Chapter 1:

Let's Become Other World Idols!

Troubadour★Magic Idol

“You want to start an idol group?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, that’s right.”Bookmark here

“You know this is the adventurer’s guild, right?”Bookmark here

“You too? That Goddess acted the same way…do you not love idols?”Bookmark here

“G-goddess? Miss, are you sure you’re alright?”Bookmark here

“Of course I’m alright! I’m talking about having a group of young girls who sing and entertain people. They would also fight monsters and help people, so being an adventuring party is a must.”Bookmark here

“I’m afraid we can’t let you put these fliers up. If you put up a normal party recruitment flier that would be one thing, but you still haven’t registered as an adventurer yourself, Miss…”Bookmark here

“Susannah. And fine, I’ll register myself even though I was just going to be their manager.”Bookmark here

“You say that, but aren’t you a young girl yourself?”Bookmark here

I stopped arguing with the receptionist to fill out the guild application she had given me. My name and current body had been given to me by the goddess of this world, so I forgot that I was young again.Bookmark here

Ah, about that. I’m one of those ‘reincarnated into another world’ people like in the light novels back in my old world. For the past 13 years I had lived without my memories of that old life, but now I’m here filling out this guild registration form. Bookmark here

Why do I want to start an idol group? Simple. I love idols. I tried to start an idol club in high school, just like in L*ve L*ve, but none of the other girls were interested. Bookmark here

Luckily, this world does have a concept of idols. The SSS-Rank adventuring party, Euterpe, consisted of a Hero and two troubadours. Those troubadours traveled the world performing after the demon king had been defeated. Girl groups traveling to perform had become popular immediately after that, but they had dwindled in the past couple of decades. Bookmark here

But they weren’t real idol groups! They lacked the outfits, the dancing, the moe moe factor, everything was wrong about them! Bookmark here

Unfortunately for me, as the receptionist explained to me yesterday, idol was not job class I would be able to take. Reluctantly, I put down troubadour. Bookmark here

“Let’s see here…” the receptionist looked over my application. “Susannah von Euterpe… eh?”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“The von Euterpe?”Bookmark here

“Is there any other?”Bookmark here

That’s right… the legendary SSS-rank party had been given a noble name for defeating the demon king. And I was their daughter. How more cliche could you get? Reborn in another world as the daughter of the hero’s party… Bookmark here

“Deepest apologies, my lady. I apologize for my rudeness. Let us get you in for your magic aptitude test right away so that we can get your card issued.”Bookmark here

It’s funny how people change their tone with you once you drop a noble title. I followed her to the back room where they had a crystal set up for measuring magic power. Naturally, my magic aptitude was quite high, troubadour was a spell user class, and the child of a magic user was likely to have increased magical ability. It’s the reason many powerful wizard families have lived for generations, like the Adillion and Suppria families, who have produced magic users capable of changing the weather. Bookmark here

“I’d put your magic ability on par with A rank, however, considering your age and lack of experience, the highest we can put you in is a D-Rank. You should be able to move up pretty quickly though, given your pedigree and abilities. I might even be able to get you pushed to a C-Rank, but I would recommend leveling up the old fashioned way. You can stop by tomorrow to pick up your adventuring card.”Bookmark here

“Alright, thank you.” I figured it would be something like that. Bookmark here

With that taken care of, it was time to go home for the day. I had purposely gone to the next town over so that no one would recognize me, even though that ended up being pointless once I had to give my name anyway. Thankfully, returning home would be fast using Gate magic. Bookmark here

I arrived back in front of my house. Even though it has been my home for 13 years, it still seemed a bit too large to me. Perhaps it’s because I just recently got my memories back of my last life? Bookmark here

“Savvy, baby! You’re home!” The woman who I called mama in this world, Natashia Bordius von Euterpe, had been sitting in the garden and had seen me arrive using Gate. She was one of the troubadours I mentioned who had accompanied the hero.Bookmark here

“Hi Mama, is Mom home? I wanted to tell you both about the guild.”Bookmark here

“No, she just went shopping. It’s just me and you! Let mama dote on you for a bit!”Bookmark here

“Sorry, I’m a bit tired. Can you send one of the maids to get me once Mom gets home?”Bookmark here

“You’re no fun anymore, Savvy. Teenagers really are different people.” She made an exaggerated swoon. “I’ve failed as a mother.” Bookmark here

I walked up to the house, giving her a peck on the cheek as I went by. “You’re tied for the best mother I’ve ever had.”Bookmark here

She made a pouting noise as I went inside.Bookmark here

Oh? You didn’t expect me to have two mothers? I told you I was the daughter of the Euterpe party. The hero had vanished after defeating the demon king, and the troubadours traveled together both as musicians and as lovers. Bookmark here

After I died in my last world, I met a goddess. Bookmark here

She told me I could decide what kind of family I wanted to be reborn into. I told her I had one condition.Bookmark here

I wanted to be born to a couple that couldn’t have children but wanted to have one.Bookmark here

I wanted to feel loved in my next life. To have someone that cared about me and someone who could be proud of my accomplishments. Someone who wanted to see a young life grow and support it. Bookmark here

As for how a lesbian couple had a child, didn’t I say already? My body was made by the goddess. I am a living miracle. And the day mama found out she was pregnant, she cried for hours.Bookmark here

So, I want to live a life that can make my new parents proud. I want to bring smiles to the whole world as an idol. Bookmark here

It’s the least I could do. I have a legacy to uphold in this world after all.
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