Chapter 45:

Going Home

Mad God

"How's your injury?" Ren came in, holding a bowl of hot soup, giving it to Emi, who was now sitting on a bed, looking out at the night sky from the window.

"Fine." She answered, looking back at her, taking away the food, and slowly starting to eat it.

"Good. When you are healed up, you can leave."

"Just like… that?" She asked, looking at her calmly as the spoon stopped in midair.

"Yes. I told you I'm not interested in what you have to say. You can walk around when you feel better and see the others, talk with them; it will be better to see for yourself than listen to me."

"Are you not concerned… at all?"

"Why would I? You are just a footsoldier. Not a decision maker." Ren scoffed at her.


"What." She looked back at her with a sly smile. "Am I wrong?"


"Eat. Your injury is severe; it's only thanks to Rem you survived for this long. If you let Leinor help-"

"No man will taint me like that. Ever. Especially not a human."

"You wish!" Ren harrumphed. "It would be just an energy exchange, you pervert, nothing like you imagined!" She snorted with evident jealousy. "Suit yourself. To be honest, I'm happy with you refusing it! I heard what you did; just be happy I can control myself. Trying to steal my LeiLei? Fat chance!" Ren snorted again as she walked out, slamming the door behind her.

Emi was silent as she left, turning her attention back to the soup, then continuing to eat it, watching the night sky again.

"I was wrong." She sighed softly, "I made a big mistake, Lady Rumira."



"I'm beat!" Ren moaned as she just fell into Leinor's arms in their bed, wearing a pink nightgown.

"It was a long day. Do you want me to massage you?" He smiled, stroking her head.

"Just hold me… that's enough!" She moaned a little more, snuggling up to him. "I don't like that girl."

"Me neither, but we need to show her we are not an enemy."

"I know… haahh… anyway, how's everybody?" She questioned him.

"We are back to action if needed. Especially Poli."

"I guessed as much. He forcefully advanced and suffered injuries not just outside but inside too. But he needs special attention for now. That damn disciple of mine is the cause I'm still short! The stress and all this shit he puts me through!"

"Ahaha, you sure? We are not that far apart; you are already 16 yet…."


"Ouch! No biting, no biting!" Leinor hissed as he pulled out his finger from her mouth. It was now decorated with her teeth marks all over.

"Hmf! Poli will need to be careful; no fights for him for a long time, and I'll supervise his daily training until he stabilizes his advancement. I don't want him to be stuck forever or cripple himself." Ren finished her thoughts.

"I will watch out for him too; now that the foxy is here, I saw how he reacted and felt that he wanted to challenge her."

"Keep an eye on him. I'll keep an eye on her. It's best to avoid any conflicts for now. None of them are fit to fight, and I have had enough troubles. I just want to focus on building up our town."

"Our?" Leinor asked, a bit concerned, remembering the words of Pongo.

"Mmm? Is it not? We made this work; for the most part, we can call it ours. Even if we go back home, this is a starting point we made possible!"

"You don't want to live here?"

"Huh? Why would I?" She sat in his lap, looking at him with raised eyebrows. "Did something happen?"

"It's… nothing."



"Good then~" Ren giggled before going for a kiss, and soon they lay there, hugging and kissing before slowly falling asleep.



The night in the Capital was warm; Dermitos was having a relaxing smoke on his balcony, while back in his chambers, his wife and two concubines were lying on the bed, exhausted but in a delirious state, still overwhelmed by the lingering pleasure periodically washing over their bodies.

"Nothing beats this!" he puffed out a big smoke in his loose, blue robes.

"Ohhhh? You know how to live life, aren't you?" came a laughing voice that froze him as he did not feel anyone approaching. "Up here, boy!"

When he followed it to its source, he saw a blonde man floating, slowly coming downwards while not even the air moved around him. There was no indication of his presence, not physically or by any energy that a cultivator's senses could pick up.

"You… you are… the…" he furrowed his brows, seeing the foreign yet somehow familiar face.

"Yup, your grand-grandaddy." Aerthus grinned, landing on the balcony, patting his shoulders, and looking at the naked woman on the bed. "Nice taste. The middle one has the best hip for bearing children. You have the same preferences as me, it would seem!"

"Eh.. um, t-thanks? I guess?"

"Ahaha, relax. I just got back! The long trip over the endless dunes deprives you of beautiful scenery; let me relax my eyes on a pleasing scene a little~" He licked his lips before turning towards Dermitos. "I scanned the Capital, and it grew to triple the size of what I remember. I felt other power sources, probably my other offspring and their people, but I wanted to meet the current Emperor, who bears my name."

"Well, I'm only bearing your name for a little more before passing it on."

"Oh? You are abdicating?"

"Yes. My son will take my place soon."

"Great timing! I want you to gather everyone who is strong and in the plans to establish my Sect. Don't tell them I am back; just tell them you received a message from me for doing so. I'll hide my presence and scout out them first. I want to get a personal feeling of how they are. Oh, yes, about that prodigy of a girl and my talented great-grandson. Are they out? I didn't feel any strange presence… I was looking forward to meeting them!"

"Yes, Forefather, they have established contact with the demon folks and…."

As he described the events, Aerthus listened intently, nodding approvingly. When Dermitos finished with his report, he was clearly fired up, reflecting it in his eyes and a wide grin.

"Good, good! I can't wait to meet them; call them back too!"


"Ahaha, I can't wait!" Aerthus laughed before disappearing without fluctuations as if he was never there.

"Huh… he is nothing like the stories describe him," Dermitos murmured, shaking his head. "The heroic warrior, the wise leader… yeah. I can't blame him; it wasn't him who wrote the books." He laughed before returning, dressing up, and leaving for his study.



Emi was standing beside Kang, watching the dark skies as lightning flashed around, while Feynor took his 9th lightning strike, finishing his advancement into the Harmony Realm.

"It was different…." Emi thought as she looked at Poli, who almost immediately felt her eyes, even though he was hundreds of meters away. He just turned towards her, smiling at Emi. "They are different…" she furrowed her brows more as she thought about how to make her report when she returned.

"Congratulations, Emperor Aerthus X." Ren grinned as she came close to Feynor.

"Please, I am not yet crowned, and even when I am… just call me Feynor."

"Ahahaha, will do~."

"Congratulations, Eldest Brother!" Leinor came up, too, hugging him.

"You need to hurry; I can't wait to spar with you when you advance!"

"Speaking about sparring-" Ren chuckled.

"No. Not against you." Feynor replied immediately.

"Eh? Why?" She pursed her lips with a surprised expression.

"I know my boundaries. I am not interested in getting defeated! Wait a few years to get a hold of my powers, then maybe."

"Tsk…" Ren sulked with an adorable face. "You are no fun…."

"Master, I'm ready to spar!" Poli came up as his sword floated behind him.

"Produce me four lightning strikes without coughing up blood. Then we will spar." She replied immediately.

"Ugh… it's just… an allergic reaction."

"Yeah, your body is allergic to your stupid ideas! Your energy points are still injured; go back and meditate and bathe in Shaman's medicine bath!"

"Can I not? It… stinks!"

"Shut it, and do it! It's an order!"



"Yes, Master!" He nodded as he grabbed hold of Poli, dragging him away.

"Noooo~ Stop it! Put me down! Help! Rape! Pervert! Help!"

"I'm afraid his brain got damaged in the previous fight," Isha murmured.

"Probably." Leinor nodded with a thoughtful expression.

"It's rare to see you two agree on something." Ren looked at them with a chuckle.

As Poli was dragged away, Emi watched them with a calm expression. Still, deep in her eyes, conflicting emotions surged, especially when she saw Rem flying up to Ren, hugging her, and telling her about the new flower bracelet she had made for everyone. Seeing how the different ape tribes and fairies worked together with humans to build a village and how a new wall was being erected around it for defenses, growing quickly right before her eyes… It quickly made her realize that the "leading" tribes, neglecting the southern territory, and treating it as a buffer zone between the humans, would bite them in the butt soon enough.

"If they have a leader that unifies the different tribes living here… I need to tell this to Lady Rumira! We need to mend our relationship. Getting their support will help against the other tribes opposing us… and against the Ents if they woke up."

Deep in thought, as she left, Kang was still watching her, tasked with protecting not just her but the village from her, taking Ren's request seriously. Emi, still bandaged up, went into the big, two-story house that served as a clinic for the injured. Walking up the stairs, going into a room with two giant basins filled with mud-like, smelly, warm liquid. In one of them, submerged, right up to his neck, sat Poli, with a clip over his nose.

"What are you doing here? I'm still in!" the boy screamed, but his eyes were fixated on her without blinking.

"And?" she asked with a calm voice, stripping down, taking off the bandages, before climbing into the other basin and submerging into it. "If you try something, I'll rip it off your body. It will balance you out."

"Haha, funny foxy girly you are." he rolled his eyes, flushed. "I bet I could push you down now; you look frail."

"Just try it, human."

"I might. You still owe me a rematch."

"I'm ready whenever you are."

"Oh? Really?" Poli stood up, prompting Emi to do the same as they stared at each other… naked, mud-like slime dripping down their bodies.

It took almost five seconds to realize what was happening, especially Poli, who had his sword ready now… and not his flying one.

"Perv." Emi tore away her eyes, sitting back down, looking sideways, masking her flustered expression and flushed face, just like Poli, who immediately did the same.

"Says the fox who assaulted us with horny magic."

"Hmf, you are all just weak; it's our natural aura; if you are strong-willed, it's easy to resist."

"Enough. I'm not talking to you anymore!"

"Good. I would appreciate that."

"God, you are insufferable!"

"Why are you still buzzing like a fly?"


"Hairless monkey!"

"Tsk, you are a child acting like an adult; this is your real persona, I see!"

"Yeah? Then you are an adult who acts like a child! You are worse!"

"Enough!" came the voice of Shaman from the next door. "Both of you, mate, already, or just shut up! You are disturbing my thoughts! Shut up and meditate to let my concoction do its work! God, I hate teens with hormone deficiency!"

Shaman's angry words finally made both of them fall silent, but they also looked the other way, still wearing a sulking expression, not willing to give in just yet…



"We will have to go back," Ren said, giving the freshly arrived letter to Leinor.

"I see. Father is summoning us; probably something happened!"

"You leave; I protect the village." Kang nodded, who was there while Rem's little eyes were filled with tears.

"Ahaha, don't cry, Little Sister." Ren giggled. "It's not like we will leave forever. We will come back soon; we still have a lot of things to do here."

"You promise?" the young fairy sniffled.

"I promise!" Ren hugged her lovingly, stroking her tiny head.

"I'll go with you." Niji came up, surprising everyone.

"Then me too!" Rem cut in immediately.

"No. You can't." Ren poked her nose. "The city would be too much for you, and I couldn't watch over you all the time. Niji can take care of himself. Also, he lived with humans before."

"I'd like to meet with your leaders." Niji continued, "I heard some interesting plans from you two."

"I'm glad you are interested in it~" Ren grinned. "You will be the first ambassador of the demon folks in human territory. This is going to be a historic event!"

"Ambassador, huh? Sounds nice!" Niji laughed, looking at them.

"Sure it does! Tell everyone, tomorrow we leave!" She said to Leinor while she was still soothing Rem, who was holding onto her with all her might, "First, we will stop at the Pass; I miss Mother and Father! We will meet up with them and go back home together." Ren smiled, looking towards the Capital, feeling excited to be heading home, yet a bit sad, leaving Rem and the others behind, even if it's for only a little time.