Chapter 28:

Chapter 28 Tasty Rain Water

Hermit's Diary

The goddess of lust, Lusseria, enjoyed my desperation, her alluring smile radiating a tantalizing cruelty. She traced a delicate finger along the curve of her body, the sight of her touch sending shivers through my diminutive form.

The goddess chuckled, her laughter echoing through the void with a seductive cadence.

 "I will give you a little hint, I am a goddess of lust. If you do things that please me, I may grant you your wish." She teased, her eyes glinting with naughtiness. 

Confusion knitted my green, goblin brows as I struggled to comprehend the vague task before me.

"But what exactly must I do? What can a humble goblin like me do to please a goddess?"

 The goddess continued, her voice dripping with sensuality, "Seek out the hearts consumed by desire, witness their most intimate moments, and bask in the lust of their passions. Only then will you prove yourself worthy of my favor."

The goddess, reveling in my confusion, chuckled once more, her amusement bordering on sadism. 

"Well, you don't need to know more than that. You will not remember our conversation anyway. When you wake up from your slumber, you will forget about our little exchange." She purred, savoring the power she held over me.

Approaching me with an air of dominance, the goddess casually planted her foot upon my puny goblin hatchling form, exerting pressure that spoke of both power and warning.

"As our gracious exchange concludes, heed this: you have met your demise once again, mired in a wretched pile of excrement. Fortunately for you, I shall restore your form to a point where survival is possible, just barely. But beware, should you meet your demise once more, the penalty shall compound, rendering each following existence more wretched than the last. Thus, cling tenaciously to the thread of your existence. Fear not, though, for my divine mercy extends a slender lifeline. With each act of lewd indulgence, a boon of fortune shall be granted - perhaps a stroke of luck or a fraction of prosperity. Your destiny henceforth lies in the hands of your lustful endeavors."

The void closed in, enveloping me in an eerie silence, and with a final enigmatic smirk, the goddess disappeared, leaving her last words echoing in the void.

 The overwhelming stench that could burn my sniffer hairs of the putrid stench of feces invaded my consciousness, coaxing my eyes open with excruciating effort. As my vision struggled to focus, I attempted to move my mangled body, but the searing pain served as an unyielding restrain. My limbs refused to obey, and my entire being felt trapped in a nightmarish cage of agony.

The fog of confusion shrouded my thoughts, and my memories were a chaotic jumble, an incoherent mess. With a gradual sweep of my eyes, I surveyed my surroundings, slowly piecing together my grim reality. I lay within the confines of a colossal turd, nestled in the repulsive embrace of soft, wet feces. Attempts to move even a finger were met with a symphony of pain that reverberated through my frail form.

Struggling to understand my trouble, I gazed upward and noticed a hole in the hardened crust above me - the very orifice I had created upon crash-landing into this repugnant poop. Through the opening, I glimpsed the morning sky, its brightness contrasting sharply with the dark clouds gathering on the horizon. My eyes fixated on the heavens for a fleeting moment, the surreal beauty of the scene at odds with my grotesque surroundings.

Yet, as the morning light washed over me, draining the color from the clouds, my feeble strength waned. Exhaustion claimed my consciousness, and with a final, vacant stare at the sky, I succumbed to the encroaching darkness once more.

In the foul refuge of the dung shelter, I lay still, trapped within the grotesque cocoon of feces. The hard crust above provided a semblance of protection, shielding my wretched body from the relentless elements outside.

As time wore on, the weather took a turn for the worse. Dark clouds gathered overhead, casting a shadow over the desolate landscape. The distant rumble of thunder echoed through the air, heralding the impending arrival of a storm. The wind began to pick up, rustling the tall grass and bending the vegetation in a rhythmic dance.

With a sudden burst, raindrops descended from the ominous clouds, pattering on the ground like a relentless drumbeat. Cold and unforgiving droplets sliced through the air as they struck the hardened surface of the dung crust. Inside the shelter, I lay dormant, unaware of the changing weather beyond my fecal sanctuary.

A lone raindrop, larger and more forceful than its companions, managed to breach the makeshift ceiling. It slipped through the narrow opening in the crust, descending like a miniature missile toward my unsuspecting face.

The impact was sudden and fierce. The raindrop struck my goblin's visage with the force of a falling brick, jolting me from my grotesque slumber. My eyes widened in bewildered astonishment as I felt the sting of the cold water on my face. The once stagnant air within the dung shelter now carried the unmistakable scent of wet earth and decay. I was immobile and marooned in my dung fortress. I could only gaze upward as the storm outside raged on and I had to endure the brutal torment of raindrops smashing on my face.

In the distance, thunder rumbled, and lightning painted eerie patterns in the darkened sky. Another raindrop found its way through the opening, splattering on my brused goblin face. I sputtered and spat, "By the stench of crap! This water got a grudge against me! Ugh, unfair!"

I was in my poop shelter, feeling all squished and stuck when the rain started to hit hard. My little goblin brain got confused, and I didn't like the rain on my face. As the rain intensified, the desperation for water gnawed at my parched throat. The taste of dung lingered in the air, and the stench was suffocating. I had to find a way to quench my thirst, even if it meant facing the painful raindrops directly.

Summoning what little strength remained in my battered body, I maneuvered my head to face the opening where the raindrops trickled in.

I stretched my jaw wide, feeling the joints crack and pop in protest. It was an uncomfortable sensation, but the promise of water spurred me on. I aimed my mouth toward the gap in the crust, hoping to catch a few precious raindrops.

The first droplet splashed onto my face, and I relished the cool touch against my charred skin. But then, with an almost surreal precision, a raindrop fell directly into my gaping mouth. The sensation was both surprising and oddly satisfying as the liquid trickled down my throat, momentarily soothing the dryness within.

I swallowed the raindrop greedily, feeling the tepid water provide a brief respite from the torment of both the storm and my physical injuries. 

My mangled body lay immobile in the filth, trapped in a grotesque pile of shit. The relentless raindrops had become unforeseen torment as each raindrop found its way into my gaping mouth, the initial relief of quenching my thirst turned into an unrelenting dripping, an unstoppable force filling my belly beyond capacity, drop by drop.

At first, the sensation was oddly satisfying - cool, refreshing droplets trickling down my parched throat. However, with each involuntary gulp, my belly swelled, distending like a grotesque balloon. The relentless rhythm of raindrops transformed into a cruel torture, pushing me beyond the limits of endurance.

My jaw, wide as it could stretch, refused to close, it was stuck open. It was as if the raindrops conspired to drown me from the inside, a twisted irony in this cruel game of survival. I lay there, a pitiful sight, unable to move, with my mouth agape like a trap that ensnared me in self-inflicted torment.

As the raindrops persisted, my belly became an unbearable reservoir, the water rising to the point of agony. I could feel my insides protesting, the waterlogged misery threatening to overwhelm me.

Eventually, my swollen belly reached its limit. Unable to contain more liquid, water dribbled out of my mouth, mixing with the muck around me. The taste of rain, once a desperate relief, now became a threat to drown me. 

The dark clouds overhead seemed to amplify the misery, casting a gloom over the desolate landscape. The winds howled through the tall grass, carrying with them the distant rumble of thunder. Lightning flashed across the sky, illuminating the scene with eerie, fleeting glimpses of my mangled form.

My mind, trapped in a cycle of agony, started to play tricks on me. The constant impact of raindrops on my face felt like blows from an unseen beast, and the thunderous roars mimicked mocking laughter. Streams of water gushed from my mouth, creating a foul fountain.

With the waterlogged mass in my belly threatening to rupture, I summoned every ounce of strength within my broken frame. My attempts to move my head were met with searing pain, each effort sending shockwaves of agony through my immobilized body. The constant stream of raindrops only intensified the torment. My belly ballooned grotesquely, resembling a waterlogged sack on the verge of bursting. The streams of water cascading from my open mouth created a sickening parody of a fountain, an absurd spectacle of suffering.

Summoning whatever strength remained within my battered muscles, I focused on my jaw, the source of my newfound suffering. My blistered and burned tongue felt like a foreign, unresponsive appendage as I maneuvered it against my jaw. Each slap was a feeble attempt to unstuck the joints and bring relief.

 My attempts were clumsy and erratic, resembling the flailing of a creature lost in its pitiful dance. Yet, through the pain and frustration, a thought echoed in my mind.

 "Close mouth, stop the rain, make it end!"

With a sudden, unexpected jolt, my jaw shifted, and I felt the joints give way. The relief was instantaneous, but the toll on my body was evident. My jaw, now freed, trembled in pain, and my tongue, raw and battered, hung loosely in my mouth. Yet, I could finally close my mouth and put an end to the incessant swallowing.