Chapter 61:

Trouble in the Valley

Mad God

The weather was a bit cold as the sky was occupied by gray, thick clouds, ready to rain at any moment.

"I still think it's not the best idea to bring her with us," Zern said, riding his horse behind Reignar, who had Orsi sitting before him while Poli was floating at the front, standing on his sword.

His words made Orsi pull herself smaller in her Young Master's lap, lowering her head while Reignar patted it, stroking her soft hair.

"Relax." Poli smiled. "The road is safe now, and we are visiting our allies. There won't be any problems."

"I can't leave her behind all the time; for once, my brother has a lot of things to take care of, and being alone in the palace is not something I would wish for anyone. It can become depressing. Real fast." Reignar explained.

"You could have sent her back to the Sect." Zern countered.

"I'll take care of her; you don't need to worry." The third Prince waved his hand.

"Um… Lord Zern… I know you don't like me, but… I won't get in your way, I promise!" Orsi murmured with a soft, hurt voice making Zern take a sharp breath.

"I-it's not like that! Don't misunderstand me; I have nothing against you! It's just that the road can be dangerous, and you have zero means of defending yourself." Zern sighed.

"You have been going on with it since we left; it has already been four days; you should stop." Poli shook his head.

When the trio was sent on their mission, the Skyshark took them to the Capital, where they switched to horses, and Reignar picked up his little maid from the palace, planning to bring her back to Sect after they were done with the mission. Meanwhile, it was the best opportunity to let her see the world a little.

"With the speed we have, we should arrive at the Pass by night." Poli changed the topic.

"Who is in charge now?" came the question from Zern.

"They named General Ultar as the head of the Pass. Also, the new Vanguard General selection is on its way as General Xendar is now Grand Elder Xendar." Poli laughed. "It is hard to believe that only ten or so years ago, I was the youngest cultivator for a day but now a Harmony Realm expert with the title of Elder. And I am not even 30 yet. Most of the people I grew up with and trained with were only dreaming of reaching the Harmony Realm one day. The strongest in my family was at the sixth level of Body Refinement and over seventy."

"I know what you are talking about." Zern smiled. "I am in the same shoes; my father never tried to break through, he says he feels the tribulation would kill him, and he has a good life that he wouldn't risk for it. I don't think Master thinks or cares much about what she did, but it will change those lives who join the Sect."

"Tell me about it." Poli laughed while Reignar was listening in, finally joining the discussion.

"When I was touring around, and Father sent me the manuals, I started to try it out, and it helped me a lot. When this mission is over, I plan to focus on it, converting everything I have learned. I may need your help."

"Ours? Sorry, we don't swing that way." Poli shook his head.

"I'm already taken," Zern added.

"You… sorry, but none of you are to my tastes anyway." Reignar rolled his eyes.

"I can help!" Orsi cut in, with an enthusiastic voice, with clear shining light in her eyes at the prospect of making herself useful for her Young Master.

"Do not!" Poli answered and Zern at the same time while Reignar just ignored them.

"You are already a big help." He chuckled, patting her tiny head.

"Am I? Really? Really, really?"



"By the way…." Reignar looked back at them, then turned towards Poli. "I was talking about theories, you two perverts."

"..." Zern and Poli looked at each other before sighing. "Sure. We can help with that."

"By the way…." Poli started with a curious voice, "We heard you have multiple affinities. How? Or… how does it work?"

"Yes… and no. Mm… I have the same as my father or brothers, it's… how to tell you simply? Like Leinor came up with his own version, I did so too. I assimilated others' affinities and stored them inside me. It's a slow process. It took years to create what I call a seed inside me. I have seven affinities, besides my bloodline, resting inside of me."

"Seven? Woah… what kind?"

"Fire, water, earth, and air, are the most common. I already created a seed and can use them at will. Those are the ones that I truly can control. The remaining three are… still in the process of forming; if I try to use them, they will be gone. Those are lightning, light, and ice."

"What do you mean by seeds?" Poli asked again.

"I call them that because if I meditate, I see them as that inside me; they are surrounded by my original affinity that feeds them and keeps them in balance. Even if I use up every energy I store in them like if I use all my fire energy, I can replenish them when I meditate or cultivate next time. Now the other three, I'm still forming seeds from them; they are just a clump of energy clouds stored in my body. If I use them up, they will be gone. I need more of them to form a seed."

"How do you get them?" Zern raised his eyebrow.

"Well…" Reignar smiled, then put his hands on Orsi's ears, who looked up curiously, not knowing why she couldn't hear what he had to say next. "From doing the best thing in life, sharing bodily pleasures with another. The best if he or she is weaker than me; that way, their resistance is little, and I can take more. While we give pleasure to each other, I assimilate a part of their affinity. Of course, it's nothing detrimental for them, as it's like when you spend your powers, you can recover after resting. Also, when I please them, I share my seed with them." he grinned, watching their twitching faces. "You all know what my bloodline is like. They will have the best orgasm of their life and also get such a boost to their lifeforce they can live more healthily and for even longer, especially if they are mortals." he laughed happily, going through some of his memories, releasing Orsi's ears after he was finished. The little one was curious about what they talked about but wouldn't dare to ask. Not when her Young Master was the one who blocked her hearing.

"Damn… Honestly… I am jealous of you…." Poli murmured.

"Ahahaha, thanks~ If you want, I can introduce you to some girls later~."

"I'd be afraid to go with you. My affinity is lightning. I don't pay attention and find myself at the wrong end the next moment." Poli twitched his mouth, gently refusing.

"Don't worry, I told you, you are not my type. Also, you are stronger than me; I would suffer injuries if I tried to take it from you. Both of you are safe. Relax!"

"You are something else." Zern shook his head.

"We only live once. We need to enjoy every moment of our life, or why are we even walking this earth? I always believed that. Everyone enjoys different things, and that is what makes it beautiful. I choose to try everything and see what I like and don't."

"There are things you don't like?" Poli laughed, finding it hard to believe.

"Some, yes. Some do, they enjoy it as it heightens their pleasure, but I never could get the hang of it. Neither is giving or taking. Pain is one of those things. So I don't do it. Not that I judge those who do."

"Pain is bad! Why like it? I don't get it, Young Master!" Orsi protested, not wanting to stay out of the conversation.

"Yes, it is bad, and you don't need to get it yet." he smiled at the small girl in his lap.

"Someone is coming." Poli perked up suddenly as the others also became alert.

Soon on the road between the trees, a horseman appeared wearing the Empire's military outfit.

"You must be Elder Poli, we were informed about?" A man came up calmly, watching Poli at the front, easily recognizable because of his sword and a missing arm.

"Yes." He nodded, still standing on his floating sword, awing the middle-aged soldier.

"I am Nex, Corporal Nex. I was tasked to meet up and inform you by General Ultar; the Pass received news that Thunder Valley is under attack."

"What?" Poli straightened his back. "Explain!"

"We received news from a fairy named Rem that scorpion demons attacked the village multiple times. They are resisting and have suffered no casualties but requesting aid!"

"Did General Ultar send out a team?"

"No." He shook his head. "He says it can be a distraction to assault the Pass."

"Tsk... "Zern clicked his tongue, making Nex furrow his brows, but he said nothing in response.

"Go. You are faster." Reignar said, "We will go to the Pass and meet up with you from there."

"Hurry." Zern nodded, and Poli soon took off, leaving behind a strong gale as thunder boomed in the sky while he blasted off, literally, almost making Nex fall off his horse while the poor soul became agitated.

"Lead the way, Corporal Nex." Zern walked forward, calming down his horse as they hurried towards the Pass.

"Elder Poli can fly really fast…! Young Master, are you able to fly too?" Orsi whispered, still amazed by it.

"No, not yet. But there will be a time when I will~ When I can, I'll take you up to the sky!"

"Woah! Promise! It's a promise!"

"It is~."


It didn't take long for Poli to arrive, and when he flew down, he was greeted by Niji.

"You came fast. The others?"

"Zern and Reignar are on their way. Master with the others is on a different mission. What's the situation?" He looked around, assessing the situation. The apes and fairies were nervous as some patrolled on the already-built walls. Thankfully none of them seemed as frightened as before when the baboons attacked.

"A few scorpions came up a week ago, demanding that we accept and bow to them as our new leaders. Of course, we refused. They left, then came back since then twice. The first one was only a show of strength, threatening us to be conquered by force if we did not comply. The second time they tested our defenses but only from afar."

"Mmm… it seems they took their time. Before we first met, we dispatched scorpions along Swordscar. They tried to build bridges to more easily come into the Empire's territory. Back then, it was theorized they were under the rule or orders of a different clan of demon folk. Now that clan must have given out new orders, and they are here to execute them, whatever it is. Is Rem here?"

"No, she stayed at the Pass, waiting for you." Niji shook his head.

"Poli." Kang came up in the meantime.

"Kang, good to see you. Are you okay?"

"Yes. They do not fight seriously. Yet."

"Hopefully, we can avoid a bloody battle if possible. When they come again, I will try to speak with them. In the meantime, I'll write an official letter, get me some fast-flying fairies, send it to the Pass, and tell them to take it directly to the Emperor."

"Bugs, come again, see you, a fight will happen," Kang warned him.

"Let them try! This is the city my Master worked on! They can do so over my dead body if they want to take it!"

"We don't give. It's our home; we protect it." Kang nodded with the resolution in his eyes.

Looking around the now built-up city, it had houses everywhere, a stone wall surrounding it, and the different groups of demon folks were living here in surprisingly good harmony. The houses were covered with exotic flowers, painting a colorful picture, and the small lake had orangutans sitting at its bank, lazing around as always, while gorillas were helping out the chimps with different kinds of works, still learning the ways how humans live like this. It seemed the gorillas were the quickest to adapt, no wonder, as they lived for a long time in human ruins, teaching the younger chimpanzees. In the air and around them all, small, sparkling little butterflies were flying around, usually above or behind other residents or resting on their heads as grown-up forest fairies tended to the trees and flowers, humming happy little songs. One tiny blue butterfly slowly floated towards Poli, landing on his head, gently fluttering its giant wings compared to its body, as Poli smiled happily.

"Don't worry, Kang. No one can threaten this place."

..A few weeks ago...

"Big sister Emi! You are back!" The tiny little fox girl Liya rushed at her, who was a little sister of hers, not by blood but by chance.

"I am~ Oh my, you have grown? You seem taller!" Emi laughed.

"Teehee! Yes! I did! Wah… Big Sis! You are injured!" she exclaimed with fear in her eyes, seeing the scar that was jarring with the contrast of her fair skin color.

"Don't worry about it. It's nothing; I am already fine."

"Y-you sure? It… was the humans? It was?" she gulped, holding onto her waist, trying to lick the scar to make the pain go away.

"Ahaha, that tickles! Yes, it was a human, who did it, but it was I who made him do it."

"I… I don't get it…."

"You don't need to. But let go, for now, I'll come back and play with you, but I need to see the Queen."

"Ah… yes, yes! Um, Big Sis, someone came to see the Queen while you were away!"

"Who?" Emi raised her eyebrows, turning serious.

"It was a tiger; he was really big and muscular! It was scary!" She whispered, afraid the beast may still lurk close by.

"A tiger…? Here? What for… sorry I need to see Lady Rumira, Liya. I'll come by when I finish, okay?" She stammered, feeling sudden fear inside her heart.

"Um! I'll tell mom, and we will make your favorite dinner!"

"Thanks~" She kissed her forehead before hurrying to Lady Rumira's cave.

When she arrived, Rumira was waiting for her inside, sitting in a meditative position as her existence was fused with the surroundings. As soon as she stepped into the deepest part of the cave, her mind became groggy, quickly forgot why she was hurrying there.

"Come… take a bath in the hot spring, my child; it will help you expel that vicious energy inside you." The Queen said with a soft, caring voice, not opening her eyes, slowly finishing her cultivation. Even as her eyes were closed, Emi still felt as if Rumira was looking at her, seeing everything she had gone through.

Her body trembled, hearing the enchanting voice, and immediately became flustered as she stripped bashfully, walking to the pool, slowly submerging herself, letting out a troubled breath but feeling every problem of hers being washed away.

"After it cleanses your body, I'll heal that scar for you, my dear."

“Please… no, Lady Rumira.”

"Oh?" She opened her eyes slightly with a surprised yet curious smile.

"I want to wear it as a reminder of my mistake."

"Tell me about this mistake of yours." She whispered, slowly standing up and joining her in the pool, almost making Emi lose herself for a moment, jumping on the unbelievably beautiful and curvy body of her Queen. “Relax… come here…” She murmured, patting her head.

Emi carefully held her hand while Rumira pulled her between her breasts, stroking her back. Rumira's finger gave her pleasure and relaxation simultaneously, while tiny, red sparks left her skin, dissipating between Rumira's fingers. Her fingers made Emi shiver as every remaining clear thought left her mind. As she went limp in Rumira's embrace, letting her do whatever she wanted, she started telling her everything that had happened.

"I see." The Queen nodded after Emi told her everything and fell asleep with a relaxed and happy expression between her white breasts. "You did well…. Rest, my child," she whispered as she looked around and watched the claw marks on the cave's walls. "You will have a difficult mission, my dear little daughter. Some already feel threatened, but you did well. Maybe I should invite some humans here to see for myself. You are still naive and can be tricked." she smiled a little, turning her gaze to Emi, continuing to caress her back gently.