Chapter 100:

There Be Dragons

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

“What are you thinking?” Sable hissed at Bryson as they walked down the hall towards the entrance of the manor.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” Bryson assured her as he inwardly started to panic over the proposition of meeting a dragon.

“Will it? Will facing a dragon be fine?” Sable said crossing her arms.

“I don’t need to fight a dragon.”

“Then how are you going to solve the problem? Just handing out a few bowls of soup to the villagers won’t solve their problems." Sable pointed out.

“Well father curated a team for a reason. He probably has backup plans.” Bryson said before assuring her, “Look, I’ll figure it out. Worse case I run back home accomplishing nothing.”

“Coming back and disappointing our parents isn’t a very good outcome.”

“Well, it won’t come to that.” Bryson said trying to look confident. It did not work. Still Sable could tell that her idiot of a brother was committed to heading to the mountains no matter what.

“Just for once don’t do something idiotic.” Sable said.

“Oh please, it’s me.” Bryson said.

“That’s what I’m worried about.” Sable muttered.

Bryson rolled his eyes as he exited out the main door, “Good luck on the recruitment drive.” Bryson said as he moved past Sable.

“Good luck Bryson.” Sable said with a sigh.


“I don’t recommend this.” Florence Marsh said to Bryson sitting across from her as she took a sip of tea.

The two of them were currently in the main lounge of the airship heading northwest to the snowy mountains. The entire team was already instructed and prepared, and they immediately launched when Bryson went on board the airship. They were currently alone in the lounge with the occasional crewmember walking in and out of the lounge.

Bryson rolled his eyes as he looked over to the doctor in training, she was apparently heading the medical front in this mission. Her bright red eyes contrasted with her pale face and navy-blue button-up uniform. Atop her head was adorned with a Breton hat which covered most of her pink hair save for the braided ponytail that flowed out.

“Of course you don’t, what else is new?” Bryson said as he leaned back in his seat.

“Lord Bryson, we are dealing with a dragon here.” Florence said monotonely as she gently placed the cup of tea she was holding with her thin white-gloved hands down on a coffee table in front of her.

“First off we don’t even know if there’s a dragon. It could be something else.” Bryson said holding up a finger to indicate one, before holding up a second one, “Second, even if it was, we don’t need to fight it.”

“It’s attacked the areas before, it likely will again, especially since we are bringing provisions over. There’s a reason why the team gathered also has several weapons equipped.” Florence argued.

“Which is why it’s perfectly safe for me to take charge here.”

“Bryson.” Florence said with a hint of annoyance was heard through her usual emotionless voice.

“Alright tell me this.” Bryson said leaning forward, smiling a bit at the fact that he got her, “Do you think Gilles would be better for this? Because Sable isn’t dumb enough to take this job so it would’ve been one of us.”

Florence stared at Bryson for a long moment before finally admitting, “You are better suited for this type of job.”

“Yes, now instead of lecturing me on what I should do, do you want to help me figure out what we should be doing?” Bryson asked.

“I’m not like that.”

“Not like what?” Bryson asked innocently.

“Explain what you’re thinking already.” Florence said narrowing her eyes.

“Well we know something big is attacking these villages, might even be a dragon.” Bryson began to explain.

“Yes.” Florence said nodding her head.

“But why?”

“What do you mean?” Florence asked confused.

“Why would a dragon attack some villages out there in the mountains? Dragons are smart, they aren’t wild animals.”

“It could be because of Afa’s manipulations.” Florence said being careful that they were alone in the room when she said so.

“That’s unlikely.” A voice from above them said.

The two looked up in confusion and saw the former divine pixie of the divine realm sitting a top of a chandelier waving at them.

“Pinop? What are you doing here?” Bryson asked confused.

“I overheard that you’re dealing with a dragon.” Coni Pinop said as she fluttered down and around Bryson, “Thought you could use some more help.”

“Your concern is appreciated.” Bryson grunted.

“You’ve worked with her before, is this something that Afa would do?” Florence asked.

“It’s definitely possible. Stir up some trouble to make the family look bad, but it doesn’t feel like this is her work.” Coni said.

“What do you mean by that?” Bryson asked.

“Fighting a dragon is dangerous and she isn’t planning on killing anyone yet. She also doesn’t quite understand exactly the state of the mortal realm so she would have no idea if you could really handle a dragon.” She explained as she landed atop Bryson’s head.

“You’re telling me that the one responsible for creating heroes in the mortal realm has no idea of what happens in the mortal realm?” Bryson asked as he picked up Coni from atop his head and placed her gently down on the coffee table.

“Rude.” Coni muttered under her breath before speaking to Bryson, “She likes to delegate the responsibility to others.”

“So this is unrelated to her then?” Florence asked sounding unconvinced.

“Not necessarily. She could have ordered someone or something to do this, or it could even be some sort of butterfly effect caused by her earlier.” Coni said with a shrug.

“Either way it’s my mess to deal with.” Bryson grumbled as a door opened and one of the guards assigned to the unit entered.

“Lord Bryson! We are landing in ten minutes.” He reported.

“Alright. Go back to whatever you were doing.” Bryson replied.

“Yes sir!” He said exiting the room.

Bryson then looked back down towards the small pixie, “You think you can handle a dragon?”

“I can at least give some advice.”

“Better than nothing I suppose.” Bryson muttered.


“It’s so cold!” Coni exclaimed as they descended the airship, clutching at her miniature earmuffs. She wore a small winter jacket, she looked like a toy doll playing dress up.

“It is the mountains.” Bryson said as he was adorned in a large winter jacket and snow boots. Florence stood next to him, with a muskrat hat and red overcoat in addition to her usual navy blue uniform. Backpack of medical supplies on her back.

Observing the area around them Bryson saw that the supplies were being unloaded into the hands of some very eager locals. He could see a couple of destroyed buildings. Obviously something had recently attacked the area.

“Hmm.” Bryson pondered as Coni zipped into the warmth of the hood of his jacket that he had hanging behind him.

“Hey!” Bryson complained as he felt the added weight now hang off his hood.

“What it’s cold.” Coni said as she got herself comfortable.

Bryson was tempted to shake her out of his hood. Before deciding against it, as it would only cause unneeded issues. With an annoyed grunt, Bryson allowed Coni to seek refuge within the jacket hood.

Florence suddenly grabbed at his arm. As Bryson looked to ask what the matter was, she was already pointing up at the air. Someone’s voice rang out across the area.


Bryson looked up into the sky and saw it. It was a white and blue flying winged creature approaching towards them. Its massive white leathery wings shone in the sunlight. Tints of the blue scales sparkling as it approached.

It let out a monstrous roar and the people moving the cargo below immediately began to scatter. It landed before a pile of supply boxes and with a mighty roar staked it’s claim.

It unleashed a massive beam of frost breath. A current of icy cold wind that washed over wherever the dragon's open mouth pointed at. Anything hit with the blast was coated in ice. People narrowly managed to avoid getting hit by ducking behind cover that were quickly coated in ice upon contact.

Immediately one of the turrets on the airship came to life and swivelled to the ice dragon. It fired at the ice dragon and the concussive blasts caused the dragon to roar in pain.

Now turning its direction to the airship it fired again. As its breath strayed towards Bryson and Florence, Coni quickly erected a barrier that dispersed the attack.

Another shot from another turret that was activated proved too much for the flying lizard as it gave a much less intimidating yelp. Quickly it desperately snatched one of the large crates and launched itself into the air.

Flying away as the rest of the turrets began firing upon it. It swivelled and weaved as it flew further and further away in the distance, gripping the crate tightly in its front two claws.

“You two all right?” The pixie asked, poking over Bryson’s head.

“Yes, thank you.” Florence said nodding her head.

“Don’t mention it.” The pixie said before turning to Bryson, “So it really is a dragon.”

“Yeah.” Bryson said deep in thought, “That makes no sense.” He muttered as he watched the dragon disappear into the horizon.