Chapter 17:

Search and Rescue

White Parasite

"Luna! Where are you?" Christie called as soon as she noticed the fox was gone. She had a horrible sinking feeling about this...
Just as the group managed their getaway from the mountain, the monstrous fox came bounding down, strangled yelps coming from its jaws, murderous intent in its eyes.

"Floor it!" Hazuki cried. The group in the car zigzagged across a median line, narrowly missing being squashed.

The fox warped from form to form wildly, screaming, "At first, I thought I knew what it was like for something to be 'interesting', watching you humans experiment with supernatural powers. Now that the world has been so distorted by your choices, you've broken the fabric of reality itself! Not only that, but you've raided my lair!"

While the silver five-seater car continued its course towards the city, Meghan reached back and tossed the tortoise out the window.

"What'd you do that for?!" Hazuki cried.

"I bet it was him and his father who caused the dimension warp. There were odd box contraptions on the mountain," the self-proclaimed witch declared. The Step Up girl Itsuki grumbled at this, the most irritable she'd ever been since the playground.

Meanwhile, the tortoise slammed into the fox with all the momentum of the moving car, bowling both over. For a few seconds, rainbow orbs flickered into existence all over the vicinity, hanging in the air like suspended candle lights.

"So that's how the orbs work?" Toshifumi mused aloud, his bird face smug.

No one bothered to answer to this until Meghan let out a small sigh and veered to the left of the road, stopping the car there.

"Everyone out," she commanded them, but everyone didn't get out. Instead they all stared at her, wondering what was wrong enough for her to do so. "I was the first of the 'magicians', wasn't I?" she looked out over the vast, dusty horizon in front of them and asked them all, but it seemed more to be for herself rather than for the group.

Her eyes were close to tears, her body exploding in a shower of magenta sparks to her magician form. "I believed I was cursed this entire time I knew that fox. Now that I know it's just Luna's powers, I'm finally ready to intervene with the life I've gone along with for the past eight years."

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