Chapter 1:

Night Terrors

Killing Love

In a dark room, blood and bodies everywhere. With a bloody knife in hand. A dark figure appears and stabs the insane murderer in the stomach. I wake up in a shock. I hold my stomach were about I was stabbed in the dream. Then I looked down. I'm covered in blood? And it's everywhere? The blood disappears, and I'm filled with relief. I look at the clock and it's 4:26am. I close my eyes and fall back to sleep. At 6:05, Mamoma wakes me up.Bookmark here

"Good Morning Kymaya! It's time for school!" Mamoma says chearly.Bookmark here

"Yes Mamoma." I said sleepily.Bookmark here

Half an hour later, I walk out of my room ready for school with my finished homework.Bookmark here

"It's still lonely without Daddy, even though he's been gone for a while." I say to Mamoma while munching on toast. Bookmark here

"Ya, but it's only been a year since your father has died. Time heals." responds Mamoma.Bookmark here

I walk towards the door.Bookmark here

"Bye!"Bookmark here

"Bye Ky!"Bookmark here

I walk down the sidewalk and meet Teeah.Bookmark here

"Good morning Ky!"Bookmark here

"Morning Teeah. Where is Uini?"Bookmark here

"He said he would meet us by the fountain."Bookmark here

"So let's get going so we don't miss him and school."Bookmark here

We continued chatting while walking to the fountain. Once we got closer to the fountain we see Uini walking on one of the other paths to the fountain.Bookmark here

"Good mornin' Ky and Teeah!" He says while running towards us.Bookmark here

"Good morning Uin!" Teeah and I say.Bookmark here

"I thought I wasn't gonna catch you guys in time."Bookmark here

"Well you did, so you're lucky unlike normal." I reply.Bookmark here

"Let's get going." Teeah exclaimed.Bookmark here

We all continue to walk to school while chatting. Whenever I'm with them I forget about all my worries. They keep me calm and silly, I don't really fear anything when I'm around them. It's a special thing I wish to never lose. Bookmark here

Teeah walks to her home room, and me and Uini walk to our home room. Uini, and I have the same classes together and Teeah has fifth and sixth period with us. First period, math was an easy period with being a single easy assignment. Second period, history we just started to work on our slide show. Third period, German, it went and Uini learned more German. Fourth period, choir, we started to sing our new songs. Lunch period, Teeah, Uini, and I had lunch together like always. Fifth period, was shop. We started building desk organizers. Last period, gym, we played volleyball.Bookmark here

After school we all walk to the fountain. While walking we giggle and mingle. When we got to the fountain we did our homework and studied. When we finished all of that we parted our ways to eat dinner at home and snacked on peppermint puffs. Bookmark here

A couple days later, I've still been having the same dream, but it's been becoming more detailed and gory. I need to tell someone. I'll tell Mamoma tonight after dinner and Uini tomorrow. Bookmark here

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