Chapter 50:

Night Talks

Mad God

“That fucking bitch!” Yurik groaned as he sat on his bed, recently regaining consciousness.

They were staying at one of the luxurious hotels of the Capital, renting out the whole building for themselves.

“Quiet. We are at their home; it’s better to reign in your temper.” Sentios scolded with an even, calm voice.

“You too, you-”

“Enough.” He looked down at Yurik, silencing him with a simple gaze as the others stood up, circling Sentios.

“Don’t forget that you may be my great-grandfather’s lackey, but you are not of our bloodline,” Yurik said, grinding his teeth. Still dizzy from Ren’s attack, his brain was literally short-circuited by her affinity.

“And you better not forget that you are not back at home. This is the Empire of Aerthus. I came with you because I know this place better than any of you, and I am the leader of this expedition, appointed by the King himself! Do you dare to question his orders?” Sentios retorted, still maintaining his calm expression, “All of you are just soldiers, children of concubines, be glad you inherited the looks of a Naulin!” he looked around the others. “Most of you only advanced at what… 6th? 7th? Level?” he let out a small smile as his aura rose. “I am above you all. You are disposable; it is enough for me to bring back Yurik and Astair, don’t forget that!” he said while flashing a golden stamp decorated with the image of an eye with an amethyst in the middle of it. “Or you really try to go against your King’s orders?!”

His words and the stamp of King Rudrick made the others step down; only Yurik was unaffected, while Astair acted like nothing was going on, looking out the window, munching on a roasted turkey leg, playing back everything that happened in the palace again and again.

“She needs to pay for the humiliation I received!” Yurik scoffed.

“She will, but don’t forget why we are here. The marriage is just a farce; nobody cares about it; your little show just now is even better. It gives us the perfect smokescreen.” Sentios murmured, walking up and down.

“You want to use me? Trying to use one of the royal bloodlines?!” Yurik snorted, getting angry once again just at the thought of it.

“No, I’m not trying. I’m going to.” Sentios nodded. “It is better if they think we are here for her and the marriage; let them go down that route. You.” he turned towards the others. “Go out and search for clues about the whereabouts of the demon folk. We can’t let them craft any kind of deals or cooperation with them! If they die here, they wouldn’t be able to explain it. Don’t get caught!” he said in a firm voice, ordering them, and soon only the trio returned. “You need to keep your temper at bay and learn some humility.” Sentios scolded him.

“Shut up, you are just a dog of my family!” Yurik answered.

“Maybe.” He nodded with a provoking smirk. “But I still rank higher than you… if so, what does it make you then?”


“Uncle, you will never win a verbal fight like this,” Astair spoke.

“You too? Do you think you have anything to say? You are only a son of a concubine from Eldest Brother-”

“I was granted to be part of the main bloodline because of my talent. Uncle, you really are easy to rile up! I’ll be honest, I was not that interested in this marriage scandal, but seeing her and her prowess… now I really want to make her mine.” he finished munching on the meat.

“You are way weaker,” Sentios commented.

“I know. But I have you, don’t I? As you all use me as a tool for your play, can’t I use you too for my amusement?” he smiled at him.

“We’ll see. Our main priority is the demons. Everything else comes second to that.” Sentios replied.

“Roger~ I can wait.” he laughed with a satisfied look in his eyes, looking out the night sky once again, watching the giant, full pair of moons up there, bathing the Capital in silver light.


“Tell me honestly,” Dermitos said, standing in his bedroom, looking out the window, watching the same night sky as Astair, holding his hands behind his back, while Meishan was standing behind him, trembling, looking down, unable to move her body.

“I… It…” Meishan stammered, searching for words.

“You informed my brother about this and gave him an idea, no? Or you wrote directly to the King? No matter. They are just looking to get back at me because of what happened back then, with Anya’s case. Same as you. Why are you like this?” he sighed, turning back towards her, stretching out his hand, gently stroking her face. “Aren’t we grown up together?” he whispered, raising her head and looking into her eyes.

“Young… Master…” she choked, with tears in her eyes.

“Ahaha, it was so long ago that you addressed me this way… My little maid. When father picked you for me as my maid, nobody thought you would be my Queen one day. I spoiled you rotten, Little Meishan~” he leaned closer, giving a kiss on her forehead.

“I… just…”

“Sssh… I understand; it’s my fault I made you like this. Don’t worry, everything will be okay from now on!” he whispered, then looked into her eyes, cutting the connection between them as Meishan’s body quickly started to age.

She wanted to say something, but no words came out of her throat; she just looked at Dermitos with fear. She tried to raise her hands to hug him.

“Mas...ter…” She choked while her skin dried up and her hair turned white just a few seconds after Dermitos abandoned her.

“I’ll miss you, little Mei… I always loved you.” He smiled with sadness as he watched Meishan’s eyes dull. Soon life left it entirely, and her body turned into a dried mummy before collapsing into his arms.

Dermitos gently picked her up and laid down on the bed, covering her with a white sheet, before going to his cabinet, taking out a flask of strong alcohol, opening it up, and downing it completely before collapsing into his armchair.

“Stupid girl…” He groaned, with a wet face, “I told you I can’t choose you over my sons….”


“Should we interfere?” Carthus asked, sitting in front of Aerthus as they played chess deep inside the palace.

“No. This is a great obstacle before Feynor. Let him handle it. Speak with Dermitos and warn him not to step in.”

“But Sentios-”

“Do. Not. Act.” He said again, with a stern voice.

“Yes, Forefather.” He gulped back everything he wanted to say immediately.

“If his brother comes for revenge, he can respond in kind. Until then, keep him at bay. Let Feynor deal with the political aspect of it. Also, I’m pretty interested in how that girl is going to act next. I like her wild nature! If she causes trouble, I’ll help clean it up, don’t worry. This is our territory; even if the old friend of mine from the Kingdom comes, he can do nothing.”

“Is he still alive?”

“Of course! If I’m alive, he must be too. Sadly he refused to come with me across the desert. He has fallen behind.” Aerthus smiled as he gave a check to Carthus. “It doesn’t matter. Sooner or later, we will have a conflict with them, especially now that I am back. After the wedding, I’ll meet the youngsters. Let them enjoy a little downtime before they become part of my Sect. I expect strong resistance from the Kingdom. If not now, then in the future… When we announce my return and my will to make disciples worldwide, they will freak out~.”

“On the other side… is it really that… different?” Carthus asked.

“Different? No. More advanced? Yes. There are more Harmony Realm experts there than here. Even Demigods. But there are different structures. Sects are the ruling powers over there; that is why I want to make mine here. I saw their advantages over empires. We may have armies with thousands of body refinement warriors at a high stage, but they are nothing against a strong first or even a beginner, second-stage harmony cultivator. Same with the low-quality harmony experts over here.”

“Low… quality?”

“Do you think I made a family rule to only advance at the 9th level because I was joking around? Anything below that can’t be called a true harmony expert; they are only fake. They will be blown away by a true cultivator who pressed his cultivation to the limit. You see what happened today; that idiot was no match for my precious disciple.” Aerthus grinned.

“Already a disciple, huh?” Carthus sighed. “But… not everyone has the talent to advance to the 9th level before advancing.”

“Bullshit. Talent makes you reach it quicker! That’s all. What you need is determination. Not giving up, hypnotizing yourself, and saying you can’t do it is the worst outcome! Just keep at it. Grind it. Bear the pain and hardships, and you will succeed and catch up to any genius. Everyone has the same chance to reach the same heights; the only difference is how long it takes them to do so.”

“Then in a sect-”

“We award those who put in the effort. I’m not saying we will waste our resources on anybody. I already have the outline of the tests we will conduct when accepting disciples. When we do so, the resources they can get will depend on their efforts.”

“I see.”

“Mmm. Go, check on your son,” he said, standing up finally, as he gave a checkmate to Carthus.

“Which one?” Carthus asked with a wry smile, looking up at him.

“Both.” he smiled a little before disappearing from before him.


“You never change, huh?” Leinor laughed, laying on his back in Ren’s bedroom, holding her close to his chest, gently stroking her long hair while they snuggled on the bed, wearing thin, silk nightwear.

“He was getting on my nerves as soon as he dared to scold my mother! Next time he speaks up like that, I’ll make him into a eunuch.”

“Ruthless, aren’t you?”

“Hmf. They dare to barge in after 16 years of absence and claim I’m their blood and whatnot? Please! I may look like this, but I’m not a naive girl they can take advantage of! They are just here to play the political game and get revenge on my mother because she chose my father and not yours.”

“I’m glad she did, or I wouldn’t have you!”

“Who knows, maybe we would be brother and sister then. You would look good with silver hair, not gonna lie!”

“What are you saying?” Leinor laughed.

“Ahaha~ Big brother~” She giggled, saying in an innocent voice.

“Stop it. It gives me the creeps!”

“Biiiiig Brotheeeeer~”

“I’ll spank you.”

“Hauuuu, don’t hurt me, Big Broooo~ Little Ren is innocent; she didn’t mean it!”

“You!” Leinor rolled his eyes, grabbing onto her butt, pulling upwards, and kissing her to silence the playful fiancé of his. “You are going to be my wife; act more like that, please!”

“Ahaha, okay~ I like it when you are more assertive. Say,” Ren laughed as she sat up on top of him. “What do you think? Can I get pregnant?”

“Why ask it now?”

“I was thinking about my mother! They had a hard time before I was born. Maybe we will have the same problem.”

“Why is it a problem?”

“I thought royal families are quick to demand an offspring.”

“We have long lives… there is no demand here!” Leinor sighed, rolling his eyes.

“Ehehe, maybe. But it seems after the first one, it speeds up. My sibling is already on the way, ahaha~ Honestly… I’m pretty interested in making a new life with you~.”

“I noticed that. Still, can you wait for the wedding night?”

“I know, I know… I’ll honor your wishes~” She sighed but wore an innocent smile. “Still, isn’t it awesome?”


“That my body can produce another living being! No gods can do the same!”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course! No God can point and create life, no matter how much power they have, how omnipotent they think they are… and here I am, ready to create one~.”

“I get the feeling you are more interested in the process of it.”

“That’s just the extra benefit~” Ren giggled, leaning closer. “Let’s play~.”

“The usual?”

“The usual~” She laughed, and soon they were out of their clothes, wrestling on the bed until morning, only then falling asleep, still hugging each other.