Chapter 3:

Fated day

Eldritch dungeon

Five years have passed, and there hasn't been any way to close the dungeon. The corruption has spread throughout the entire city, leading to its abandonment. Desperation has taken hold of everyone, as they wait for some sort of savior to rescue them from the unstoppable spread of the dungeon's corruption. One day, a monk from a distant land arrived in the city just before it became entirely corrupted. He delivered a prophecy about the day when the dungeon would be closed. However, he didn't specify when it would happen or who would accomplish this task; it remained a mystery. Despite the monk's words, everyone had already lost their hope, so they didn't believe in the prophecy. But there was a boy who was present when the monk arrived, and he hadn't lost his hope; he believed in the prophecy and felt happy. He had lost both of his parents due to the corruption. The corruption carried an unknown disease that killed people over time. Medical experts attempted to understand it, but they weren't able to.The government was in shambles, and chaos prevailed as people lost faith in it, as well as in guilds and mercenaries, all because the dungeon had not yet been closed. Rebellion groups began to form, aiming to overthrow the government and establish a new one that could maybe close the dungeon. The leader of one such group also didn't believe in that idea; the people were simply too desperate. Another four years passed by, each passing day The prophecy faded it remained a distant memory for most, 

The boy, now a young man, persisted in his pursuit of the prophecy's hidden truth. His unwavering belief endured. doubt and disbelief  swept through the desolate streets. The corruption, an ever-encroaching shadow, continued its insidious grip on the city, claiming more lives and entrenching the populace in a cycle of despair. Despite valiant efforts, the disease that accompanied the dungeon's spread remained an mystery, evading the grasp of medical experts and failing all attempts at a cure. The rebellion groups, once unified in their desire for change, had splintered into factions, consumed by internal conflicts and ideals. The dream of a new government that could effectively confront the dungeon's menace seemed a distant mirage in the collective consciousness. Distrust permeated every corner of society, casting a pall over relationships and alliances. The once-thriving city now stood as a mere shell of its former self, its once-proud structures crumbling under the weight of neglect and despair.

Eldritch dungeon