Chapter 1:

The dinner

The Tale of Narukami clan volume 1


In the era we live,the head of every clan decides the marriage of their kids in order to keep to continue the bloodline of our clan.

My mother Sayaka comes from the Tange clan.She married my father,Takeo from Narukami clan.

I have an older brother named Ichinose.He is five seconds older than me.I am Ichika Narukami.In the age of 25 people usually got married.

To be honest I wanted first to fall in love and then get married.That's also what my big brother wants.We received many offers but both my parents rejected them.

I remembered when I was a kid I lost my way but a boy helped me and leaded me to my home.It's been a long time since I saw him.


I had a fight with my father again.For the usual reason,I have to choose a bride.After he arrived he told me that we were invited by the Narukami clan.

"Ok,I will go with you father."

"I am glad.Oh yes I forgot,Sayaka also has a daughter."


"Ok,fine.We will talk about this some other time."

I didn't want to get married to someone I don't have feelings for.Besides my heart was already stolen by that girl.


Mum said she invited lord Naoki from Mochizuki clan.Dad said there are two families,the main family and the branch family.The leadership of family was divided fair.

I looked outside the window.The area was fillied with snow.

"Ichika,do you remember?"

"I do.Both of us loved the snowy days,when we were kids.Both of us are now twenty five."

"Let's go then."

Ichinose grabbed my hand.But first we were dressed with heavy clothes and went outside.We played with snowballs,made a snowman.I wasn't alone.I always had my brother.One day I would make my own family either I wanted or not.

Later we went inside our house.Mum gave me a dress which she made for me.


I was looking at a picture of my mum.Then father came inside.

"Oh my!Ichiru,you are so handsome."

"I kind feel nervous,dad."

"That's how I felt when I went to meet your grandparents.Let's go my son."

After one hour my father and I arrived in the house of Narukami clan .Lady Sayaka along with her husband lord Takeo welcomed us.Sayaka was a classmate of my father in the academy.

"Takeo,my dear this is an old classmate and friend of mine."

"It's an honor to meet you lord Takeo.I am Naoki from Mochizuki family."

I was kind of nervous to be honest.Lord Takeo noticed me.

"So you are Naoki's son.I am Takeo and this is my wife Sayaka."

"It's an honor to meet both of you lord and lady Narukami.I am Ichiru from Mochizuki."

Lady Sayaka told us to go to the dinning room.When we sat,lord Takeo called someone named Ichinose.He was a young man,with brown hair and brown eyes.

"I am Ichinose Narukami.It's an honor to meet both lord Mochizuki and his son."

"I am Ichiru Mochizuki.It an honor to meet you."

So we shook hands.Ichinose said he would call his sister to join us.


I was so nervous.Ichinose also saw me wearing the dress which mum made for me.

"Ichika you look beautiful."

"Come on Ichinose.Don't make fun with me."

"I am not.My lady."


So we entered to the dinning room.