Chapter 1:

The Beginning

Crystal Wings: A Necessary Sacrifice

It's August of 2030. Autumn is coming, and the world's best high school, that is World Technical High is having its admission tests. In front stands a boy 16 years old, black-haired, hoping for a new life to begin. This is the story of a boy named Karma, a high school boy who knows nothing about what disasters are coming his way...

Standing in front of World Technical High School he says,

Karma: So this is World Technical High School, huh? It's very big. Today's the day, I have prepared my best for this. I will try my best.

He enters the school. It is very big. He goes to building number 4. His room number is 411. He enters the building and starts searching for his room. In the end, he finds his room.

Karma: So, this is the exam hall, room 411.

He enters the exam hall, finds his seat, and sits. After some time the teacher comes and distributes the question papers. The bell rings and the exam starts.

He finishes his exam, submits his copy to the teacher, and heads home. His house is not far away from WTH. It's about a five-minute walk. He lives in a rented apartment, alone. He earns by doing freelance jobs online. He has been doing it for quite some time and is pretty skilled in it.

He goes to his apartment, he opens the door. His room is messy. He prepares a meal with the leftover food he had and eats it.

A few days later, he goes to World Technical High to see his results. He looks and looks but didn't find his name on the merit list of students. He becomes depressed and goes to his apartment. He sits in his bed and lies back.

Karma: Damn it.

Another few days pass by. By this time Karma becomes normal and was studying for other high school admission exams. Coming back from grocery shopping, he passes by World technical high and sees that the waiting list was published.

Karma: At least, let me see if I made it to the waiting list.

He sees his name on the waiting list. His position was 35th among the 50 students that got on the waiting list. He was happy but also lost hope because it's unusual for 35 students to drop out of the merit list as it is the world's best high school.

Karma: If I'm lucky, I might make it. But it's safe to still study for other admission tests.

It is now one week after that incident happened. Karma is studying hard for his admission exam that was going to happen tomorrow. At this time he got a message. The message says,

"Karma, roll: 92030152, has passed the admission test and is eligible to apply for a seat in World Technical High. If there are any questions regarding the admission process, please contact the number below,


Upon receiving the message he was shocked. His pen dropped down from his hand. He was very happy about this. He without hesitation, applied for a seat in the best high school in the world.

He tells to the owner of the apartment. She lives downstairs. She is an old woman. The relationship between Karma and the owner is like grandson and grandma. He helps her in many ways and she also reduced his monthly payment as he is a high school boy living alone. If he can't afford a month's payment, she would let him live as when she was young, she also faced the same situation, and she didn't want anyone else to suffer as she did.

One day later, he was busy buying the necessary things he needs. He buys the things and looks at his shopping list.

Karma: Well, that sums up almost everything I need. Now I just need to wait for the uniform to be done.

A few days later, his uniforms were done. He goes to the shop, takes his uniform, and pays for it. He is a regular customer at the shop.

Karma: Thanks for the uniform.

Shopkeeper: By the way, did you get admitted to WTH?

Karma: Yes, I did.

Shopkeeper: Wow, congrats.

Karma: Thanks. How much should I pay?

Shopkeeper: There is a special discount for you then.

Karma: Is it okay for you?

Shopkeeper: Of course. Also, you are our regular customer, so it's okay.

Karma: Well, thanks then,

Shopkeeper: Welcome.

He takes his uniform, leaves the shop, and returns home.

The next day, he was packing his room as he was going to live in the dorms. After packing, he unlocks his door, takes all the packages outside, and before closing the door, looks inside for one last time and says,

Karma: Goodbye.

Then he goes to the owner's apartment the give her the keys to his apartment. She invites Karma to sit down and have some tea and then leave. She serves the tea and gives him a piece of advice,

Owner: World Technical High is the best school in the world, do you know that?

Karma: Yes.

Owner: I'm not your close relative, but accept this advice from me. It would be hard for anyone to keep up with the students in this school as it attracts only the top students in the world.

Karma: Yes. I will try my best.

The old lady stands up, goes to the window, stands in front of it, and says.

Owner: Do your best. With your potential, you can be one of the most successful people in the world. For someone who has struggled this much and grown this much, I'm sure you can do it.

Karma: Yes.

Karma finishes the tea and goes out. Before going, he says to the owner,

Karma: Thank you for taking care of me for such a long time. I'm going now.

Owner: Come again whenever you want.

Karma: I will, one day.

He leaves for the school dorms. From tomorrow, school starts.

Karma the next day,

Karma: Today's the day I became a student of World Technical High, one of the best schools in the country.

He enters the school. He goes to the notice board and looks up his name and classroom. His classroom was 411.

Karma: Well that's a coincidence, Room 411, huh?

He enters the classroom and sits at the back. He looks up the date. Today was the 12th of September. Karma looks around.

Karma: All of the students here seem like study try-hards.

There was an empty seat beside him. A girl comes and sits next to him. She is pink-haired, has a calming appearance, and seems friendly. She starts talking to Karma.

Girl: Hello, may I know your name?

Karma: I'm Karma.

Girl: I'm Asuna. Nice to meet you.

There was a moment of silence between the both of them. Karma is not good at conversations with strangers. He might be called half introvert and half extrovert. Asuna tries to start the conversation again.

Asuna: By the way, do you always sit in the back?

Karma: No. Just trying things out. But why?

Asuna: You don't seem like you always sit in the back.

Karma: Same goes for you.

Asuna: Yea. I want to try it out too.

Karma: Good for you.

The homeroom teacher comes.

Homeroom teacher: Hello everyone, I'm your Homeroom teacher from now on. So let's start the introduction, starting with you over there. She was pointing at Karma.

Karma thinking,

Karma: Starting the introduction without introducing herself, huh?

Karma stands up and does the introduction. After some time all the introduction ends and the class also ends. Meanwhile, the Homeroom teacher goes out of the classroom. She is depressed

Teacher: Nobody even asked for my name...

Meanwhile, the subject teacher comes to teach. Even though it was the first day, they had to study from the first day.

Karma: This is the first period in this school. I better not be zoning out on my first day.

Karma starts zoning out in the second period. He was thinking.

Karma: The third period is PE, and it is mandatory. I've always skipped PE when I was in junior high. This is going to be bad.

The second period ends. He goes to the changing room, changes into his PE clothes, and goes to the field. As it was the first day, the PE teacher gave them running practice. They had to do 20 rounds around the whole court. Karma barely finishes and sits on a bench near to rest and drink.

Karma: I'm going to get leg cramps tonight.

A student comes and sits beside him.

Student: You're in our class, right?

Karma: I guess.

Student: What's your name?

Karma: Karma

Student: I'm Izuko. We can be friends.

Karma: Well, If there is no problem for you, then I guess so.

Izuko: You are an introvert, aren't you?

Karma: Not really, talking for me is tiring.

Izuko: Really? Then wasn't it tiring for you to talk to that girl?

Izuko was sitting in front of Karma, so he heard that conversation. Karma tries to ignore his question.

Izuko: Maybe you don't want to answer it. Well, I don't mind tho.

In the end, all the classes end and Karma heads out for the dorm. While going, he met Asuna.

Asuna: Hey!

Karma: Hi.

Asuna: Are you living in the dorms?

Karma: Yes.

Asuna: Me too. But why are you living in the dorms?

Karma: Why do you ask?

Asuna: Just curious.

Karma: I used to live alone, so it's better for me to live in the dorms.

Asuna: What about your parents?

Karma: Gone.

Asuna: Oh, sorry.

Karma: Why are you apologizing?

After some time Asuna leaves because she had to part ways to go to her dorms.

Asuna: My dorm is this way, so bye.

Karma: Bye.

Karma thinking about his past,

Karma: I don't even know my parents. How was I supposed to answer that question? From what I know from the orphanage where I lived before that went bankrupt when I was 15, my parents left me at the door of the orphanage. After 15 years I had to get a job and an apartment. Now I'm here, living a carefree life free of charge.

Karma arrives at the dorm. He lies in the bed and looks at the ceiling.

Karma: The day felt so long...

He decides to go to sleep. Normal classes continue for a few days. Then one day,

Homeroom teacher: Here is an important notice for you, one week later we are going to arrange a sports festival. Anyone interested write your name to the PE teacher next time.

Everyone starts discussing.

Izuko: Hey Karma, are you participating?

Karma: I don't know, I'm not good at sports.

Izuko: You can at least try.

Karma: I guess.

The third period was PE and the teacher asked who wants to participate in the sports festival. Karma raises his hand and so do others. Almost all of the students want to participate in the sports festival.

Homeroom teacher: Oh, seems like most of you want to participate in the event, but we can't afford so many people participating, so in the next class we will be having a selection test.

The class ends. Karma was going to the dorm. On the way, he meets Izuko. They were having a conversation.

Izuko: Hey Karma.

Karma: Hey.

Izuko: When is the next PE class?

Karma: Two days later.

Izuko: So, how are you planning to prepare?

Karma: I don't have any definite idea.

Izuko: I heard that everyone was planning to practice on these 2 days.

Karma: That's good.

Izuko: So let's do this.

Karma: Yeah.

They part ways. Karma was thinking,

Karma: I have to work hard for the next two days I guess.

Karma arrives at the dorm, freshens up, and sits in bed. He looks up at his phone and sees a message. The next 2 days were off for the preparation for the selection test.

Karma: Oh, that's convenient.

He goes to bed. The next morning he prepares for practice. He goes out.

Izuko: Hey Karma, over here!

Karma: You two are here too?

Asuna: Of course, did you think it was only you who participated in the sports festival?

Karma: I didn't say so.

Izuko: Let's go to the field together.

Karma: Thanks, but I have something to do.

Izuko: Ok then, meet us at the field.

Asuna: We'll be waiting.

Karma: Okay.

Izuko and Asuna go to the field.

Izuko: Do you really want to be friends with him? He is the most introverted person I've seen.

Asuna: Then tell me, why are you friends with him?

Izuko: Me? Let's see. Maybe because he is kind?

Asuna: Same goes for me. It's really hard to find a kind person nowadays.

Meanwhile, karma goes to the store to buy water. He buys three for the three of them.

Karma: I think I saw that they weren't having a water bottle with them. So it's better to buy three.

Karma then heads out to the field. He was looking for Asuna and Izuko. The field was packed with students. They were practicing for the event.

Karma: So they are not only good at studies but also sports, huh?

Karma notices Izuko and Asuna. They both are out of breath. They didn't bring any water to drink. Karma goes to them and gives them the water that he bought. They both drink.

Izuko: Thanks, you were a lifesaver.

Asuna: I knew something was missing when I was coming out for practice. Thanks.

Izuko: How did you notice?

Karma: I saw that you didn't have water bottles with you so I decided to buy some.

They both get up to practice again.

Karma: Are you sure you are going to be okay?

Izuko: Yeah.

Asuna: And Karma, don't just stand there, the second running practice is going to start.

Karma: Oh shoot. Gotta hurry.

Seven players were participating in the second running practice. Karma stands at the edge.

Karma: Alright. I'm gonna run at the top of my speed.

The students were doing the countdown.

Students: On your marks.. get set... go!

The students start sprinting very fast. Karma can't keep up. He tries his best. In the end, he tried to get before the 6th player but when he saw that Karma was going to get ahead of him, he released a burst of power and dashed ahead. In the end, Karma got in dead last. He was exhausted. After resting a bit he talks with Izuko and Asuna.

Karma: What were your positions in the first running practice?

Izuko: Oh, I was 3rd while Asuna was 1st. It was hard.

Asuna: But Karma, you have to work hard. If this goes on, you won't be selected for the final match.

Karma: I know.

They practice like this for the next day too.

Now, It's the night before the sports festival. Due to some weather conditions, the school was off. It was raining heavily. So the selection match couldn't be held. So they decided to do the practice match right before the final event. The student already got the message about it on their phones. Karma went to bed early that day...