Chapter 16:


White Parasite

"I swear Kafka wrote more than just that," Hazuki added, resealing the window so that the professor's arm got stuck. However, at the very moment it got stuck, it was retracted, resulting in a spray of shards that glinted, stars in the inky night...

...and suddenly, the man solidified into one of Meghan's gold statues. The self proclaimed "magical girl's" blue eye peered into the car just as Hazuki sealed it up once more. A snapping noise signalled the tortoise's presence in her hands.

As the Step Up girl exited the car to help Meghan with her load, one of her yellow panels came into being, showing a graph of the Professor's vitals - he was still alive under that golden shell of his.
The fox was the first one to sense the change in the atmosphere created by the Professor's entry, and sent one of its illusionary clones towards its subterranean mountain lair.

However, once the clone arrived, the sight that befell it was horrible - the cave filled with picture books had been ransacked, torn pages strewn across the rocky floor. Fresh footprints that appeared to come from a clawed animal had been left in the dust, but the size indicated it was a creature that could fit through the opening of the cave.

Upon further inspection, there were round, veined markings in the dust too. They the underside of a tortoise's shell.

While the clone disappeared in a puff of smoke, the original grew large and bounded out to investigate further.

At the entrance of its cave, it discovered a silver cube that was creating odd vibrations in the atmosphere. In its anger, the fox crushed it, inadvertently preventing any more interdimensional travel.

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