Chapter 8:

They're all guilty

Shadows of the Elite

"Well, I didn't even leave my room before hearing the screaming" says Lady Penelope, "so please don't humiliate me further and suspect me again"

With his hat on his face and his legs on the table, with all the disrespect and suspicion he can show, and with his usual indifferent sleepy attitude, Theodore asks Penelope to leave the room that was temporarily the interrogation room for this crime.

Rosalind enters next, "i was with you, Theodore"

"About three minutes is the time between i left your room and the murder, it sounds plenty to me"

She takes a silent breath and answers that she has nothing to add, since no one has been with her after he left.

Ashcroft, which is a weird case, it has to be said, this silent man can be described with one word, caution.

"I was i my room" says Reginald Ashcroft with a cold simplicity.

"Do you have any proof?" Theodore asks not expecting much of an answer

"Yes i do, i asked the butler to close my room from the outside after i closed the door of my room"

Theodore's facial expression gets a little more interested than before, still it's not much of an expression. "You expected the murder didn't you?"

Ashcroft stands up, nods and leaves the room robotically.

Archibald didn't have much of an alibi, however Fairchild- as expected- also had expected the murder and prepared a proof.

"The room i stayed in has a little carpet in from of the door, a footstep should be left each time i go in and out"

"But you can just jump past it or step on the exact same place as before"

"The carpet is connected to the other long carpet in the hall so I can't jump without making it obvious, and it's very unlikely that i step perfectly on the same spot"

After having everyone interrogated, in all the guests' ears, Eleanor says "so you all must be wondering what my alibi is, well I'm sorry to inform you that, i don't have to give it" with that usual smile on her face.

Before anyone could talk, before even she can keep talking, Theodore takes the stage.

"Indeed, you don't have to give an alibi because you haven't been alone for a second before the murder, and regarding this case, i want everyone to hear this"
he gives a sign to Oliver who comes holding a scroll.

"Lady Eleanor's forces have been lately investigating around Lord Sterling, murder, kidnapping free men and women, and other major charges were put against him, and he was proved guilty" Oliver says.

"In fact" Eleanor interrupts "all of you are similar cases, and might reach the same destination"

The atmosphere of anxiety, fear, and darkness fell like a cloud on their hearts. And from the darkest and deepest spot of this evil darkness, Theodore lets off a little indifferent laugh, "ladies and gentlemen this is about to get fun..." he stops as if he remembered not to care very much "fun for you of course, I'm totally uninterested".

Shadows of the Elite