Chapter 1:

Fuck, i died

The Last Dawn (TLD)

Author's note:Hello everyone, this is my first novel and I hope to improve my writing method with each chapter. Sorry if there are any mistakes and I hope that my story can be fun to read.onomatopoeia = *Speeches/Thoughts = " (I will try to make it clear in each situation.)¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨

"What the fuck, I really shouldn't have left home today." Thought Alex, feeling the contrast of the cold cement on his face and the hot blood dripping from his head, as his vision gradually darkened and the last traces of life escaped from his mouth in a final breath.


 Some time before, in a dimly lit room, the clock on the bedside table marked 12:44, but despite the time, no ray of sun could be seen sneaking through the window, which was perfectly sealed with a gray blind.

 The little lighting that allowed the visualization of the cold room came from two monitors on a table placed in the corner of the room.

 Unfinished lines of code could be seen on one of the monitors, on the other, a web page with information on opening hours and location of a computer store.

 The seconds passed and the clock, that now marked 12:45, began to flash in a sign of bad omen.

 A hellish and traumatizing noise began to be emitted by the device, making the eyes of the person lying in bed in an unnatural position widen and, in a clear and precise movement that only the experience of many years could copy, the person twists in an intricate movement and, with his hand around the alarm clock, holds it tightly and throws it against the wall.

 The clock, loaded by the full force of the throw, moves with surprising speed in … a beautiful parabola to the floor?! *Puf* Landing softly on a fluffy rug.

 Amazingly, despite the failed throw, the soft fall on the rug made the device stop emitting its unpleasant noise.

 Now, sitting on the bed with a blank expression, his figure could be seen more clearly, because of the cold lighting that the monitor exhaled.

 Dark and messy hair, simple and wrinkled shirt; almost twisted around his thin belly, his sleepy and crusty eyes remained closed and a sigh from his pale mouth could be heard. "Ahh… shitty annoying noise."

 Even before opening his eyes, his hand groped a specific corner of the empty double bed, until touching something and bringing it to his face.

 Opening his eyes slightly, it was possible to see his clear gray eyes, behind the reflection of the monitor, in the now newly placed glasses.

 "I don't know why I still use this damn alarm clock, this noise is so hellish" He muttered faintly, his voice sounding deep and slightly hoarse after waking up.

 Stretching with his arms up, the now discernible man thought. "At least this indestructible crap can wake me up."

Getting up lazily, the man staggered to the bathroom in his room.

 Sounds of faucet, flush, hot shower and even sounds of nausea from brushing his tongue too deeply with the brush could be heard.

 Followed by the sight of the relaxed alarm clock on the cold and fluffy rug, a few minutes passed…


 A man with only a towel around his waist comes out of the bathroom, shamelessly showing the entirety of his body to the alarm clock.

 Illuminated by the light coming from the bathroom and the cold monitors on the opposite side of the room, his pale skin reflected a lack of vitamin D, the slight traces of bones apparent in his ribs reflected a sedentary daily life.

 Oblivious to the judgment of his appearance by a disgruntled alarm clock, the man walks over to the rug, returning his noisy and unbearable clock to the nightstand.


 Walking clumsily down the street, the man now appropriately dressed in comfortable Crocs, shorts and a black shirt, looked for the store he had searched earlier.

 A busy commercial area of his city exuded liveliness and joy, with loud conversations and car noises in the background.

 Even amid all the movement of the place, a man stood out in the crowd. Despite his pale skin and thin body, the man was tall and had a handsome face, followed by his black hair that highlighted his clear eyes.

 Indiscreet looks from single and even accompanied girls fried him, followed by anger and dissatisfaction from their faded companions.

 Oblivious to everything, the man alternated between looking at the photo of the store's facade that he got from the internet and comparing it with the stores around.

 A sparkle in his eyes was noticed when he found his destination, just a street away.

 Excited to find the place and be able to return home quickly, the man hurried his steps.

"Let's buy this keyboard and go home."

 Not remembering what his late mother had taught him, he began to cross the apparently empty street without checking.


 From another perspective, a bearded and robust driver with a body mass that would make a strongman ashamed, was driving his truck after unloading his cargo at a nearby trade.

His thick arms, full of wild tattoos, held the truck's steering wheel firmly.

 In contrast to the wild aura that exuded from the driver, his pink steering wheel and the loud music of Lady Gaga that his speakers propagated, showed an incongruity that would leave anyone speechless.

 Driving down the street, the driver sees a beautiful and tall pale man walking obliviously with a cell phone in his hand. "What a real looker." A deep and hoarse voice reverberates through the incongruent truck.

"Wait, this guy is not stopping." The muscular man thinks in despair.

 In a quick movement of a professional, the man presses his horn hard and makes a quick maneuver diverting the truck slightly to the side.

"Fucking crazy…" The man retorts angrily as he continues to drive.

 "Should I have taken advantage of 'seeing if he's okay'? Maybe I would have gotten his number… well, whatever, I'm too far away now." The truck continues its way down the street.


 "Fuck, that was close, I should be more attentive." Said the handsome man taking steps back in shock, with his heart racing.

He kept mumbling: "I would have surely turned into a paste."

 Remembering, the man thought. "The worst thing is that the driver looked extremely scary, thank goodness he didn't get out to ask for satisfaction…"

 "Besides, I wasn't paying attention, but why was he so fast on a commercial street?" He finished.

 Shaking his head and deciding to leave that matter aside, he crossed the street and entered the store.


 "This promotion was very good, who would have thought that I could buy a mechanical keyboard so cheaply outside the internet." The man weighed as he left the store happily.

It was not known if he was happier for the promotion or because he was finally going home.

*Ding-Ding , Ding-Ding*

A bicycle bell rang. Followed by a muffled scream.

"Get out of the way you craz…" *Bang*

 When the handsome man came to himself, he was lying on the sidewalk cement, hearing muffled and particularly worried voices.

 A cyclist shook him, trying to get some reaction, but the bleeding in his head cast a dismal air on the situation.

 Looking forward without being able to move, not even blink, the man was stunned and discredited.

 In his line of sight, which was constantly changing thanks to the cyclist who shook him, he could visualize a bicycle thrown on the ground, some people starting to form what looked like a circle around him and, further ahead, the damnstore that he had just left.

A depreciative thought came to his mind. "I can't believe I'm going to die from a bicycle hit."

 "All for a damn keyboard… Damn it, I really shouldn't have left home today." A tiredness weighed on his conscience, his vision gradually darkening.

 "His name is Alex… what a damn fatality." Said one of the men who was trying to help Alex, reading the document that was in his wallet.

 "Calm down, you weren't to blame, he got into the bike lane, I saw it." The same voice echoed, each word more distant.

 "Shit, the guy must be feeling horrible right now, I should definitely pay more attention to my surroundings." Alex thought.

 "But seriously, what bad luck, I definitely shouldn't have left home... Damn keyboard that broke in the middle of work yesterday…"

"I… I am cold…"

 Alex thought as his vision darkened completely and the unknown void engulfed his consciousness.