Chapter 14:

Chapter 14


The room went cold, still. No one moved, no one dared too. Eyes were locked, staring, anticipating. No one spoke, but the room was not silent. Helsing's breaths were heavy and manic, acting more beastly than man. Sir Isaac was almost the same, although his were more so full of fear and dread. At the same time, he was being comforted by Elizabeth and Nosferatu. Vera's eyes darted towards Sir Isaac, then back at Van Helsing. Her eyes were full of fire. Finally, Lenore continued to softly cry on the floor, the blades of Helsing's axes still buried deep within her waist.

"Who the bloody hell are ye?" Helsing asked, eyes wide and bloodshot.

"I am Vera, prodigy of the Council of Alchemy and Magery, granddaughter of the grand elder, and wielder of the arcane for this band of adventurers!" She announced. Her confidence was unwavering. She stood tall, strong. She was not ready to break nor yield to this threat. Not now. Not ever.

"They said the doctor was traveling with a man and another woman. Damnit Necros. You couldn't have given me a description!" He proceeded to rip the axes out of Lenore. Helsing approached Vera. "As much fun it would be to cut down that vile hell spawn, I guess my priorities lie with ye!" He raised his axe, licking the vampiric blood from its edge. "So go on! What are ye waiting for!? Hit me your best shot, whatever will make grandpappy and the rest of the council recognize you as an equal!"

"Grr!" Vera flung a fireball at Helsing. The flames burst against his chest, scorching his nice clothes but otherwise leaving Helsing unphased. He continued his approach.

"See, that's the problem with the arcane. Too weak, too emotional. Real men and warriors don't need to rely on a crutch like that, aye Laddie?"

"Shut up!" Vera launched a volley of magic mistles. They speared Helsing, and exploded on impact, but still no reaction. He continued his approach. "You do not get to speak to him!"

"Ooo, you've got some bite in ye! Good, I like 'em feisty!"

"Okay, ew!" Vera tripped back slightly, caught off guard by the provocative comment. Just then, a glint of light in Helsing's eyes. He rushed forth, swinging and closing in his axes just how he did with Lenore. Vera ducked, he missed. She clutched onto her staff, holding it close to her chest. Suddenly, a wave of electricity ruptured out from Vera's body. Helsing was stunned, shocked, immobilized by the attack. Vera quickly shot up and stuck Helsing in the chest with her staff. The monster hunter stumbled back, dazed and confused.

"Gah! Don't be so aggressive darling, I just want to look at that pretty face!" He continued to egg on. Vera didn't respond, she just moved in closer. She smacked Helsing across the face with her staff, a trail of ice forming and sealing his mouth shut.

"I said, shut up!" Vera and Helsing proceeded to exchange blows. They blocked, dodged, and attacked each other. Helsing's body was covered in bruises, while Vera's was covered in cuts. Eventually, Vera forced Helsing back. His back crashed against the wall, and he slumped down to the ground. He grabbed the ice covering his mouth and ripped it off, peeling off the skin and exposing blood-logged muscle.

"I know I should retreat, but this is too damn fun!" He cheered. Helsing was more monster than man. His sanity, whatever left he had, was gone. Goals, aspirations, and obligations did not drive him. No. It was bloodlust that kept his heart pumping! Helsing lurched forward. He moved faster. His body felt stronger. His eyes locked and focused on Vera. He could not perceive anything else in this world. Nothing else mattered. He continued his onslaught, forcing Vera on the defensive. "Come on! Tell me what keeps you up at night! Cute girls like you shouldn't have anything to worry about! You should just smile more! Come on!! Tell me everything!! Your fears!!! Your insecurities!!! EVERYTHING!!! TELL ME!!!" He continued to attack, faster and faster. He became more frantic, more manic, more erratic. He became crazed, sloppy. Blood poured from his face, making a trail wherever he went. He was breaking down, physically and mentally. Vera had him on the ropes. She had him where she wanted him, no, needed him. All she had to do was wait. The stars were aligning, the situation was perfect.

Until she tripped.

Vera lost her footing. Whether it was from the uneven flooring, or the sheer speed and pace of the fight was unknown, and unnecessary. It just happened. Vera tripped and stumbled back, allowing Helsing to get in his one needed attack. One of his axes pierced Vera's side. She keeled over, the pain from the digging blade was staggering, overwhelming. Helsing smiled the biggest he ever had and raised his other axe.

"Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell!" Flying through the air, over the sorcerer and into the hunter, was the eternal vampire bat. Nosferatu plunged his claw like fingers into Helsing's eyes. He tackled him to the ground, forcing himself deeper into the hunter's peepers. Glass from his spectacles filled Helsing's eyes. Nosferatu continued to gouge them out until Helsing threw him off. He crawled around on the floor, a red slurry oozing from his sockets. His breathing was heavy. His hands trembled as he moved them across his face, becoming stained a deep, dark crimson. A black nothingness consumed his world. All his senses were already shot. Now that his sight was gone, he had no connection to the physical realm. Sir Isaac kicked Helsing over. He picked up one of the axes on the ground, resting the sharped stake over Helsing's heart.

"Would you like to do the honors?" He asked Nosferatu. The Lord of the vampires nodded. Picking up the other axe, Nosferatu joined Sir Isaac in standing over their tormentor. He twirled the weapon in his hand, before swinging it around and then-


The oak stake drove into Helsing's corrupt heart. The mad man was finally silenced. Until his death, he remained laughing, and even after death remained smiling. Nosferatu walked over and picked up the crucifix left in the room. He stared at it for a moment. He whistled, calling over a small bat to come in through a broken window. He presented the rosary to the creature.

"Here. Take this to Grimwald in the central castle in Ethros. I trust he'll understand the message." The bat then took the crucifix in his paws and flew off into the night.

"Is it finally over?" Elizabeth asked, finishing up her patchwork on Lenore.

"I believe so, here at least. But I figure you three have a lot more to complete on your quest." The heroes of Ethros hung their head in disappointment. "You have done my estate a great service." Nosferatu said, bowing his head and getting down on one knee. "I owe you whatever it is you may desire. I know you requested sacred vampire blood, is there anything else I may offer you?"

"Well we could use some more supplies but I don't-" Elizabeth humbly began.

"Money. Give us some money." Sir Isaac interrupted.

"Very well." Nosferatu stood. He brought his arm up to his teeth and made a small incision. He let the blood drip into an empty glass vial, and when the wound clotted and the vial was full, he handed it to Elizabeth. "There. Consider it an honor to receive the first vial of my own sacred blood. As for your supplies, I shall get all my finest shop keeps to provide you with whatever you deem necessary. And for your finances, when Lenore has recovered, she can guide you to the treasury. There, one thousand platinum await you."

"ONE THOUSAND PLATINUM!" They all shouted. Nosferatu chuckled.

"I'm a Count. I've got money to burn." The three just stared at him, eyes wide and jaws dropped. "Safe travels adventurers! And uh, sorry for the mishap."