Chapter 1:

The first raid

Eldritch dungeon

Goverment assigned 6 b-class adventureres named; Thornwick, Lysander, Lyra, Davian, Aveline, and Gaston, to close the dungeon the goverment underestimated the dungeon. *at the entrance door of the dungeon* The heavy door creaked open, revealing darkness that seemed to swallow the feeble light cast by their torches. An unsettling chill swept through the air   Gaston scoffed at the eerie atmosphere. "Seems like they were exaggerating about this place. I don't feel any threat; just a bunch of shadows and tricks."

Aveline: "Appearances can be deceiving, Gaston. Let us remain vigilant."

Davian:. "I'll scout ahead. Be right back"

As Davian disappeared into the darkness, the others exchanged wary glances. The faint sound of Davian's footsteps echoed faintly before fading into nothingness. Minutes stretched into an eternity as the party awaited Davian's report. Then they heard a footstep. Davian: "Found something," , his voice sounded weird,

Thornwick: Davian. Lead the way,."

The group followed Davian's lead, navigating through a labyrinth but they reached a dead end 

Thornwick: "wait did we take a wrong turn"

Then what they tough to be davian turned into a monster

"Fresh new meat" the monster smiled

Thornwick's heart raced as the figure before them morphed into a grotesque, monstrous form. The creature's grin widened, revealing rows of jagged teeth glinting in the dim light. The adventurers stepped back, realizing they had been deceived. Gaston's arrogancy vanished, replaced by fear 

Aveline:" What have you done to Davian?"

The monster let out a guttural laugh that reverberated off the walls. "Your friend is no more. He tasted good, I feed on the souls foolish enough to wander into my domain."

Thornwick tightened his grip on his sword,. "We are not here to become your meal. Prepare to battle"   adventurers braced themselves for the impending clash. Thornwick,took a step forward, Lysander formned a protective barrier around the group. "Stay behind me! I'll try to protect you. The monster, lunged at the group with tremendous speed. Gaston, no longer displaying his earlier arrogance got ready for the impact,and redied shield ready to deflect the creature's assault.

Lyra, swiftly shoot an arrow, aiming for the creature's heart. But the creature captured the arrow and broke in half. The battle continued on in the confined space of the dead-end part of the labrynth, the clash of steel against grotesque flesh and the crackling of spells echoing through the dungeon's walls. Each member of the party fought very hard. Despite their efforts, the monster proved resilient, It retaliated with vicious strikes, its claws teared through Thornwicks armor and he got badly injured and he falled down on ground. Lysander unleashed spells in an attempt to weaken the creature's defenses, but it didn't work out. Gaston's shield tried to withstand the power of the monster, but it broke, and Gaston died after the monster punched a hole in his chest. Aveline's healing magic attempted to revive Gaston, but it was useless. The monster then attacked her, and she died. However, before she passed away, she managed to heal some of Thornwick's wounds. Thornwick, now the sole survivor, lay unconscious on the ground. The monster realized he was still alive but decided to keep him alive, knowing he would be lost in the labyrinth and eventually die from starvation. Little did they know, the monster was actually one of the weakest beings in that dungeon. 

After some time, Thornwick woke up, looked around, and saw all of his party members' lifeless bodies. He cried and then attempted to find a way out. As the monster predicted, he eventually succumbed to starvation and perished."