Chapter 27:

Interlude: Shopping

Your Healer

Interlude: Shopping

Hey, how are you doing? Did you know that I recently got a girlfriend? The one girl I really liked suggested that we become a couple. Am I happy? Yes, of course... but somehow, since we've been together, I don't know how to describe it, but we're kind of more distant than before.

She had definitely listened when I listed all the things I wished for from her. Only she acted on some more than others. But we saw each other every day. She wrote me to wish me a good morning and, in the evening, she called me to wish me a good night. Why did she call me every night? Well, because I wasn't allowed to sleep at her place, nor did she want to come to mine.

But at least we spend the days together. One week passed since we ended that scary mission, and we started being a couple. Obviously, we didn’t tell Eliza and Lilith about it… yet. And luckily, you would never guess our relationship if you would see us together.

I think today is Friday. Since I started to work for the guild, I have had problems with my sense of time. Miko and I are currently hanging out in her apartment, watching a few movies. It's August, and summer is at its peak, so we've decided to go outside as little as possible.

We sat on her couch, with some safety distance between us. I can't count how many times I imagined putting my head on her shoulder or sitting between her legs to lean against her chest... Miko herself didn't seem to be interested in physical contact at all. So, it remained a matter of imagination.

My daydreaming was interrupted by a loud moan from Miko, who was stretching.

"It's so hot. I can't stand this weather." She sighed and looked at me with an expression like she was begging me for help.

"We could go to a public pool, but I don't own any swimwear." I merely shared the thought, but Miko's eyes immediately began to sparkle.

"Let's go shopping. First, we'll get something to wear to the pool, and then we can get ice cream and have a movie marathon tonight." She seemed fired up, and I loved it.

I was a little worried about the movie addiction she'd developed since we became a couple, but as long as I got to spend that time with her, I was fine with it.

"Should we go to your place first?" Miko asked.


"I thought you should get some clothes if you're staying the night ... and if you want to ... maybe you can stay a little longer." Her eyes were glued to the TV in front of her, while I was frightened by her mind-reading abilities.

"Yes! Let's do it!" I was excited. I didn't know exactly what about, but thinking about sleeping over and going to the pool with Miko energized me.

We paused the movie we were watching and left the house. After walking to my place, where I had packed a bag full of clothes, we got on a bus that took us into town. It would have taken us another twenty minutes or so on foot, but we were already regretting walking to my apartment in this weather.

Once we arrived in the main shopping district of our small town, we walked side by side. Miko told me that she knew a good clothing store for cute bikinis and giggled like a goblin as she told me about it. I was happy, assuming that she was looking forward to seeing me in one.

As we walked, I asked myself a very important question.

Should I hold her hand?

It's not that I'm the kind of person who needs to show every single person that I'm in a happy relationship so that I would push my partner to show affection in public, but right now, I just want to hold her.



“Can we hold hands?”

“Why? It’s way too hot, and my hand will be super sweaty.”


"You are right." Yes, I was disappointed, and it made me mad how upset I was about her not wanting to hold my hand. I wasn't angry with her, just with myself.

While I was still annoyed, I felt Miko's hand touch mine. I glanced over at her. She just looked at me and sighed, "If you don't want to just say so."

What did I do to deserve someone as lovely as her? Slowly, I let my fingers slide between hers until they were completely interlocked.

I wasn't a little girl anymore, but holding hands was thrilling... At least my heart rate increased as I let my eyes wander from our hands to her face to the people around us.

Did we look like a real couple now?

“This is the place.” We stopped in front of the largest shopping center in our city. They definitely sell what we are searching for.

We went straight to the clothing department and ended up in front of a huge selection of swimwear. The store had an endless number of mannequins dressed in all kinds of bikinis and swimsuits, which definitely made it easier to look at all the different pieces.

I wasn't sure what to search for first. Something for me or something I wanted to see Miko in. I actually had no idea if she would ever wear anything I picked out, but I was allowed to fantasize!

After looking at the selection on display, I went through all the pieces on the racks. Thanks to her dark hair, something black or white would definitely look great on Miko.

While I was checking everything out, I completely lost sight of my better half. I should go and check on her. With a bikini I had picked out for her, I started looking.

I spotted her one row further on, holding a small selection of different bikinis and swimsuits in her arms. Curious, I tried to see what she had chosen. In fact, everything looked much cuter than I expected, although one thing was a little concerning.

The tops all looked a bit small for her... bust size.

Wait... I slowly looked down at myself. I know someone with a slightly smaller chest who could definitely fit into these pieces.

Crying on the inside, I approached Miko, "Did you look for something for yourself too?"

"Oh Kayla, haha, yes, um, no. But would you be so kind to try these on?" I can't believe how adorably she requested that.

"Of course, here is something for trade." I gave Miko the black bikini I'd picked out for her and took the slightly larger selection from her arms.

"Thank you. Shall we share a changing room?" she suggested.

"No! Are you trying to kill me?"

She giggled, "Well, who's being shy?"

How dare she ask such a question while she was blushing so hard it was enough for the both of us.

I had feared that she wasn't interested in a relationship at all because she had been so distant for the last seven days, but now I actually feared what must have been going through her mind all this time.

Whatever, I was definitely looking forward to our upcoming trip to the pool.