Chapter 6:

Interlude: Nora and Theo part III

Shadows of the Elite

Theodore knows he needs information before solving the case and proving his innocence, as twisted man like him is used to using twisted methods to get the truth.

Layla is confused, a little scared, no wonder, he's holding her hand and walking directly towards the officer that was chasing them a couple of moments ago. The officer notices Theodore but he doesn't stop, the officer and Theodore start walking towards each other, Theodore suddenly stops next to a narrow alley but the officer doesn't.

When the officer got close enough, and before he could talk, right after he opened his mouth, Theodore cover the officer's nose and mouth with a small towel, and the officer slowly lost consciousness and fell asleep as Theodore carried his body past the small alley.

"Is this so much action for you?" Theodore asks Layla, "don't worry it's scary for me too, i always make trouble but violence isn't my first choice"

"Is he going to be okay?" Layla asks

"Only if he speaks, and he's gonna sleep naked today, i need his clothes"

Layla makes a sad face but follows Theodore silently.

When the officer started to gain a little of his awareness, a full bucket of cold water was spilled on him.

"Ehm ehm... um, uh this is awkward, hello my name is Theodore Wycliffe, son of... never mind, i need some information from you gentleman so please be cooperative"

The officer suddenly rages but his hands are tied, after a short moment of anger, he calms down, a hint for Theodore to talk, a thing he himself isn't sure if he's good at.

"Why are you after me?" Said Theodore in his best serious voice

"You murdered Lord Woodfield and his family last night, you don't need me to remind you do you?"

"Yes yes, i understand I'm a murderer bla bla, boring, so what are the proves against me?"

"A small watch with your name on it, nothing more than that but it's enough"

Theodore looked at Layla and smiled, "i gave her that watch, she's calling me"

Layla's previous fear provoked by the officer's rage was replaced by a sudden peace, she felt comfortable for knowing Theodore will be reunited with the woman he loves, but his smile didn't seem true, he didn't seem to like it, maybe, even though he missed her, he didn't want to see her, perhaps that's going to hurt him even more... Layla felt some responsibility to protect Theodore from himself and maybe from Eleanor.

"Who's the detective that's responsible for this case, and where is the crime scene?" Theodore keeps interrogating.

"As if I'm going to tell you, murderer!"

Theodore stands up and take a long metal bar from the ground then heats it for a while using his lighter, "do we really need to go through this?"

The officer screams in fear "Wh-what do you want to do what that, ar-are you crazy?!"

"Talk! Don't worry you won't lose your job, I'm not the murderer"

The officer hesitates but as the metal was growing red his fear finally made him speak.

"She's the newcomer, something Thornwood... in London, just keep that thing away.

Theodore gives a sign to Layla, leaves the officer where he is and walks away while telling him that he'll tell someone to come check on him when he's proved innocent.

He gains some money from pickpocketing in the only large street in that town, then take the first train to London, he's never been there since the day he graduated.

Layla kept her eyes on him tracking his expression and imagining what could be hidden behind it, what does he feel about meeting Eleanor? Is he thinking about the case? ... Lost in her thoughts, she slept on his shoulder and woke up after the train arrived to London.

Theodore read the first Newspaper his eyes fell on, checking if his face was revealed, unfortunately it was, so he put on a scarf as soon as he could, and headed to the crime scene.

He did his best to look normal on his way, but he felt that he maybe drew some attention, or that he was followed by someone, however, ignoring that instinct was the best he could do.

The crime scene was as expected, full of police officers, and impossible to break into, so he kept watching from a dark corner for a while, few minutes later Layla tapped on his shoulder, trying to get his attention, he looked back to see why was she calling, but behind him, there wasn't only the young slave he'd bought yesterday, she was putting a large smile on her face, her hair sways with the slow wind current in that dark corner, that's at least how it was, her presence gave it a different kind of light in Theodore's eyes, it was Eleanor.

"I see that three years is the best you could last without me Theo" she says.

"Oh don't worry i could have lasted more if you hadn't called me the way you did, Nora"