Chapter 0:


The Remnant: Tears of the Shadows

(A Knight with ornate armor lined with brass fittings and scarred from battle with a cape of a great wolf flowing behind walks down a path as he comes to a grand gate.)

Gate Guard: "Who goes there?" (The guard stamps his spear on the ground as he tries to see through the rain, as the mysterious knight throws his hood back and takes his helmet to reveal a rugged but well kept young man of darker tone with a long beard and short dark hair.)
Guard: "Oh Sir Harlane, I apologize." (The guard begins to kneel as the knight grabs him by the arm and pulls him up.)
Atreaus Harlane of the Omen: "No need to kneel before me, you are no more a knight then me, you are my peer not my subordinate."

(The guard opened the gate as the knight walked through and 5 others appeared from the dark following him as everyone swarmed them and they made their way to the King's Throne Room.)

Atreaus: "Keep close men, something feels off." (They arrived at his Throne Room and kneeled before him as Atreaus got up and started to speak with the king.)
King Caden: "Atreaus I can no longer wait for this to come to an end, this war has gone on for far to long I am going to put an end to it here and now."
Atreaus: "Your Majesty, allow me to command your army and we will win this in the most peaceful way possible."
Caden: "No, it is past that I am going to destroy the villages they are held up in and finish it NOW."
Caden: "DO NOT RAISE YOUR VOICE TO ME." (The gravity intensified around Atreaus as he was pressed into the ground against his will.)

(Atreaus drew his sword and planted it on the ground pushing himself up.) "I took an oath to protect this kingdom from all threats, and if that includes you, then so be it."

(Caden put his hand out summoning an ornate blade as he drew it as him and Atreaus walked in a circle and then clashed.)
Caden: "It is a shame that I must execute you myself for going against your king.
Atreaus: "There will be no deaths today."
Caden: "You were always delusional."
(They fought on for 3 hours as Atreaus was getting to his limit and Caden was almost 100% from all of his years of experience, but just as Atreaus was going to give up a man dropped from the ceiling and cut off the king's head.)

All 6 Knights: "NOOOOOOOOOO!" (They all dashed for the king as they were all blown out of the Throne tower and went flying landing in different areas.)

???: "Ahhhh yes, How beautiful for I have become the new ruler of this fine kingdom thanks to you my daughter!" (The assassin was kneeling before a tall man with ornate clothing and a long cape with the shadows covering his eyes only revealing his mouth.)

???: "Go and kill all the guards and knights you can find, then we shall plan our victorious banquet. (As he said this he waved his arms at his men and they leaped into thin and started a massacre.)

-Several Hours has passed since the king died-

(Atreaus started to wake up and come to as he was laying in a pile of rubble that was once a home as he slowly stood up in pain.)

Atreaus: "I can't believe what I have seen with my own eyes, My mana is depleted I must regroup with my men and save this kingdom." (He heard screaming as 3 of the men jump down from a roof and surround him.)

Soldier: "It seems we got a straggler, lets kill him."
(Atreaus threw them some scrolls and ink pens.)
Soldier: "What the hell is this you idiot? Don't you know you are gonna die."
Atreaus: "Write your loved ones and tell them to start planning your funeral, because you die here."
(As the soldiers swarmed him with blades and weapons alike Atreaus dodged them all, realizing his sword was gone Atreaus popped his arms and Punched one of the Soldiers in the face breaking his jaw.)
Atreaus: "Weak." (He grabbed the guy by the arm and tore his arm off and used it to beat the 2nd one to death as the arm was nothing but a bone now he then pounced the last one and stabbed him to death with the sharp end.)
Atreaus: "You Danced with the Devil and faced the consequences." (As he was about to walk out he noticed the area being swarmed and he knew there was no way fighting his way in, reluctant and heart broken Atreaus turned and ran into the woods.)

Atreaus: "I am sorry, I have failed you all and I am disgraced." (Atreaus got to a village in a neighboring region and dug a hole in the cold and wet rain burying his armor and going into the village battered and bleeding as he collapsed and was taken in.)

-In the Kingdom-

???: "THE GREAT OMEN OF THE HIDRISETR KINGDOM FLED? BAHAHAHAHA." (The commander of the mans army laughed as they were having their banquet.)

???: "Everyone QUIET!" (Everyone went quiet as their leader stood up.)
???: "From this day forward, this kingdom is now under my rule and there will be changes, We will no longer be weak like Caden's kingdom was and we shall conquer all surrounding kingdoms!" (His men cheered and laughed as they celebrated their big victory.)

(Atreaus woke up a bit and looked into a young womans eyes and smiled warmly.)

Atreaus: "You are beautiful." (The woman giggled as he then fell into his sleep again and she took care of him.)