Chapter 0:


ベビーシッター THE NANNY

Summers was deliberately inviting sun to spread the rays of grand festival . Gion matsuri , Festival of Kyoto (Japan ) As the vendors of osaka got odds of matsuri . They were elated for the work in carnivals.

Festivals are meant to be special , But for me they turn synonymous to household chores .Schools were shut . I was stucked , stucked in my home , helping my mom . 

Kenji , kenjiiii kun come here.. you have mountains of books lying over here , if you're not going to use them sell it . Okāsan there are mangas of mine . You have no father to pay such pointless bills , it might help a little. And daikon are over listen me . Daijoubu desu will bring , Kenji said.This boy is such an overwhelming , i worry how he will mix with the contrasting life .

Kenji :- Okie ! Okie so it's - kimitsu , Mira no khoi , kazei D sushi recipe Ohh! What was, i collecting this whole time recipe books seriously..

What is it .... ベビーシッター "THE NANNY"Seven dollars , huh ! seven whole dollars I paid for this . 
Sudden Stream of air unfolded the pages along with the secrets . Kenji with anticipation showed little interest and gaved the hon try .

"The world is full with the things , I hate and I don't need . See I hate kids , they cry. And I turned out to be a nanny . Although being a nanny gaved me a new reason to live so i holded without any rejoinder. 

Back then I wished i would die , or world die .One should happen to end the sufferings of mine . Why ? You know . I was ripped off i was in pieces , In literal pieces .

Here , Keiko and I am a"

Kenji i Told you that we are out of daikon , And you didn't brought. Oh! My jiso you are such a reckless kid go and bring . But Okāsan I am GO! I say , elsewise No food .

  Always! She comes in between suspense.