nights in golden light.

Yet, as in all love stories, there came a moment when duty called Ali back to his homeland. The weight of impending separation hung heavy in the air, a bittersweet reminder that life's currents sometimes lead us down different rivers.

The day of departure arrived, and Suji stood on the shore, her heart heavy with the impending farewell. Her eyes, pools of unshed tears, glistened with a mixture of sorrow and resolve. Ali, torn between two worlds, looked out to the sea, the expanse mirroring the churning tempest within him.

As Ertugrul set sail, the elements seemed to conspire against them. The sky darkened, and the sea roared, its fury threatening to consume them. Ertugrul, once a symbol of indomitable strength, now battled against the relentless onslaught of nature. Ali, standing at the bow, felt the cold breath of death on his neck.

And then, with a final, defiant surge, Ertugrul succumbed. The ship sank into the depths, taking with it the dreams and hopes of those on board. Ali, with a last gaze towards the horizon, surrendered himself to the ocean's embrace.

In the village, Suji watched the horizon, her heart heavy with a grief that seemed too vast to contain. The sea, now calmed, whispered the secrets of its depths, carrying with it the echoes of a love that defied even the boundaries of mortality.

Time flowed, as relentless as the tides, and in the quiet embrace of the village, a new chapter began. Suji, carrying within her the legacy of Ali, cradled a precious life in her arms. The child, a living testament to a love that transcended time and space, bore the imprints of a past that had shaped its very existence.

And so, the story of Ertugrul found its echoes in the hushed whispers of the village. The love between Ali and Suji, a force that not even death could quell, lived on in the beating hearts of those who heard their tale. The sea, guardian of their secrets, held within its depths the untold chapters of a love story that had become legend. The Ertugrul, resting in the depths of the waters, still had a story to tell, a tale of love that spanned oceans and defied the very essence of mortality. The echoes of Ali and Suji's love reverberated through time, a testament to the enduring power of love, a melody that would resonate through the ages.

Ace Axel

Ertugrul Frıgate