Chapter 1:

The Tempting Offer

The Con Artist’s Con

Eclipsia City, a bustling hub of activity, woke up to the usual buzz of life. People were getting ready for their day, and amidst the routine, online shopping was a popular pastime. Everyone loved a good deal, but sometimes, these deals turned out to be tricks.

Jack, a young man living alone in the city, was just like everyone else. He had moved out of his parents' house to feel more independent. Being on his own meant he had to be careful with money. He waited patiently for great discounts before buying anything. One sunny day, he found an amazing offer on a laptop—a deal he couldn't resist. Jack thought it was the perfect time to grab it before it disappeared. Excitedly, he made the payment and received a message saying

WE’VE RECEIVED YOUR ORDER! Thanks for shopping with PrimePicks! You’ll find a summary of your recent purchase below. Please allow up to 2 business days to process and ship your order.
Order Number: PP8341256 Order Date: Aug 12, 2023

Working as a customer representative in a company, Jack's job wasn't his dream. His real passion was gaming. He spent his free time playing games and watching gamers online. He wanted a new laptop to improve his gaming skills and maybe become a successful gamer himself. His life mostly revolved around work, gaming videos, and playing games, as he didn't have many friends to hang out with.

In Eclipsia, online shopping was a big deal. But sometimes, things didn't go as planned. Some people got cheated—they paid for things they never received. When they complained to customer service, they were told that their orders didn't exist! Some got really mad and even went to the police or shared their bad experiences on social media. Others let it go because the money they lost wasn't too much.

Three days passed since Jack ordered the laptop from He had almost forgotten about it while caught up in his work. On his way home one evening, he suddenly remembered the laptop order. When he checked, there was a message saying,

Apologies! Your delivery from PrimePicks is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. We’re working hard to speed it up. Thanks for your understanding"

Jack felt upset and a bit worried. He tried calling customer service, but no one answered. They said they were short-staffed and asked him to email them at Jack sent an email
Regarding my order number: PP8341256 placed on Aug 12, 2023, I understand there might be a delay. However, I urgently need this item. Could you please expedite the delivery within the next 24hrs?
Thank you!"
Little did Jack know, hidden behind the shiny promises, trouble was brewing, waiting to unfold.

Per Astra