Chapter 2:

Second raid

Eldritch dungeon

After the first raid failed and the dungeon remained unclosed, the government became increasingly concerned. Six months have passed, While in that timespan there were a lot of guilds and mercenaries tried to close it but they all failed and no one came back. But a s-class Mage named Orion managed to get out and he managed make a crude map of the dungeon that covered the entrance area of the dungeon, but he died after 3 hours from an unknown reason. That map helped adventures and gave them confidence, And goverment got an idea and decided to hire a proffesional Monstrologist Selene and Arcanograph Alaric to explore and document the dungeon and the goverment also hired 20 high class mercenaries to protect them. They started walking deeper, guarded by 20 high-class mercenaries, They tried ot document everything but something was off, there hasnt been a monster that appeared. Researchers didn't mind it but mercenaries took caution, as they continued the exploration and documentation yielded intriguing discoveries, but alaric couldnt understand the arcane runes even tough he tought he known all the old runes and arcane runes.

As for Selene she cataloged some creature's she has never seen something like those, the smallest creature that she found in the dungeon was twice as big as a human. All the creatures attacked but the mercenaries easily defended the scientists.  Despite their careful approach, the expedition encountered an unforeseen obstruction,  a dead end. Leaving the group trapped within the one of many labyrinths in the dungeon.  An eerie silence fell upon the group as the  realization came that. they were stranded, cut off from the outside world with no visible escape. Anxiety seeped into the hearts of the researchers and mercenaries. Growls echoed through the shadowy corridors. Sinister shadows danced on the walls, and the mercenaries, alert and on edge, formed a protective circle around the scholars. Out of the darkness emerged a monstrous creature, its form was a grotesque amalgamation. It was a huge monster, With razor-sharp claws and malevolent eyes, the beast advanced, and got closer and attacked.The mercenaries engaged the creature, their swords clashing against the monster's impenetrable scales, as the researchers attempted to hide. The group, cornered and overwhelmed, fought desperately for survival. The mercenaries died one by one Despite their resolve, they were no match for the monster. As the creature closed in on them, their screams echoed through the desolate chambers, swallowed by the malevolent darkness of the unclosed dungeon.

Selene and Alaric found a ditch to hide and started planning an escape route. Since Alaric had mapped out some areas, they managed to find a route that led to the dungeon door. They listened for any sign of the monster but heard nothing, so they slowly and carefully made their way to the exit. However, the door wasn't there, and they couldn't make sense of it since the map was showing that place.

They realized that the dungeon could reorganize and change locations. They wished they had Orion's ability because he was a Mithrilvein. That race can't get lost in dungeons no matter what; no one knows how. They realized the only way Orion could have made it out was because he was a Mithrilvein. If he weren't, he would have gotten lost too. "Are you lost?" They heard a little girl's voice and looked back, but that was the end for them. It was a Whisperkin, similar to a mimic, but it could only mimic voices. If you didn't look at it, you would be fine, but the moment you glanced at it, you'd instantly drop dead on the spot. They were unlucky that they didn't had an Mithrilvein among them. After several days passed without the exploration team's return, the government officials realized that this raid had also failed. The dungeon's effect in the area began to expand, corrupting the surrounding areas near the dungeon, which started to get bigger. Officials attempted to halt the growth by hiring mages and having them perform magic. It worked temporarily, but when they ceased casting spells, the growth resumed. To prevent the expansion, mages would need to cast magic continuously for 24 hours, yet that's impossible because everyone has a limited magic reserve. Once depleted, you can't cast spells until it refills again.