Chapter 88:

A Revelation (Part 1)

Royal Princess of Blood

That was a close call.

Though I was not particularly scared since I got everything under control. But Oryn sure was a troublesome bastard. On the other hand, I was actually surprised that elves were legit real here, like — mind blown!

That aside, I was glad that the infiltrator acted the way I wanted. He must have gotten impatient, or maybe there were other factors at play. What I didn’t foresee though was his ability to manipulate the wind.

He was strong, I’ll give him that. But thankfully, in the first encounter, he was struggling to fight off Estevan and Vernon. Even so, everything didn’t go well later on. It was because my dear beloved brother hesitated. If he didn’t, he might have cut down Oryn to at least slow him down.

Of course as I was not particularly useful in the battle, I ran away from the scene as what a sensible person would do! I mean, why would I stay in a place where my life was in danger? I don't know what fools would remain in the middle of a crossfire.

But tragically, Oryn caught up to me, I guessed that he might have done something to restrain my two guards. Of course, I wouldn’t let any of his attacks touch me, they all look like they could splatter me, how dangerous.

As worried as I was, I decided not to cover my entire body with my barrier and focus on where I should protect myself since my shield would weaken the wider it gets. I couldn’t risk weakening it seeing how strong Oryn was. In contrast, good thing the barrier absorbs plenty of shocks from the impact of each attack, without that, I would have been blown away many times.

I unleashed my mana to try and slow him down while hurting him. Believe me, it was hard as hell to control the rampaging mana, and the pain was excruciating.

I tried to interrogate him a little bit, but as expected I got nothing. It was hard to keep a powerful person like Oryn restrained and take him in as a prisoner without him always having to go after me. So I decided it would be best to just kill him if it was hard to tie him up.

There was one problem I was worried about, I must not be the one to kill him. Killing him with my daggers would only indicate that he was killed by a blade, and not in the hand of anyone else but could only be me who he was with him. Now that would just blow my cover wouldn’t it?

What? I could just burn him to death? Yeah that would need me firing at him a few more times, and that would prompt him to go wild since he would be dying anyway. And a cornered and desperate rat is a troublesome opponent. The best option would have been to cut him deep in the throat or stab in the heart, but that was out of the question if I didn't want to expose myself.

More than that though, and importantly, after burning him to death, well who would be named as the one who killed him? Me! Estelia! Think about it, a pure princess has blood on her hands. Now that would just mess up everything for me. I don’t want that kind of record on me. It’s hard to admit but, reputation is very essential in my current life!

So, I waited for Estevan and Vernon, but it took them some time and Oryn decided to give his all to killing me. Thankfully I held out until Vernon arrived first.

Then, eventually, Estevan pierced a blade through the infiltrator — or a betrayer in my brother’s eyes.

What a waste, he could have been a source of information to pump from. However, it would be nigh impossible. If someone had infiltrated something for years, it would be utterly hard to make them spit out intel essential to them. Also, I saw conviction in Oryn’s eyes.

With those into consideration, and the danger he possessed, killing him was the best in my opinion. I got a rule you see, if they’re hard to imprison, just kill them, you’ll be free from a burden and you’ll be safer.

Can you imagine? Chaining a powerful lion, but this time with magic, and its escape was a possibility. If it escapes, you’ll likely die by its fangs while you are asleep. Yeah, I’m not taking the risk this time. It’s hard to make a lion talk with human language anyway.

I wanted to kill him myself. I was hungry for blood, I craved the feeling of metal digging into skin as blood gradually spilling out, and watched as the signs of life vanish from his eyes. I desired to take life, I miss it!

But sadly, I need to hold myself back. What a tragic fate.

Still, I’m plenty satisfied that he died. I watched him fall to the ground as my false expression greeted him in his final moments. I savored the view as an enemy lost his life.

With that done, my brother turned towards me and dropped his sword.


He desperately approached me, his eyes full of worry.

“B-Brother,” my voice trembled as I called to him.

He struggled to come over to me though.

“Estel, you can stop your mana now.”

I slowly retracted my mana until the air calmed down completely.


I rushed towards him and dug myself into his chest, tears welling up my eyes as I grasped his shirt with trembling hands.

“Brother! He — He tried to kill me…”

He wrapped his arms around me as I weeped in his embrace. His soft and warm body somehow made me feel comfortable…

“I’m sorry, my sister…” he said as held me closely.

“I— I defended myself with all my might… I, I was so scared!”

I pressed myself more, the fabric on his chest began to drench in my tears.

“Ssshh, it’s alright now… It’s my fault, I… I shouldn’t have hesitated.”

Yes, Oryn wouldn’t have been able to catch up to me if he only managed to strike him. But, nothing we can do to change that now, so I forgive him. But I’ll still have him make up for it eventually.

“Why? Why did Oryn even betray us?” I asked.

“I… I don’t know.”

I moved my body back and looked Estevan in the eyes.

“Don’t leave my side, please. At least just for a while.”

My eyes brimming with tears pleadingly looked at his eyes. He could clearly see the trauma I have experienced.

He stroked my cheek.

“Alright, I’ll be with you.”

“T-Thank you.”

It was then that I felt a warm sensation down my nose.

“Estel! You’re bleeding.”

Ah, my nose must be bleeding again from unleashing my entire mana all of a sudden. Damn, it felt weird when my nose was bleeding in the clash earlier.

“And your eyes are redder than they should be.”

Well, even though I was crying, it must be redder than that which calls for distress. Actually, everything has been blurry for a while, and the world seemed to twist a bit. Yeah, I felt dizzy.

But I shouldn’t collapse, I have weapons on me after all. I also can’t let them get the impression that I’m not doing so well.

“I’m… I’m feeling completely fine now brother. Just a little pain, and the bleeding is the side effect from bursting out my mana. But I will be fine.”

“Still, let’s get you to a healer, okay?”

I meekly nodded my head. Meanwhile, he took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood off my nose.

“Then, I’ll prefer to be taken to my room first…” I said.


It was then heavy footsteps with sounds of metal faintly resounded and coming towards us. It was the knights.

Better late than never I guess…

“Vernon, I’ll let you handle things here.”

“Understood,” Vernon then turned to face me. “Please rest for a while, princess.”

I nodded my head. “Thank you, Vernon.”

Then my brother helped me come to my room. He offered to carry me there, but of course I refused and acted embarrassed. A lady would of course be embarrassed if her big brother carried her like a child.

But the reason was that I couldn’t let him feel and discover the blades strapped to my thigh. In the end, we walked together while he held me by the shoulders tightly as I acted all frightened still.

In addition, I was seemingly becoming relaxed by my lovely brother’s touch until we arrived at my room. It took a while though.

“What do you think the knights will do with…. O-Oryn?” I asked reluctantly.

“They’ll check the scene first before they bring the body out.”

“Brother… I’m sorry… You must have trusted him…”

He faintly smiled, though I saw a hint of pain in his eyes.

“He’s a betrayer, in the end. It is only proper that I struck him down, especially when he’s planning to kill you, Estel.”

He patted my head softly and ruffled my hair. For some reason, it took a while before he stopped forcing himself to do so. I didn’t show any displeased expression, I didn’t feel that way, I also didn’t act adorably but only looked blankly at him.


“Rest for a while as I call the healer, okay?”


I stepped inside the room and asked my brother.

“Brother, can you also please call Mera? I want to change my clothes.”

“Got it.”

I closed the door and immediately went over to my bed and removed the blades from my thigh and hid them back. Now that it was over, it was safe to remove my weapons. I could have kept them for a while, but with my current condition, it would be too risky.

I might suddenly fall unconscious. Plus, I will also be checked by everyone and changing clothes. So safer to clean myself of dangerous sharp things that should not be with a delicate princess such as me.

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