Chapter 4:

Making sense of the senseless part 2

Do you dream of me in the next life?

Kalah watched as Joseph’s body disappeared in purple smoke. Thank goodness that worked, she thought. Kalah ran through the rain to Joseph’s house. Anna, Joseph’s mom, should know what to do since she was the head of the Ethereal Circle. She rang the doorbell.Bookmark here

Anna opened the door. “Kalah? Wait, where’s Joseph?”Bookmark here

Kalah was panting, out of breath. “Anna, we need to talk.” Bookmark here

Anna nodded and gestured for Kalah to come inside. They entered the living room and sat down together at the couch. Bookmark here

“What’s wrong?”Bookmark here

“Someone stabbed Joseph with a magic knife.”Bookmark here

“Stabbed?! Magic knife? What happened? Is Joseph-.”Bookmark here

“He’s ok. T-This is what happened.”Bookmark here

Every word Kalah uttered brought her back to that awful moment. Anna took all the details in. She told Anna about the only thing she could remember of the culprit which was their trench coat and matching hat. When Kalah finished, Anna placed her hands on Kalah’s shoulders and gently rubbed them. Bookmark here

“Oh Kalah, I’m sorry you had to go through that by yourself. Thank you so much for saving my son.”Bookmark here

They went into a teary eyed hug. Then they parted from it, having a moment of calm.Bookmark here

“Do you think it was one of the witches from Littlewood?” said Kalah.Bookmark here

“Maybe. They’re just too many unknowns right now. Until we can rule out Littlewood’s witches, we shouldn’t raise alarm among the whole Circle just yet.”Bookmark here

“Do you know how Joseph can get back from the Dream World?”Bookmark here

Anna looked down and closed her eyes. “I am not aware of the full details, but I believe there’s a way to go back and forth between our worlds somehow. Perhaps there is something about it in the Witches Library.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’ll check it out in the library tomorrow.” Kalah checked the clock in the living room and noticed that it was almost time. “Sorry but I have to go now before I get late to my witch duties.”Bookmark here

Anna grabbed her arm as she got up to leave. Bookmark here

“Kalah, one more thing. Please be careful. I don’t want you to be their next victim.” Bookmark here

“Ok, I’ll be careful.”Bookmark here

Outside the house, Kalah took out her broom that she stored away with her magic. She flew back to her house and placed her backpack on her bed through the open window. Then she left to the usual spot in the city. The sky was asleep, and the rain was replaced with stars that tried their best to stand out.Bookmark here

“Ah, there you are! I was just about to text you.”, said Rebecca with a pouty face.Bookmark here

“Finally, we can get this over with,” said Noah with a bored expression. Noah was a warlock, a male witch. Warlocks were not very common within the Witch Society.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry everyone. I was finishing my homework and lost track of time.” Kalah said, even though it was a lie.Bookmark here

“It’s fine, Kalah. At least we’re all here. Now shall we then?” said Ava.Bookmark here

When witches fly through the air, they use magic that hides their presence to the human eye. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to cast so any Witch or Warlock could do it. On patrol, Witches used magic that when cast acts like a bat sonar. If it hits a Nightmare anywhere, it would bounce the information back to the caster.Bookmark here

“Hey guys! I think I got something, be right back!” said Rebecca. Bookmark here

She flew over to an apartment building where a Nightmare was about to attack a teenage boy. Bookmark here

“Oh no you don’t’!” Bookmark here

The Nightmare was blasted by magic and disappeared from existence. Before Rebecca left the apartment, she cast sandman magic onto the teenager. Sandman magic was a dust-based magic that was blown or sprinkled onto the eyes. It changed nightmares into pleasant dreams that last until they woke up.Bookmark here

The rest of the time Kalah was out on patrol, nothing noteworthy particularly happened. A new batch of witches arrived to take over. She flew back to her house and turned in for the night.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Kalah tried her best to power through all of her morning classes. Every minute of the hour felt like it took a century. Finally, to Kalah’s internal relief, it was the period she was waiting all day for: study period. She traveled down the hallway and through the library until stopping in front of a wall. After surveying her surroundings, Kalah walked through the wall as it rippled around her like water.Bookmark here

On the other side was the Witches Library, a collection of books so large it dwarfed Littlewood’s library in comparison. A book could be found in every nook and cranny. From what Kalah could remember, this library was fused and connected to the school’s library through some kind of complicated magic. A former principal was a head witch and created this library to support witches in their pursuit of knowledge. Everything that the Ethereal Circle had ever known could be found here.Bookmark here

The whole library was alphabetically labeled which made it easier to find specific subjects of interest. Kalah walked down the aisles until she got to the letter “D” aisle. She glanced over the book titles until she found one titled “Dream World: Encyclopedia”, which looked like it was the most current version available. She took the book over to a nearby table and flipped through its contents. Kalah found a peculiar page that talked about a door that connects to the Dream World and ours. But it doesn’t say where this door was and how it was used. Maybe another book could have more details, she thought.Bookmark here

She walked back to where she found the book and returned it to its proper shelf space. Kalah was checking the other books nearby when suddenly, a hand touched the same book that she wanted. Bookmark here

“Sorry. Oh, hello Kalah.” Said Ava. Bookmark here

“Hi Ava. Do you have some time to talk? I would like to ask you something.”Bookmark here

“Sure. I have some time to chat. What would you like to ask?”Bookmark here

Kalah could feel her heart beating fast in her chest.Bookmark here

“Where were you after you left the Student Council yesterday?”Bookmark here

Ava looked at her with a smile. “Well…”Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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