Chapter 46:

Chapter 46 Goblin First Aid

Hermit's Diary

The guard, with an air of mock sympathy, knelt beside Kaka's limp form and spoke in a mocking tone, "Oh, boo-hoo! Poor little gobby got himself a stick up his stinky hole, did he? Let me help you, buddy." He then proceeded to tug at the stick that Slasher had callously jammed into Kaka's butthole, delighted about the pain he was causing. 

But the stick stubbornly resisted removal, Kaka's body convulsed with pain, a tortured moan escaping his cracked lips through his unconscious state, "Reeeeee, stop... hurts... hurts lots." His words were a desperate plea for mercy, but the guard only responded with a cruel laugh.

 The guard saw how much pain he inflicted on the poor goblin slave just by lightly tugging at the stick and decided on a more sadistic approach.

 "You know what, shity slave? I think a little trip across the ground might help you feel better. Looks like the stick doesn't want to come out. How 'bout we give you a little ride, eh? Wheee!" he said, as he callously dragged Kaka's limp body by the stick, still lodged in his butt, across the dirt.

Kaka, in his agony, could only muster broken words, "Reee... no... stop... please..." 

The guard, seemingly enjoying Kaka's suffering by dragging him onto the ground, gripped the stick tighter and lifted Kaka in the air, leaving his abused body dangling from the stick. Kaka was unconscious but his body convulsed and twitched in pain, his groans and moans were music to his tormentor's ears.

"Now, stinking slave, time to wake up! Wake up I say! For the next part that coming I want you to be awake! Wake up!" the guard barked, delivering a swift kick to Kaka's side. The forceful blow evoked a painful groan as Kaka began to stir from his unconscious state.

Kaka, through his stupor and unbearable pain, mumbled, "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ouuuchies! Ouwies! It hurts so... so much! What... what is going on!? Why I'm hurting so much? Reeeeee! Mercy! Wreeeeeee! My poo-poo hole! It hurts a lot! It splitting apart! Reeeeee!"

The guard grasped the protruding end of the stick with both of his hands and a firm grip. Then, with a quick, forceful pull and a brutal kick to Kaka's butt, he yanked the stick out from Kaka's butthole with a loud squelching pop. A guttural scream of agony escaped Kaka's lips, "WRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" as the stick was forcibly removed, leaving him writhing in pain on the ground with a gaping butthole and leaking poop.

During his pain, Kaka struggled to speak, his voice strained and filled with the echoes of suffering, "Ugghhh... I hurt... why hurt... Master guards... meanie... me no like... WRAAAHH!"

The guard, amused by the pitiful display of suffering, tossed the shit-smeared stick aside, bonking it on the unfortunate hatchling head, knocking him out, and laughed callously, mocking, "Greeehehhehehe! There you go, slave! You can use that stink hole for the correct use now! Bragaghahaahah! What a well-done job I did today! Hahhahah!" 

The guard's initial amusement shifted swiftly into annoyance and disgust as Kaka's behind, smeared with a concoction of shit and filth, started to leak and emit a noxious stench accompanied by bubbling farts. The stench stank the air, creating an atmosphere of disgust.

He grabbed a hatchling that was crawling on the ground like some crushed worm. With a sneer, he barked, "You all Kaka's are filthy scums, but you're even worse! I should have left that stick in your butt! You stink so much that even the foulest of forest monsters would run away! Disgusting Kaka!"

With a swift and brutal motion, the guard seized the unfortunate hatchling and forcefully shoved him up into Kaka's soiled, gaping butthole, plugin it. The tiny legs of the trapped hatchling kicked desperately in the air, a futile attempt to free himself from being wedged inside Kaka's butt. 

The guard, with a wicked grin, jeered, "Well, well, seems like we've got a new decoration for Kaka's stinking den! Buahhhhaahaha!"

The guard, happy with the barbaric routine he had blessed on Kaka and the hatchlings, strolled away from our tent, leaving behind a scene of devastation, we, the tiny battered hatchlings, lay strewn across the ground, and Kaka, our caretaker, writhed in agonizing pain clutching his butt.

"Please, no more... why hurt poor hatchling so... it hurts, little one... make it stop... Oh, it hurts! Stop scratching, little one! It hurts so much!"

The pitiful hatchling, caught in the grotesque situation halfway in Kaka's feces-smeared butt, initially squirmed and struggled desperately to break free. His tiny legs kicked violently in the air, showcasing the futile attempt to escape the stinky hole.

The once lively kicks of the trapped hatchling gradually ceased, replaced by an eerie stillness. The small, suffocated goblin, now lifeless, dangled awkwardly from the depths of Kaka's butt.

Kaka, though beaten and battered, summoned the remnants of his strength, fueled by a primal instinct to save the poor hatchling. With a painful grimace, he let out a guttural grunt and strained with every fiber of his being as Kaka's efforts culminated in a loud, resonant fart.

The violent expulsion achieved its purpose as the poor hatchling, covered in filth, was dislodged from Kaka's butt. He tumbled to the ground, a limp and lifeless figure, still bearing the indignities heaped upon him. 

Kaka, his eyes bloodshot and swollen, whispered to the fallen hatchling, "S-sorry, little one. Kaka tried... tried to get you outta there. Stupid Kaka... shoulda farted sooner. Stupid, stupid..."

Kaka, with his eyes drooping and his bulbous nose twitching, mumbled, "Oh, no! The little one not breathing. Kaka tries to make it better, but Kaka does not know what to do." He scratched his head, sending a few lice dancing into the air.

Wide-eyed and shivering, Kaka stuttered, "G-goblin healer, maybe? Or, uh, shake him? Kaka, right?"

As the confusion and helplessness permeated the tent, Kaka leaned over the lifeless hatchling and whispered, "Wake up little one. Kaka sorry. Stupid Kaka tries, but maybe not enough."

He gently patted the hatchling's tiny, lifeless body, his bulbous nose twitching with a mix of sadness and confusion, "Kaka is not good at this. Maybe the little one just needs a good pat to wake up. Wakey-wakey, little buddy!"

In a desperate attempt to revive the fallen hatchling, Kaka, with his swollen eyes glistening, gently shook the tiny goblin. 

"Hey, little gobby, wake up! Kaka needs you. Kaka can't lose another one. Wakey-wakey, please!"

Driven by desperation he gently patted the hatchling's belly, his touch careful and tender. Kaka's heart skipped a beat as the hatchling responded with a coughing sneeze, shooting a stream of Kaka's feces from his tiny mouth as he vomited and drew in that precious breath. The sorrow that had weighed heavily on Kaka's battered shoulders began to lift, replaced by a glimmer of hope. He blinked away a few swollen tears and spoke to the tiny goblin, "Oh, little one! You okay? Kaka was so scared. Stupid Kaka thought you... you know, not coming back."

He gently cradled the hatchling in his arms, his touch surprisingly tender despite the roughness of his scarred hands. 

"You had Kaka so worried, little gobbie. Stupid guards and their torture. Kaka sorry for all the pain." He sniffled, wiping a tear with the back of his hand.

Kaka turned our way, his eyes welled with tears, not from the pain that ravaged his own body, but from the heart-wrenching sight of our mangled forms.

 Kaka, with tears streaming down his face, called out to us in a pitiful, choked voice, "Oh, little gobbies! What did he do to you all? Oh, little gobbies, my poor little ones! Gobbies, okay? Oh, this is all my fault. I should have protected you better. Stupid Kaka. Stupid goblin. Kaka here. Kaka fix, make better."

With the sadistic guard gone, Kaka wasted no time in crawling toward us, his tiny hatchlings, scattered on the ground and brutally beaten.

With a tender touch, Kaka reached for the gobbie whose guts had been pushed out and calmed him with a soothing voice, "Hush, little gobbie, don't you cry. Kaka's here to fix you up, no need to fear. Just a little whoopsy-daisy with your tiny guts, but Kaka's got the magic touch, see? Now, hold still, my precious, and let Kaka work his magic on those insides of yours. Gently... gently... there we go, all back inside!"

With his finger, he gently pushed the dangling innards back into place. He cradled the hatchling, soothingly rubbing its tiny wee belly to alleviate the pain, and whispered comforting words to ease the pain, his soothing voice a balm to the wounded soul of the tiny hatchling, "Now, close your eyes, feel Kaka's gentle fingers doing their dance, fixing you right up. There, there, no more wailing, no more fuss. Kaka's got it under control."

As he crawled from one hatchling to another, treating us with great care, Kaka continued his desperate effort to mend our injuries, mumbling to himself, "Mrrgh, pop goes leggy! No more screaming 'Reee', there, back in place. Little bones, big pain, but Kaka knows, yes, Kaka knows! Tangled mess, twist and turn, like a little twisted gobby! Squishy sound means healing, yes, healing! Bumps and lumps, all better now, little gobbies. Kaka fix, Kaka make pain go away." 

One by one, he attended to each tiny battered body, fixing broken and dislocated bones with a gentle touch, realigning them in their rightful places. The grotesque symphony of pops and squelches filled the tent as he realigned our limbs, offering a strange form of goblin first aid.