Chapter 43:

Chapter 43 Punishment For Defiance

Hermit's Diary

Terror gripped me as the guards' attention shifted from Tinker's lifeless body to me. A shiver of terror ran down my spine as the guards, their faces contorted with malicious glee, loomed over me. 

"You thought you could escape, little shit? Thought you could walk away? Don't worry! We have a game for you too!" one jeered, his laughter echoing like a haunting melody. My eyes darted between the menacing guards, desperately searching for an escape route, but there was nowhere to run only to hope for a miracle.

Tinker's lifeless body lay mutilated, a pitiful puddle of mangled goblin meat. They kicked his mangled body callously as if he were nothing more than garbage in their path. The stench of blood and feces hung heavy in the air, and I, the last surviving hatchling from our group, felt the weight of impending doom.

Trembling, I tried to muster a defiant voice, "No! No hurt! Gobbos just want peace, hugs, and tasty things! Why hurt gobbos? Master please! No hurt! No hurt!" My words carried the desperate plea of a terrified goblin. 

The guards, indifferent to my pleas, decided to turn my suffering into a twisted game, a ghoulish marvel designed for their own cruel amusement. One of them suggested another twisted game.

"How 'bout we see how many rocks we can pile on the little shit's back 'fore he squeals, eh, lads?!"

The guards agreed, and they gathered a small pile of pebbles. The one who suggested the game slapped me across the face and said, "You puny grot shit! You better not topple too quick, or I'll gut you and toss you in the flames! Hold a couple of rocks on your hump, or I'll stuff you with bits of your squashed mate!"

Generously delivering another backhand across my face, he grabbed a pebble almost half my size and slammed it onto my slouched back. My knees buckled, and I stumbled, but out of sheer fear, I managed to stay standing and hold the rock on my back.

The guards erupted into laughter after waiting a few moments for me to steady my feet. The next guard placed his stone on top of the one the first guard put. The weight was crushing, and my scrawny legs wobbled, threatening to snap, but I managed to hold two small stones on my slouched back.

 Meanwhile, in the tent, Kaka stirred from his rest, his big bulbous eyes widening with horror as he heard the commotion outside. The little gobbies rushed to him, their faces contorted with fear as they described the brutal game unfolding. With a sense of urgency, Kaka sprang into action, desperate to shield at least one of us from the guards' sadistic whims.

The third guard placed his small rock on top of the other two rocks. My frail body was cracking and popping, my mouth gaping wide, screaming, and I quaked from the strain of holding three rocks on my tiny back.

"Reeeee! Rocks heavy! Gobbie hurt! No like, no like at all! Oww, oww, owwie! Gobbie is too small for big rocks! Make it stop, make it stop! Rocks are not friends, rocks mean bullies! Oww, my poor back! No more, please, no more! Owwie! Big rocks on tiny gobbie back! It hurt so much! Make it stop, make it stop! Stupid rocks! Ouchie, ouchie! Rocks squish gobbie! Meaty ears, help gobbie! Rocks are too heavy, gobbie gonna break! No like this game, no like it at all!" I cried out, my words punctuated by the cracking sounds of my frail body under the weight.

Suddenly, as the guard was about to place the fourth rock on my back, Kaka dove headfirst, knocking the rocks off my back and grabbing me in his warm embrace. He quickly wrapped me in his meaty, scarred ears cocoon and curled up into a tight ball, protecting me and shielding me with his body from the guards' cruelty.

The guards, momentarily thwarted, were left seething with frustration as Kaka shielded me, a pitiful goblin hatchling, from their heartless game.

The lead guard, his face twisted into a sadistic grin, spat on Kaka and barked, "You stinking, shit-covered filth! We'll make you both suffer! Unhand the shit hatchling! We're not done with the game!"

Infuriated by Kaka's defiance, the guards circled him, taunting and jeering. One of them kicked Kaka with no holding back. Another guard grabbed Kaka by his tattered ear and yanked trying to rip me away from the protective cocoon. Kaka winced but held his protective embrace on me.

The second aggressive guard sneered, "You think you can defy us, stinking slave? You're just as worthless as these little shits. You are in for a beating now!" With that, he swung his fist at Kaka, who winced in pain as the blow connected. Busting a massive black eye on his face.

All three guards joined in, kicking and beating Kaka, his once defiant form now huddled in a feeble attempt to shield me from the relentless assault. Each blow echoed with sickening ratling thuds, and Kaka's pained grunts rang in my ears. The other hatchlings, helpless witnesses to the brutality, whimpered and cried from the safety of the tent.

"Reeeee! No hurt Kaka!" squealed one. 

"Gobbos scared!" cried another.

 The feeble attempts at comforting each other echoed in the cramped space.

 "Why do guards do bad things?" wailed a tiny voice.

Kaka, grunting in pain, yelled to his hatchlings, "Ugh...! Little ones, stay hidden... Aghh...! I endure, endure..."

One of the guards, wielding a makeshift whip, lashed out at Kaka's exposed back. The whip struck with a sickening crack, and Kaka winced in pain but held onto his protective cocoon. The guards continued their assault, each strike met with a painful grunt from Kaka, who endured the pain for the sake of shielding me.

One of the guards named Slasher mocked Kaka in between his laughter, "Look at this pathetic shit slave trying to protect the runt. It's almost sad! Buaghhgahga!"

The guards, after brutally beating Kaka tried to take me away, but Kaka held me close, shielding me from further torment. The goblin hatchlings in the tent whimpered and cowered, witnessing the brutality unfold. The guards, now with a renewed sense of sadistic glee, decided to make an example out of Kaka for defying their twisted games.

The goblin hatchlings fell into a stunned hush as the cruel punishment continued before their eyes. The two guards, with an eerie synchronization that mirrored their usual brutish demeanor, grabbed Kaka by the ankles and hoisted him into the air. 

Then they initiated stretching torture, pulling his legs in opposite directions with a powerful tug, performing a middle split on his crotch. Kaka's joints emitted a series of squelching grotesque pops followed by his tortured screams and pleas, "Reeeeeeee! Please! Wreeeeeeeee! Master! Mercy! Mercy! I implore! Wreeeeeee! Eeeek! Forgiveness! Forgiveness!" 

As Kaka's limbs were stretched into a perfect middle split pose, a third guard sauntered toward Kaka's crotch, wielding a wooden makeshift spear with an air of sinister intent.

With a swift and forceful motion, he lifted the spear high above his head and with all his strength swung the spear downward, targeting Kaka's most sensitive area - his egg-laying goblin balls. The collective gasp from the hatchlings resonated through the Kaka's tent, amplifying the horrible atmosphere.

The wooden spear, unable to withstand the impact, shattered into two pieces, scattering splinters in every direction. The forceful blow from the wooden spear had an immediate and dramatic effect on Kaka.

 Following the impact on the balls, a high-pitched squeal, "REEEEEEEEEEEEE!" erupted from his parched mouth, a sound so piercing it seemed as though it could shatter glass. White foam bubbled from Kaka's mouth, creating a disturbing contrast against his green goblin skin. His eyes rolled behind his skull as the intensity of the pain overwhelmed him, and within moments, Kaka's small form went limp. His curled-up body drooped and I tumbled to the ground from his protective embrace. 

The guard whose spear had shattered into pieces stared at the aftermath of his brutal action - the swelling and blackening ballsack that housed Kaka's crotch. The guard started a hysterical cackling laughter that echoed through the camp. He slapped his leg in amusement as if the sight of Kaka's crushed balls and suffering brought him unparalleled joy.

He pointed at Kaka's now-swollen ballsack, convulsing with laughter that echoed through the camp.

"Look at that! Gobby got a little surprise, didn't he? BRUAHAHAHAAAHHA! That's what he gets for interrupting our little fun games! I broke my spear, but it was worth it! Boys! Did ya see this shit's face?"

A second guard chimed in with a sadistic grin, "Oi, that was a good swing, mate! Never seen a shit slave go down like that. Look at 'his pouch, all swollen and blackened! Pure art, it is! Ghehgeegegeg!"

Another guard chimed in, snickering, "Hehehe! That's what happens when you mess with the mighty guards! This trash should've known his place. How about good old spear in the stinky hole, Ehh?!"

The guard, still chuckling, retrieved his broken spear from the ground and gestured to his fellow guards to release their grip on Kaka's outstretched legs.

"Oi, boys! Drop that stinking slave before we catch his stench! I won't be impaling his shithole with my spear! This time, I will let it slide with just his balls crushed!" He barked, his tone dripping with scorn.

One of the guards who held Kaka in mid-air persisted with a cheer, "Spear the stinky hole! Spear the stinky hole! Spear the stinky hole! Spear the stinky hole!" Soon, one by one other guards joined the chant until all of the camp cheered to deliver the punishment.

Slasher finally relented and agreed, "Oi, boys! If you insist so much, it can't be helped! Hold him tight! Haaaahahhaa!"