Chapter 99:


Mad God

The room was filled with blinding, flashing light that would hurt anyone's eyes, looking directly into it. Yet those who could withstand it, inside the flashes, they would see a girl sitting cross legged, releasing the phenomena from her body directly. The invisible energy inside her energy channels ran along like a flooding river, flowing under her skin towards different places, into the body’s 9 energy points The energy was constantly being absorbed into her body in a pulsating sequence, rhythmically as not all energy points gulped it down at the same time. Her method was forming a synchronized order that always repeated itself.

The girl was Lulu, occupying one of the cultivation rooms with a much higher energy density than what was available on the outside world. It was helping her condense down her own cultivation to strengthen herself, slowly getting ready to attack the next bottleneck. As the bright light started to dim, returning back into her, her naked body revealed itself as her eyes slowly opened up.

“Mhmm… that felt good!” She stood up, retrieving her uniform, dressing up. “Soon I’ll step onto the next stage! Heh, back at home nobody could imagine cultivating like this! Hahaha! Oh if they would know! Give me a few more years and I’ll catch up to dad or a few decades to reach grandad’s level!” She murmured with a wide grin, unable to wipe it off, stepping out from the room on the fourth floor.

The Cultivation Block was expanded in the past years and it saw a big influx of disciples. Everyone tried to save up contribution points by doing missions inside and outside of the sect, just so they could reserve a room. Even if just at the first level. Aerthus already was thinking about expanding their whole island, forming new ones around them, on the water and in the air, creating more space for not just the cultivators part of the Immortal Wonders Sect, but to establish places where regular cultivators or even mortals could travel to and interact with them. It was the best way to trade with others and further raise their influence and fame. Being Ren’s disciple, Lulu was aware of it since long ago and she decided, if such a place gets established she is going to gain a leading position there. Thinking about the prospects before her, walking out the crowded tower, a little, chubby girl was already waiting for her there.

“You are late!” Kyu said with hands on her hips, smacking her lips that were stained with the remains of a strawberry.

“Sorry, my cultivation took a longer time than expected.”

“Khm.” Kyu looked at her with furrowed brows.

“Haah… Master Kyu.” Lulu sighed, making the little girl grin happily.

“Don’t forget! Today you are Kyu’s servant! You need to bring Kyu to the other side of the river and Kyu wants to taste every yummy food there!”

“Weren’t you on the same tour yesterday with Yanda?” She held her head, hearing her order.

“Yes, but Kyu and Yanda were at the other, other side!”

“Haah… why do I even ask?” Lulu rubbed her temples “Okay, okay. Let us go!” She shook her head “Is Master back yet?”

“Yes but she said she has things to do! After You and Kyu finish, you are to cultivate on your own, only contact her if you are in trouble. Yanda already went out to train on his own and travel upwards on the river!”

“What a carefree Master!” Lulu chuckled, oblivious as to what happened to Anya as it was not widely known in the Sect yet. “Also that boy… tsk-tsk… I should have guessed he would leave without waiting for me.” She murmured, biting her lips.

“He always goes up and down with the fishies… Anyway!” Kyu shook her head, almost distracted by the thoughts of catching a fish while crossing. “Let’s go! You wasted a lot of Kyu’s time! Kyu is already hungry!”

While the duo left towards the Qun Kingdom, on the Skyshark that was flying above the territory of the Empire, Ren stood at the side of the ship, watching the passing landscape under them.

“Shouldn’t you rest?” Leinor stepped beside her while 01 and 02 were responsible for guiding the ship.

“I’m fine. It just makes me a bit slower, if there is a need to fight someone.” Ren shook her head.

“Still, try to hold back and let us deal with it! If you strain your energy points further, you are going to worsen it and then you need to rest even more.”

“Ehehe, okay!” She turned towards him with a gentle smile, hugging her husband. “We are going to see some nobles and not fight against an army! I plan to be back in a day or two… honestly, Dad threw all that work on me… I can’t shirk it for too long or others are going to be mad at me!” Ren smacked her lips.

“It is going to be a good experience~ Also, I’ll be there to help you out!” Leinor said as he rubbed her head lovingly.

“If you weren’t, I wouldn’t have taken it in the first place!” She pressed her head into his palm, leaning against him.

“Still! Try to relax a little.” Leinor continued caressing her, transmitting his energy over, gently washing and recovering her strained body.

“Why?” Ren smiled “Fighting is the best way to work towards the Outer Harmony Realm. The more I use my strength, develop spells and battle against others, I gain a better grasp on my affinity and how it affects nature around me. Without that feeling, how could I synchronize myself with the world?” she looked forward, towards the horizon, while the wind caught onto her hair. “Sitting and cultivating is not my way. My mind gets bored and wanders around constantly. I learn from experience, always did…” She whispered.

“Yeah, but you don't know how to hold back.” Leinor scolded her a little.

“Hah! Why should I hold back?” Ren laughed, turning around, leaning against the ship’s railing, looking into his eyes. “Should I play the innocent and young girl~? If you want it we can arrange that~” She whispered, licking her lips seductively.

“That would be a nice experience, now that you mention it~” Leinor leaned closer, stealing a soft kiss off of her lips.

“Mmm, yummy, maybe I will! The next time we are back home~” Ren whispered, gently caressing Leinor’s face.

“For your own safety too. Really Ren… I would not survive if something were to happen to you.”

“Pft, please. You would be fine!” She looked into his eyes “Because if not, I would be really mad at you! Even come back to haunt you! Woooo~” She raised her little hands at her.

“Don’t even speak like that, please!” He held onto them immediately.

“LeiLei, what’s wrong?” Ren asked, turning a bit more serious, seeing his expression.

“The attack… it is clear, it was targeting you. Through your mother.”

“I know.”

“You also know who is behind it, we all do!” Leinor continued.

“Yup. It’s obvious, and you can bet when I’m strong enough, I’ll go and collect every debt I owe to that relative of mine. Until then, I want to find the ones responsible for the immediate attack and make them pay. That is all! I am a vindictive and petty person! Those who are my family, I protect them with all I have and give them everything I own. Those who are my enemies I make them regret the day they thought it was a wise choice to go against me.”

“You make yourself seem like a bad person!” Leinor smiled softly.

“Maybe I am.” Ren flashed a grin as a response. “Only, you are my love so you are blinded to my bad side! Leinor… I was not joking.” she looked into his eyes “King Rudrick. My 4th cousin Astair. Your uncle Sentios. And everyone working with them is on my list.” Ren whispered, gently caressing his chest with her fingers “I can be a patient woman. I can wait but I won’t forget. Ever. They are living on borrowed time and the more they rack up behind their names the more painful their deaths are going to be.”

“Then I am glad I am your husband and not your enemy~” Leinor leaned closer, pressing his forehead against hers.

“Not even a flinch or hesitation hmm?” She held onto his neck, rubbing her nose against his.


“And if I go mad and turn against the Empire? Or the Sect?”

“Depends. If it is reasonable I’ll stand beside you.” He answered without thinking.

“And if it is not?”

“Then it is my role as a husband to reign you in and spank you!” He bit onto her lips gently, grabbing her bottom, picking up Ren easily and assaulting her body with surprising force.

While they were immersed in their own little world, 01 and 02 tried not to look.

“Honestly, Master acts like we are not even here.” 02 said, transmitting his voice over to 01.

“Or we are just pets.” 01 added with an understanding voice. “Nobody cares if their pets are watching.”

“Haah…” both of them let out a sigh at the same time then smiled wryly.

“We can’t complain much! Now we can see the opportunity before us, to reach even higher than ever! When we followed those from the main branch of the bloodline, we had little to look forward to.” 01 said as he looked towards the Kingdom.

“Yeah! I never expected this! I was sure I was going to die a horrible death. Or be assassinated. But here we are and we even advanced! Soon we are going to be catching up to the others! Not to mention that Master helps us mend the mistakes we made when we were younger.”

“And we were so unimportant in the family’s eyes, no assassins were sent to kill us. I don’t think they even know we are alive.” 01 said with a sarcastic smile on his face.

“Be happy, less problems for us! It is already taxing to avoid my ex, not to mention watching out for assassins…” 02 groaned, making 01 sneer at him.

“I told you it is a horrible idea to screw around with her! Yet your meat got the better of yourself!” 01 rolled his eyes “What were you expecting? Flirting around with a disciple, be happy Master did not castrate you on the spot!”

“You are just jealous! It worked in the first two years, no? At least I had someone in my life, your only lover is your right hand!”

“But I don’t need to act awkward every time I see her coming towards me.” 01 looked at him with a deadpan expression, raising his hand, forming a mouth with his fingers “And I love 01 for who he is and I do not complain if Master Ren sends him away for a mission! If he is gone for months I wait patiently!” the hand said with a distorted, mocking voice.

“Fuck you.” 02 said out, loudly.

“Sorry, I’m in a monogamous relationship.” 01 answered, also with his normal voice.

“Oh you two, go get a room already!” Ren’s voice came but as they were already in an argument, both of them answered without thinking.

“You are not one to say this!” They turned their heads towards her in sync before going deathly pale.

“Pff…” Leinor stifled a laugh, looking provocatively at Ren. He wanted to see what her response was going to be but she just laughed after a little pause.

“Okay, okay! I’ll take it as a tie!” Ren sighed “But pay attention, we are nearing the city! I want you to raise the ship higher, above the clouds, so they don’t see us coming!”

“Understood!” Both of them answered with a salute, looking at each other, blaming the other for what happened just now.

When the Skyshark parked up in the sky, it was infused with enough energy by Leinor, that it would stay there for a few hours. They left it quickly, out of sight of prying eyes and continued on foot towards the city.

“Put up your hoods, the silver hair of ours is telling, same for your blond crown LeiLei.” Ren giggled, pulling up hers while they arrived at the city gates.

The city of Famra was built in the middle of the Empire, next to a few hundred kilometers long mountain range, erected at the starting foot of it. The origin of the city was simple; Around 700 years ago gold and silver were found in a cave, opened up by an earthquake. Its news spread quickly as where riches could be made, people flocked to it in an instant. By now the city itself was only medium in size, as most of the mining has ended and what could be excavated has been dug out. It left behind a dwindling population and a city that was slowly degrading as the centuries went by. The ruling family, namely the Doxon family, still tried to cling to the old ways, hoping to find a new vein in the now, labyrinth-like tunnels inside the mountain. Those tunnels were going who knows how far and how deep, housing maybe thousands of lost spirits, homeless people or the scum of the earth, hiding in the darkness.

The current leader of the family, Gorgan Doxon was someone at the 9th Body Refinement realm. He held the family’s head position and with that, the City Lord’s seat for 99 years. He made himself a mission; Improving their and the city’s status at all costs. In the previous 50 years he managed to achieve something that no others could do before him, for more than 300 years; improve everyone’s life in the city. Gorgan looked like any other middle aged man that could vanish in a sea of people if he wanted. His features were what the dictionary depicted next to the word; average. Average in height, in physique, with short black hair and brown eyes. Yet sitting on the City Lord’s chair he was looked upon in the family as a potential savior and maybe the only chance to return the city to glory and not let it fall into ruins. Famra already gave place to poverty and crime in the past centuries. If it was not stopped, the end was coming for them sooner or later. Since he became the City Lord, a newer and newer influx of deals were reached, revitalizing the dying economy of Famra, setting it onto the right track.

“This freaking headache… won’t go away…” Gorgan grumbled as he sat before a giant, tinted window, sitting behind a huge desk. It was filled with documents, almost giving out under their weight as he was working since dawn, going through the new budget for the city, before the next month came.

Around a day ago, he felt dizzy and even blacked out once. Others found him on the floor of his office, causing a little panic in the City Hall. Since then he felt a throbbing headache and even as others told him to take it easy, too much work needed to be done for him to consider resting.

“Let me finish this and maybe I’ll take the rest of the day off…” Gorgan moaned, rubbing his eyes, flipping over another stack of papers, going through some inventory when his brows started to furrow “What… how?”

Checking again and again it was still… correct. He finally called up one of his clerks and when confirming it with him too that the thing on the paper was real, he leaned back confused.

“City Lord… you should really rest!” the clerk answered, who was a thin, young man, named Jellat, who was in his twenties. He was a sharp minded official from a low background, working his way up the ladder in the past years. He earned his place by his witty ideas and hardworking attitude and now served as one of Gorgan’s personal clerks. He wore a worried expression, checking out Gorgan again and again. “You are overworking yourself, Sir. You don't even remember what brought us this profit! That is not good, please, take care of yourself! You are our brightest hope!”

“I will, I may really need to rest a little more… go, go for now Jellat and thank you for your work.” He sent him away, looking at the numbers that showed gold reserves that he did not remember where it came from yet here they were. The documents stated they are from the mines. A lucky strike at precious ores and from successful trade agreements… Yet he remembered none of that… but clearly, his signatures were on all of it and as he checked back, year after year he became even more perplexed. A similar influx of gold appeared like a yearly payment, coming from the Gods as he had no recollection of them. None at all.

He was almost convinced that fainting the other day was the cause behind his confusion when the door opened to his office.

“I told you, I am fine-” He answered by reflex but it was not Jellat who was coming back or other underlings coming in to check on him. Instead it was four, hooded figures. “Who are you people?” He stood right up, ready to fight at a moment's notice.

“Is it him?” Leinor asked, watching Gorgan from under his hood, releasing his aura, sealing the room completely from the outside world.

“No.” Ren answered calmly.

“Master,” 01 whispered “you feel it too, don’t you?”

“Mm.” Ren nodded “We are late. He has been wiped!” sighed, admiring the quickness of her maternal side of her “family”.

“Wiped?” asked not just Leinor but Gorgan too at the same time.

“His presence still has some lingering feeling of someone else. Someone way stronger than he is, because he is still alive and fine and not a broken mess on the floor.” 02 explained.

“Yes.” 01 nodded “It was the work of someone who is proficient using his or her eyes. Meaning it must be a cultivator from tha main family, with a pure ancestry.”

“Let me check.” Ren stepped forward and before Gorgan could scream or escape, she was already before him, pushing him back to his chair, placing her hand on his head. Gorgan only saw glowing, violet eyes looking into his, taking over his mind in a flash. As it assaulted his consciousness, searing pain flowed through every fiber of his body, making his nose bleed before passing out. When Ren let go of him she just shook her head, while Gorgan spamsed in his chair.

“Gone.” Ren bit into the end of her thumb. “No memories remain that could link him to anybody! I can’t recover anything, only those thoughts and feelings that are prevalent here.” She looked towards the city from the tinted window. “Like blaming the Empire for the city’s and his family’s decline.”

“No wonder he has worked with outside force, fanning the flames.” Leinor spoke, reading the papers on the desk, going through them, while Ren worked on Gorgan “What should we do?”

“This is a problem…” Ren sighed as she walked to the tinted window, watching the mountain range. “This must mean the other names we got may already be dealt with. Even if we capture them, we may not gain anything.” She clicked her tongue. “I need to change my approach.”

“You have an idea?” Leinor asked as he walked next to her.

“Yes. Lucky for us, we still have some prisoners back at the sect.”

“Are you going to use them?” 01 asked with a surprised voice.

“Is there a problem?” Ren turned towards him questioningly.

“Not with the two women. But the one named Batku is useless.” 01 continued quickly. “After learning all of his tribesmen were killed he broke down and has no will to live. He is unresponsive to any stimuli.”

“Two is enough. LeiLei, heal him.” Ren sighed, shaking her head.

“Are you sure?” He asked, looking back at Gorgan’s body, foaming a little from the mouth.

“Yeah.” Ren nodded. “We’ll report this to Feynor, let him deal with it! We shouldn’t intervene too much in the Empire’s politics and problems, not until we are asked to do so. We are now Sect members and not part of the Empire!”

Leinor just nodded, placing his hand onto the fainted Gorgan’s head, healing him before they left, unnoticed, just as how they arrived. It was hours later when Jellat came in, checking on Gorgat, finding the still fainted man, with dried blood on his face. After the initial panic, he arrived next to him, checking him carefully but when he felt the remaining, lingering trace of Ren’s energy around him, the clerk’s eye suddenly turned violet. His hair changed into a silvery color, looking a little bit dazed before regaining his complete composure. His mortal aura from before was completely gone, replaced by something much, much stronger, rivaling Xendar’s aura… and it was still climbing.

“Oh… what a surprise, that something brings me out of my self hypnotism! Mmm… self cultivated huh? Different from how the family uses it… still, it has a ton of similarities… yet a different approach. Crude and violent… mixed with lightning. Ohh how barbaric! Ahaha~” He giggled like a child, holding Gorgan’s face with a gentle yet weird smile. As he was inspecting his mind, Jellat’s grin became more and more weird. “I must report this back soon... See? Leaving you alive, did bring forward a decent surprise!” He chuckled, patting his face while Gorgan was still out cold.

After writing down his report, which if others would read just seemed like an order for supplies, he sealed it up and stamped it with Gorgan’s crest. Soon it would be sent to the other secret fronts of theirs in the region, accompanied by dozens of other letters, daily leaving the City Hall. When finished, he transformed himself back to the image of a mortal clerk, forcing his mind to behave and believe everything once again, until the next trigger would wake him up. Just as he did, once again, real panic took over him, finding Gorgan in such bad shape. It made him run for help and nobody, not even himself would ever know he was an agent planted here, who knows when and who knows how long ago.



While this was going on in the Empire, on the other side, far away, in the Elroth's territory, Lulu was visiting one of her favorite restaurants. She always frequented it when she was a little girl. Only this time, she had to order and pay for another round of delicacies after delicacies, placed before the gluttonous Kyu.

“This is great! Kyu likes it! Another one!” She laughed, emptying a bowl, while around their tables a crowd was gathering, watching and even cheering on the chubby little girl to eat more. She just threw the bowl onto the others, towering almost as high as a grown man.

“It’s enough, no?” Lulu moaned, feeling like crying as all of her savings were used up already.

“No! You made Kyu wait!” She puffed out her cheeks.

“Then the news was right, it was really you.” cut in suddenly a familiar voice as Werebor showed up, immediately making the crowd part away, not daring to look at him. For civilians it was rare to meet with someone from a Royal family and it happened right here, just now.

“I knew one of you would show up! Honestly, I expected one of my brothers, not you!” Lulu sighed, ignoring him. She just bought another bowl of spicy chicken soup to Kyu who was happily clapping, receiving it, only focusing on eating.

“You never visited in the past years and if not for others, I wouldn’t know you are back. Receiving only letters is not the same thing as seeing your daughter!” He sighed, walking up to the table, sitting down.

“Who ‘dis?” Kyu asked, her mouth full with pasta, slurping it out from the soup.

“My father.” Lulu replied, inclining her head.

“Oh… food is Kyu’s! You get none!” She said quickly, pulling the other, still waiting to be eaten dishes closer to herself, continuing to gobble them down hurriedly.

“I-in… interesting little fellow…” Werebor twitched his mouth, feeling the strange aura from Kyu, realizing quickly she was not human.

“Yeah, I lost a bet so I am her servant for a day. Why are you here?” Lulu grumbled.

“Can’t I just come up to my daughter and say hello after not seeing her for 6 years?”

“It is not like you.” She smiled at him for a brief moment.

“Haahh… Why not come back to my place for now?”

“Is there good food?” Kyu’s ears immediately perked up hearing him.

“Many.” Werebor answered before Lulu could.

“Yey! Go!” She laughed, gulping down everything like an endless sinkhole, even eating the tableware, before burping loudly, spitting them back up onto the table in a clean, spotless form.

“Damn…” Lulu spoke and Werebore at the same time, echoed by the, until now, dead silent crowd.

“Kyu, we should-” Lulu tried to regain her composure and reason with her, yet Kyu immediately shut Lulu down.

“Kyu wants to taste more tasty things! Let’s go!” She jumped up from her chair.

“You always knew how to gain an advantage, huh?” Lulu looked at her father with slanted eyes .

“Don’t blame me, I am your father… Come, let’s catch up a little!” Werebor smiled, standing up and soon followed by a happily humming Kyu and a suspicious Lulu.