Chapter 55:

Wedding Day

Mad God

"Why are you nervous?" Ren laughed as she walked out of the bathroom with only a towel on as Leinor stood before the window, watching the night sky.

"Why are you not?" He sighed, asking back with a smile.

"Because it will be fun! A few days ago, you didn't even flinch facing Yurik, now? You can't sit properly. What, you don't want to marry me?"

"Of course I do!" He turned around immediately, only to be met with a Ren standing before him without anything to cover herself with.

"Fufufu, at least your expression is honest~ Like what you see~?"

"Um…" He nodded by instinct

"Then think about this when you get anxious. Relax, tomorrow you will make me yours; I'm looking forward to it~" She snuggled up to him, leaning at his chest.

It was not only Leinor who could not sleep; Ren's parents, especially Anya, had a sleepless night, excited about tomorrow. Back in the palace, Dermitos had just arrived back, meeting with Carthus and Aerthus.

"You are back. How are you feeling?" Aerthus patted his shoulder.

"I'm fine now. I had to air out my head a little." Dermitos smiled with reservation.

"I understand. You should rejoice; tomorrow, you will marry off your son."

"Why does it sound weird?" both Carthus and Dermitos asked at the same time.

"What? It's true, tell me if not! Do you think the girl will be the one to marry into your family?" Aerthus smirked.

"No." Their answer came, once again, in sync.

"See?" Aerthus laughed. "After tomorrow comes another big day. Because I will host a meeting where I'll meet with everyone important, including the kids. So be ready! We will start on building my Sect!"

"Yes." Both nodded simultaneously, clearly getting excited about the idea.


Not a big surprise as a marriage in the Emperor's family always ensured a good time. When morning came, the city was swept away again by a festive mood, almost like when Feynor got crowned. The last similar event was when Feynor married Anniel, yet it was long ago. Even before that, it was many decades ago when his father married the then-queen Meishan.

The main oath-taking would take place at noon, right before the palace, at the same place where Feynor was made into Aerthus X. Saynur, and Frenir were already at their designated place, close to where the young pair were going to stand so Saynur could paint the best picture of his life. While everyone was getting ready back home, including Ren and Leinor, the latter was called back to the palace, as customs declared.

At the place of Reignar, Orsi almost had a panic attack.

"B-but Young Master… I have no clothes that I would be able to appear in! I…”

"Relax, little one! I already went and ordered clothes that will fit you. I'll take you there, but first, we will have a bath, we need to look fresh, it's my brother's wedding! We need to be there!"

“B-but… I… I am… just…”

"We went through this a dozen times already. You are my maid now, and said you would always follow me around!" Reignar rubbed her tiny head.

"I did not know you were a prince!" Orsi said with panic in her voice as Reignar just placed his hand on her temple, gently massaging it

"Easy! You are overthinking everything. Again! It will cause a headache. Just take it one at a time. We take a bath. You get dressed. Follow me out. Have a good time. Go home. Sleep. Got it?" Reignar said.

“Ah… U… um… y-yes…”

"Good. Now let's take the first step, okay?"

"Y-yes, Young Master!"

After a slight nod, she followed him to the bathroom and enjoyed as her Young Master took care of her, and when she was cleaned up, she got to be dressed in a silk, expensive, golden-colored gown, the same color as Reignar's clothes. When they arrived at the square, joining Dermitos and Feynor there, Orsi was overwhelmed again and almost couldn't keep her composure. She needed Reignar to stand behind her, gently massaging her head, making her relax whenever her little head got too red.

"You look good." Fenyor chuckled, accompanied by their father, smiling, giving them a slight nod.

"I know. This dress makes-" He started to ramble, but Feynor just cut in.

"I did not mean you. I meant her!"

"Huh?" both of them asked at the same time, with the same tone and tilting their heads at the same time to the same side.

"He is right." Dermitos chuckled. "Maybe you only needed a child to make you grow up and start acting like an adult."

"..." Reignar blinked his eyes but stayed silent, not commenting, taking a step back in his head, looking over his life so far.

"Don't think hard." Dermitos patted his shoulder, repeating the exact words that Reignar was telling Orsi constantly. "I love all of you the same."

"Father…" both answered at the same time as they felt their father's aura was different; they couldn't place their finger on what or why, but clearly something happened that had a significant impact on him.

"Only second brother did not come back." Reignar sighed after a bit of silence as they sat down at their place, still having time before the ceremony. Orsi took the seat right next to him, silently grabbing onto her dress' edges, lowering her red face, feeling out of place and nervous.

"Don't worry, Lil' Bro won't take it to heart. We all know how he is." Feynor chuckled.

"Your Second Brother is at the edge of breaking through. I understand his decision." Dermitos nodded. "The kids will do so too."

"Oh?" Feynor smiled. "It's good to hear! You were the youngest among us to start training until Fourth Brother." He looked at Reignar. "Now you are almost last. You need to pick up the pace; you wasted too many years going around having fun."

"Hey, it was not just fun but also my way of cultivation!" Reignar retorted.

"Relax, I know! I also talked with my father; the higher you climb, the slower it will be for you, balancing that much affinity. Maybe you should have a long session with Lil' Sis."

"No thanks. That girl is dangerous!" He rolled his eyes while Orsi noted his words, wondering why his Young Master always spoke like this, mentioning the soon-to-be princess.

"It wouldn't hurt. Don't be a chicken." Feynor smirked.

"There will be other options. Tomorrow evening you two shall accompany me." Their father cut in.

"What for?" Both of them looked at him with questions in their eyes.

"You will know." Dermitos smiled mysteriously but said no more.


When noon came, the decorated square was filled with white, lilac, and golden colored flowers as Leinor stood beside his father, wearing a white, formal suit decorated with golden edges and a dragon symbol on his shoulders, representing the imperial family's crest. The crowd quickly quieted as Ren appeared with her parents, smiling from far away at Leinor.

She was dressed in a long, orchid-colored dress, outlining her petite body, leaving her fair shoulders free while her long, silver hair flowed behind her like a beautiful veil, acting as a cape as she took her steps proudly, heading towards him.

"Look at her; Leinor has a wild night before him!" Isha giggled, standing near Saynur, who was painting, giving his all while only focusing on the pair and his work.

"You never thought about dressing up the same?" Zern asked, looking at his master still.

"Mmm… when I was little, I dreamt about it, but now? No. It lost its meaning for me." She sighed with a somewhat sad voice.

"A red dress would look good on you." He added as he softly grabbed her hand.

"Maybe. I can dress up for you if it excites you~."

"Do that."

"Ahahaha~ Okay~" Isha giggled, leaning on him.

"This ceremony is… interesting," Emi commented, who was standing on one of the palace's balconies next to Poli and Niji.

"It's customary here. It displays the highest show of affection by promising yourself to your partner for life."

"Most of the demons also choose partners for life," Niji added, who was used to similar events while living in the Kingdom, enjoying the view with a cup of wine in his hand.

"It depends on the tribe." Emi corrected him.

"What about yours?" Poli asked with interest.

"Our tribe is 80% female. We share the males because too few are born compared to females." Emi explained.

"Woah!" Poli sighed in surprise.

"Stop your thoughts, or I'll castrate you." She snorted at him, looking at him with slanted eyes.

"Ahaha, go easy on the kid Emi." Niji laughed, patting Poli's back, who was still immersed in his little fantasy of being a male fox at the tribe.

"Those idiots." Ren smiled, looking at her friends, reading their lips, while walking up to Leinor.

"You look beautiful…." Leinor whispered while she just smiled even more happily, radiating warmth all around her.

"I know~."

"Hah!" Dermitos and Xendar chuckled simultaneously while everyone took their place, and the youngsters stood side by side, facing Feynor, the current Emperor, Aerthus X.

"This would be the time I would hold a long speech about how beautiful the young pair are!" Feynor spoke up as everyone could hear his voice, no matter where he or she was. "But I know my little sister's temperament." he smiled at her while Ren stuck out her tongue. "I only have one question for both of you!" Feynor looked into their eyes, holding a slight pause before continuing, "Will you love the other until death, never abandoning each other, forming a family from now on until the end?"

"Yes." the answer came simultaneously from between their lips...

"Then, from now on, let it be known you are not a pair anymore, but One." He held their hands, placing them on each other "Never to be separated again."

Ren gently held onto his hands before tiptoeing, and when they shared a kiss, the crowd burst into loud cheering.

"Don't cry!" Anya whispered, with a happy smile, tears in her eyes.

"Who does?" Xendar snorted, but his voice cracked, clearly trying to hold back his tears.

"Ahaha, we can share a drink tonight!" Dermitos patted his shoulders. "I told you once! We will be one family!"

"Bastard…" He murmured, sniffing back his tears while Anya just leaned on him.

"At least watch your tongue at your daughter's wedding… Stupid." She whispered with a cheerful voice, tears in her eyes.

Saynur finished his painting, capturing the moment of the kiss in a way no other could, as his painting gave off an otherworldly feeling. It radiated light, not just because the sun's rays fell on the still-wet paint.

"My best work…." Saynur choked as he stepped back, almost falling to his knees while his hands were trembling, barely holding onto the brush.

"Whoa, big brother! This looks lifelike! I also feel weird watching it…." Frenir furrowed his small eyebrows.

"W-weird?" Saynur flinched, fearing he messed up something.

"Um! Like feeling warm and calm as I watch it! It's a good feeling!"

"It's probably just your imagination." He shook his head, looking proudly at his work. "I hope Lady Anya will also like it!"

"Sure she will! But come now, brother!"

"What? Where? Why?"

"It's going to be a party! There are a lot of delicacies! If we do not hurry, it will be gone!" He grabbed onto his clothes.

"Ahaha… you! Okay, let me get my bearings for a moment, and we can go! I can't believe we are invited to the palace directly…." He sighed, still overwhelmed as he stood on the palace's ground, never before allowed here as a commoner.


The party after the wedding, both outside and inside the palace, went on until the evening. It was nearly midnight when Ren held onto Leinor's arm, leading him away to the bedchamber inside the palace. Ren was wet from top to bottom, gasping for air as her dress stuck to her body, like Leinor.

"I told you I could dance for hours!" Leinor laughed, closing the door behind him.

"Yeah, yeah, be proud; you beat me!" She giggled, kicking off her shoes before tearing her dress at her legs.

"What are you doing?"

"I can't wait anymore!" Ren jumped on him, pushing Leinor onto the bed, mounting him at the top, sharing a wild, deep kiss, and overwhelming him with her powers. "You may win the dance competition, but now it's time for an encore… be ready, my dear husband…." She licked his lips with her pink tongue while grabbing onto his clothes, tearing them off him. "I can also do it for hours!"


"How high would you put her on the list?"

The calm, measured voice that echoed in the library was of King Rudrick's, who put down the book he was reading, looking up at Sentios, who stood beside his table with hands crossed behind his back. He tried to keep calm, but deep inside, his nervousness rose quickly just as the storm outside rose in intensity. The sky was dark with clouds as blue lightning flashed high up as if a battle was going on. The King's outward appearance resembled someone in their mid 30s, having short, silvery hair combed backward and deep, violet colored eyes. He was wearing a black robe with purple trims and a short goatee with the same color as his hair. His aura was calm, but Sentios knew the King before he was at the second level of the Harmony Realm, a rare feat in the family's lineage.

"In the top 5."

"Oh? That high? Elaborate." Rudrick smiled.

"She is 16. At the first level of Harmony. That alone warrants her place in the top 10."


"She is a wild card and clearly influences the royal family's decision-making even though she is an outsider. Created her own cultivation method and is strong. I had never felt something like that from anyone in the same realm. Also, as I concluded before, she may be behind their cooperation with the demon folk. She is a dangerous element."

"Going by your reasoning, she even should replace Aerthus at the first level?" Rudrick joked, "The cooperation with the demons can be slowed down until we come up with something new as now we lost the first opportunity to intervene with an assassination." he looked out the window for a moment, watching the big city from the tall spire that was his personal home.

"Placing at first? Mmm… Not yet. But we can consider that because fore- Aerthus is still missing. About the new approach… What should we do?"

"Start spreading rumors, hearsays, saying the Aerthus royal family is betraying humanity, they are becoming willing slaves of demons. They are nothing more than puppets for demons. You can work it out." Rudrick waved his hand.

"Will it work? That…”

"It doesn't matter. It's only a rumor. But it always gets its followers. First, the stupids love something like this. Then come those who live far away from the capital or were subject to demonic attacks before. Third will be the group who doesn't care; it allows them to use it to their advantage against the royal family. It's for causing trouble for them, even if it's a small nuisance. Let it fester for a long time, and it will grow in size."

"I'll see to it. I don't know how effective it will be, especially if she gets wind of it." Sentios bowed.

"As I see, my great-granddaughter left a big impression on you, mm?"

"..." He thought silently a little before nodding.

"Good. Now I'm interested! The problem is that her mother was exiled. That was a mistake." Rudrick turned away from the window, went back to his book, starting to tap on the table.


"Speak freely; I nod to the decision to be finalized. I'm not afraid of facing mistakes." He smiled, but Sentios knew it did not mean he would not kill those who presented them to his face. "The only thing we did not anticipate was such a child to be born from a bloodless nobody and our bloodline's mixture. It proves our blood's dominance and purity; she inherited the looks of her ancestors and is more talented than anybody around her." He smiled arrogantly. "We need to devise a new way to acquire her back; diplomacy is no longer an option as it won't work."

"It won't. I relayed her message already, my King." Sentios agreed.

"I heard it." He chuckled. "Fiesty little girl. Then we will use force and break her."


"Did I stutter?" Rudrick stopped his tapping finger, and the sudden pause in the rhythmic knocking was as if a battering ram hit Sentios's nerves, almost making him dizzy.


"I thought so." Rudrick said, still with the same calm voice, continuing the tapping on the wooden surface of his desk, "We will sabotage her life, break her down, her mentality, drag her from the clouds onto the ground." He explained, as his fingers hitting the hardwood surface resonated through the library and Sentios, evoking primal dread inside of him. "First, her friends must die. Make her angry. Then her family. One by one. Make her not just enraged but let her thinking crumble as she slowly loses everyone around her, making her commit mistake after mistake. We will break her in, and after she can't think straight, we will catch her. If necessary, she can do without legs or arms; I don't care."

"But…" Sentios said with a dry mouth and parched lips, but as Rudrick looked at him, he forgot to gulp down his remaining saliva, letting it spill out.

"I don't care about her talent. I want her bloodline. As long as she can breed, the rest doesn't matter. I'll make her bear children and raise new talents. She can be blessed to be a mother; it's more than what she deserves."


"Good. Go now, gather a group who can infiltrate the Empire, and I want to know everything about her and her companions. I don't care how many years it will take. Gather all information you can, down to the color she likes and how often she turns in the bed while sleeping. Then we will move on to the next phase."

"Wouldn't it start a war?"

"War?" Rudrick laughed loudly. "No, it won't. Do you think any of your family is willing to start a war for someone not part of their bloodline directly? Even more… What if one of the princes dies? I know Carthus is still well and alive. He and other old veterans wouldn't let a war break out."

"And if Aerthus comes back one day?"

"Our forefather would face him! You met him; he has been in the third realm for hundreds of years now, and even if the old menace comes back, it means nothing. Also… he wouldn't give two thoughts or more about it. He is generations apart, and knowing him from the forefather's tales, he wouldn't care! Letting destiny take its course, that is his style."

"Understood. What about Yurik and the rest?"

"Nothing. They are probably dead or captured. If you are here, they stayed back because Yurik is an idiot. His line always was filled with disappointments, first his sister, now him, the rest of those siblings are talentless dregs." Rudrick continued stopping the knocking on the table for good. "Make it public; the line of Yurik is stripped of everything related to the throne. He is now a wanted person for betraying my orders, kill on sight! Same with the rest of his family line. Execute them."

"A-all of them?" Sentios stuttered.

"You are asking me a lot of questions today, Sentios." he raised his voice a little, which made him back up a few steps. "I said kill. All. Of. Them. I have multiple lines of successors; if one branch falls off the tree, it helps the growth of the rest."


"Good! Now go. You are starting to annoy me."

Sentios only bowed before quickly hurrying out while Rudrick just opened up the book again, continuing the reading in a happy mood with a relaxed smile.

"Oh. Maybe I should make her mine for the first few dozen years. Some new, strong children of mine would make our family strong. The rest can have their turn after that. Mmm… yeah, I should do that." Rudrick murmured with a broad smile, flipping the pages in the book as the storm started to rage outside, washing away the screaming and flowing blood that soon followed after his orders began to be carried out.