Chapter 3:



“You know Jahana” she said while cleaning herself, with her tongue, one of the wounds she had received “you’re not a complete useless”

“Thanks” I replied getting closer to her “you’re all dirty” I added while beginning to clean, with my tongue, the fragments of flesh and blood, from the Harpy, that Natasha still had on her body

“Don’t do that” Natasha commented with a childish giggle because of the tickling that my tongue was giving her “I’m no longer a puppy that has to be cleaned”

“I just want to thank you” I said without looking at her, without stopping to clean all of her body with my tongue “for protecting me”

“You’re my sister” she said still giggling from the tickles that my tongue made on her skin “I have to take care of you” she said and began cleaning me

We continued cleaning, each other, simultaneously; in the process our tongues sometimes, by accident touched, accidents that each time became more and more frequent. Until finally our lips and then our bodies united, just like before we had expressed our mutual hatred with blows, now we expressed our love with caresses

Caresses that became more and more intense and deeper, just like our kisses, our moans and gasps, just like my sweet purring and her soft growls increased as we gave and received each time more and more pleasure to each other, as we gradually reached absolute ecstasy, together

The soft wind and the silence of the night reflected the peace we had found in the arms of the other. We turned to see each other and laughed, for we had changed back, unconsciously to our human form.

All of the wounds, we had obtained during our previous fights were gone but the mess we had done of ourselves when: while devouring the Harpy, and our later intimate and rather intense play time was clearing visible in our faces and our overall appearance

“You’re a disaster Jahana” Natasha commented, with a childish laugh, while we both walked completely naked and barefooted, but with our hands firmly intertwined

“Well you look worse” I told her, with a wide smile, while I gave her a slight and lovingly push of my hip against hers. We both laughed, hugged and again kissed with intense passion and then continued our trip back home

“What are we going to tell them?” she asked worried, referring to our parents “for coming back sooo late and like this…” she commented, while signaling up and down to both of us, for we were both totally naked

We had recovered both my backpack and her briefcase, but all of our cloth had been torn to bit, during our transformation. Thus we had no other option but to walk back home, hiding from shadow to shadow in the darkest places we could find along our way, so as to avoid getting seen

This alone would have made our going forwards rather slow, but we also used that darkness as a pretext to continue expressing our love with quick caresses, kisses and even more intimate games

“That we were hunting together!” I answered with a smile “they are going to love that their cute cubs engage, together, in another activity that’s not fighting each other”

“YEA!” Natasha exclaimed while laughing “hey, wouldn’t it be fun that the Harpy would have been our school principal?” she asked and we both strongly laughed, full of glee before such great possibility

Quickly we hid again, when the lights of a vehicle threatened to expose us before the sight of those that approached. Hidden among the shadows of our temporal hideout we took advantage to again kiss and caress each other one more time.

When we were finally able to get out, sadly we let go of our joined hands for we were rather close to our home; we both well knew that we would have to hide our love, from everybody, for not even our parents could know about it

While we walked we agreed on what we would have to do: we’d have to pretend. Before all, both at home as in school, at least for a while. Nobody must have any suspicion about what was going on between Natasha and me, we would only be able to express our true feelings when we were completely alone; we both knew that this bond, that we had forged on that night, would unite us for our lifetime: we would hunt together, we would always fight together and one day we would die together

Because together, united for life, there would be no problem we couldn’t overcome; besides, after resolving our differences, which we had once believed were irreconcilable, any other problem, would be just a game

Or so we though...

“Girls we want to speak with both” my daddy called us from the living room “please come down” he requested a little while after we had finished taking a shower

“We have something very important to tell you” Natasha’s mommy announced as soon as we came down the stairs, while hugging my daddy

We thought we would be reprehended, blaming for it to some report from school, or because it was very late and we still hadn’t done anything of our homework’s

But they both seemed happy, too happy, besides since we had arrived, they had acted far too tolerant and comprehensive with us; suspiciously far too kind with us

We were both more worried about their suspicious attitude than for the punishment or reprehension that, we almost expected, because we daily got one. While we changed, in a hushed voice, we had commented our suspicions and the reasons for them to act like that

We were so nervous and worried by their attitude that, without realizing, we had worn half the pajama from each other, that is while Natasha was wearing my pajamas shirt I was wearing the pants from hers

“We are expecting a baby!” Natasha’s mommy exploded, with great joy and anxiety, to share the great news, as soon as we had reached the bottom of the stairs; without realizing that we were holding hands, we both felt our legs bend, strengthless we fell to our knees, hugging each other, as we knelt on the floor