Chapter 0:


Lilia High School Suite

# ??? POV #

“Nee-chan! Onee-chan, wake up!” I could hear the sound of an unwanted someone that’s always has been a nuisance in the morning. I slowly try to regain my conciousness but to no avail.

“Uhh.. Kiko... give your Onee-chan... 10 more minu-“

“Hmmh~. Nee-chan is really troublesome, huh.. Well, in that case, excuse me while i’m taking your phone to dad and showing your lockscre--“

“DOONNTT!!” my conciousness quicky gained back as soon Kiko said that and quickly snatch the phone away from her.

“Hahaha... Well, if Nee-chan don’t want to, take your lazy-ass up and go dress to your uniform! We’re getting late you know. It is always like this every morning.” Kiko then put on a grimacing but cute pout face to me.

“Yeah, yeah, thank you, vice-mom. ....”

“ .... and my beloved little sister.” I shyly add that while i was getting out of the bed.

“Uh, um, uh.... t-t-thank you, N-Nee-chan.” Kiko blushed hot red while messing up her own words.

That’s cute.

My little sister, Kiko Shiraishi, is always a sucker when i compliment her. She has that cliche tsundere-like personality that people might’ve not expected when they first see her. With short and smooth brown hair decorating the beautiful face, fairly small-sized chest, not-so-high schooler-like body posture (more like a middle schooler but still a bit more mature than that) and height that barely exceeded me with a centimeter seperating us, she is really caring and always help out doing the houseworks. Literally the best little sister anyone could’ve hoped for, but fortunately she is already in the possession of our family. Well technically, the reason as to why our heights is so closely matched, is that we’re actually twins that are an hour apart. My appereance you may ask? Imagine Kiko but with a short ponytail on the back of my hair, and chest size that is slighly bigger than her, but other than that, our faces and bodies are totally identical.

Me and Kiko then continue our preparation to none other than the daily routine (torture) that is universally known as school. Kiko continue to scramble back-and-forth between her room and mine that is placed next to each other’s to take amenities such as the comb, necessary makeups, and parfumes and then getting to her room again to mirror and tidy herself. Ah yeah, on second thought, I’ve never got to see Kiko’s room although our rooms basically stick to each other and Kiko often the one who visits my room. She would conjure up the same response whenever i tried to enter her room. “No, no! Onee-chan can’t never ever enter my room, forever!” and then would always smash close her door. I wonder why. But, the way she always say and act like that will always warm my heart so i sometimes tease her a bit without actually wanting to go in. She really is a cutie.

While Kiko is upstairs doing her stuffs, i’m here at the kitchen cooking a quick breakfast for the two of us that consists of tempe, spicy fried egg, and a little bit of rice. For the day it’s only the two of us at our modestly sized house because our dad is currently on a week of bussiness journies across the province as a marketing agent for a food and drink company and mom taking care of our ill grandfather at the nearby hospital so she slept there for the night. We would often shift our roles every morning to decide who’s cooking for breakfast. Nothing much of our breakfast really, just something to fill our empty stomaches until the first recess come.


She’s taking quite a bit of time now, maybe something is probleming her.

“Kiko! Is there a problem up there? Nee-chan will help you if you want.”

“Oh, uh..., nothing, Nee-chan! I will quickly go down there!” Kiko answered with the energetic voice she always have with slight hesitation i heard there.

Well, there’s nothing to worry then.

Kiko showed up from the top floor running down the stairs and then quickly messing up her uniform again. Kiko’s uniform, and also mine, is of the renowned public school in our city, Lilia Public High School. More on that later (wink, wink). Her face looked quite red although not quite as red as before, now i’m genuinely concerned. Maybe she is hiding that she’s a bit unwell or something? But, i can tell from the way she is actively eating her breakfast that she’s in fact all okay and in her pumped up mode.

You really are a cutie and also quite the mystery sometimes, Kiko. Haha. I like you so much.

With all the morning formalities done and dusted, we tie up our shoes and our life at the lively and exciting Lilia School begins as usual!

# Kiko POV #

My heart is still pounding really hard after the incident known as ‘waking up Onee-chan’.

Stupid Nee-chan! Stupid Nee-chan! You should really see your sexy expression when you say that line in front of your little sister, dammit! Espacially the gesture you make when you say that, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!....... are always like this, Nee-chan.... One more compliment then i would really lose control there. Fufu... take responsibility, Nee-chan. If only you know how much i love you.....

While i was freaking out inside, i didn’t realise 3 minutes had already passed and then Onee-chan shouted at me from downstairs calling me, waking me up from the mess. I quickly tidy up my Lilia uniform, and rushed downstairs to see my beloved Nee-chan’s face again.

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Lilia High School Suite