Chapter 11:

Vol. 2 Ch. 2 Love Master


Chapter 2Bookmark here

Love MasterBookmark here

The next day at the library.Bookmark here

"Hey, what are you planning?"Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

What is this berserker saying?Bookmark here

"I know you have something planned for later... physical activities, right?"Bookmark here

"H-How did you know that?!"Bookmark here

"I just know, so what are you planning?"Bookmark here

"I don't know how you found out, but yes. I was planning to do some exercise later with the others."Bookmark here

" that all?"Bookmark here

"Huh? Yeah."Bookmark here

"Okay then."Bookmark here

She went back to reading.Bookmark here

The reason I'm going to do physical tiring activity with the others was for Cecil's request. I got a plan into making him and Alex fall in love with each other.Bookmark here

I don't know how berserker found out about it, but this event made me realize that this person is too smart. Actually, being smart has nothing to do about it... how the hell did she know?Bookmark here

...I guess thinking about it is useless...Bookmark here

"Oi kid."Bookmark here

Someone called out to me, it was the person who read books here everyday around 11:00am or so. She is reading on the table near the counter.Bookmark here

"What is it brat?"Bookmark here

"You plan to sneak Celeste later? I'll come with you."Bookmark here

"Fine."Bookmark here

Xeline went back to reading.Bookmark here

I read random books until 12:00pm.Bookmark here

Next, I went to the lake to get some Nails and strings... this was for my plans for later.Bookmark here

I put them on my pocket, went to the bench and ate.Bookmark here

After eating I drew picked up the map the Berserker gave me and drew something on it. I'll use it for later.Bookmark here

I went to the woodworking shop.Bookmark here

"Oi old man, wood working."Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah."Bookmark here

He handed me two books.Bookmark here

"You know what to do with that, now come here."Bookmark here

One of the books was a thick compressed book called 'Full list of Wood Materials' and one is a thin book 'How to Woodwork'. A 'Compressed Book' is a book like the potion books or the ones the tailor gave me.Bookmark here

"This is the saw, use it to cut. This is the hammer, use it to hammer. This is the varnish, use it to shine. These are rulers, pencils, which are obviously for drawing on wood, this is the chisel, use it to-"Bookmark here

"You suck at teaching."Bookmark here

"Just read that damn book, I don't care... now don't disturb me and work on that side."Bookmark here

"What should I work for?"Bookmark here

"I don't know and I don't care, I'll give you request when you don't suck that much anymore."Bookmark here

"Fine."Bookmark here

I read and finished the thin book, 'How to Woodwork' easily.Bookmark here

There are a lot of things that needs to be done compared to smithing.Bookmark here

But the summary is.Bookmark here

Draw, shape with tools, then varnish.Bookmark here

Some, like bows or instruments, needs strings.Bookmark here

The first thing I made through woodworking is a bow.Bookmark here

I wanted to build a folding ladder for Celeste to let her escape that school without me, but this old man doesn't have any blueprint for it. I'll go to the library at another time for that.Bookmark here

I finished the bow after working for an hour, and it's pretty bad.Bookmark here

I threw it away at the stack of failed wood carving that will be used for burning.Bookmark here

"Oi Old man, everyday 2:00 to 3:30, let's practice playing piano.Bookmark here

"Fine."Bookmark here

So my schedule for the woodworking shop is 12:30-2:00 is woodworking, then 2:00-3:30 piano.Bookmark here

For the rest of the time woodworking I didn't touch another wood, but just watched the old man do woodworking to learn more.Bookmark here

After watching him we went to the music room to play.Bookmark here

Like yesterday I would play and he judge.Bookmark here

And at 3:30 I would leave.Bookmark here

"It's time for me to leave old man."Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah."Bookmark here

I left the woodworking shop and went to the lake to fetch Celeste.Bookmark here

When I came to the lake, a person was there.Bookmark here

"Center-cha...mffpmffp."Bookmark here

It was Onee-chan.Bookmark here

I hurried over and covered her mouth, she's probably going to shout 'Center-chan!'.Bookmark here

"Shhh!"Bookmark here

She nodded two times then I removed my hand.Bookmark here

"Center-chan... that made my heart race... do it again!"Bookmark here

"......."Bookmark here

I ignored her and looked up the window.Bookmark here

Celeste was there and beside her was the crazy girl.Bookmark here

"Oi kid, wait."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"I'll come down there first, in case Onee-chan shouts."Bookmark here

"Yeah, that would be good."Bookmark here

I read what was on her mind. If no one is left beside Onee-chan, she will be noisy resulting to people coming here making the kidnapping of Celeste fail.Bookmark here

Xeline went out the school through the front gates and went here.Bookmark here

"Xeline-cha...mfpfpfmt"Bookmark here

I covered her mouth again.Bookmark here

"Shhhh!"Bookmark here

"Heehee... that made my heart race again Center-chan."Bookmark here

"......"Bookmark here

Xeline went beside Onee-chan.Bookmark here

"What are you waiting for? Go get her slow kid."Bookmark here

"Shut up useless brat."Bookmark here

I jump over to the window.Bookmark here

Seeing this, Onee-chan was surprised.Bookmark here

"Center-chan! Are you even human?!"Bookmark here

"Onee-chan, shhh!"Bookmark here

"Oh, sorry!."Bookmark here

"......"Bookmark here

I ignored her and grabbed Celeste in a princess carry.Bookmark here

I looked at her face while she was in my arms.Bookmark here

"Ready?"Bookmark here

"Uh huh..."Bookmark here

She was beet red when she replied.Bookmark here

"Kyaa—"Bookmark here

"Onee-chan...Shh! Oi slow kid! hurry up!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan was so excited and flinging her arms and her eyes in a >< Shape while Xeline was covering her mouth.Bookmark here

This is when I thought I did a stupid decision and should've just made onee-chan wait somewhere else.Bookmark here

I jumped down with Celeste then looked at her face.Bookmark here

"You okay?"Bookmark here

"......"Bookmark here

For some reason, she was red and cannot speak.Bookmark here

*Pssssssshhhh!*Bookmark here

"O-Onee-chan?!"Bookmark here

Xeline shouted in a soft voice.Bookmark here

The reason is because Onee-chan just had a massive nosebleed and fainted.Bookmark here

I dropped Celeste softly on the floor and went to Onee-chan.Bookmark here

"Oi! What happened."Bookmark here

"I don't know... Onee-chan? Are you alright?"Bookmark here

".......Sai....kou..."(...The...Best...)Bookmark here

""She's fine.""Bookmark here

I carried Onee-chan in a princess carry then she regained consciousness and hugged me. and went to the library by avoiding the entrance of the school.Bookmark here

We carefully looked around if a person from their school is watching then went inside the library.Bookmark here

" that Roxelle? What happened to her?"Bookmark here

""Just the usual.""Bookmark here

"I see."Bookmark here

After Onee-chan calmed down Berserker asked us a question.Bookmark here

"What are you guys doing anyway?"Bookmark here

"Sneaking this girl out for reasons."Bookmark here

"I just wanted to see how Cecil-chan's story will progress."Bookmark here

"I came to make sure this kid doesn't—"Bookmark here

"Shut up, and don't speak, don't waste time."Bookmark here

"At least you know how it is."Bookmark here

"Me! Me! I just wanted to come because you guys left me out yesterday!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan shouted while her cheeks are cutely puffed.Bookmark here

"Anyway, this problem of Cecil will probably be solved later."Bookmark here

"What? Really? How can you be sure about that, Nameless-san."Bookmark here

"I'm not that sure, but I got a plan."Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

"I don't have to explain, let's just go to the blacksmith now."Bookmark here

We went to the blackmith.Bookmark here

"Oi stalker, time to go!"Bookmark here

"Go? Go where?"Bookmark here

"Don't play dumb."Bookmark here

"......"Bookmark here

"Tsk."Bookmark here

I dragged Cecil out by dragging his hand.Bookmark here

"This guy is so powerful!"Bookmark here

"Kyaaaaah!"Bookmark here

Why is onee-chan screaming again?Bookmark here

We just decided to ignore her and went to Alex.Bookmark here

"So you're here, are you ready?"Bookmark here

"Wait Alex, I have a condition."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"You need to run one round around the whole town with all of us."Bookmark here

"""Ha?!"""Bookmark here

"Yay!"Bookmark here

"I'm leaving."Bookmark here

Alex, Cecil, and Celeste was surprised.Bookmark here

Onee-chan was happy.Bookmark here

And the brat wanted to leave.Bookmark here

"No! Don't leave Xeline-chan!Bookmark here

Onee-chan hugged Xeline.Bookmark here

"But Onee-chan!"Bookmark here

"No buts!"Bookmark here

"......."Bookmark here

Xeline gave up and returned.Bookmark here

"Why should we do that, Nameless-kun?"Bookmark here

"It's payment for dressing up this guy, in fact, you can both dress up while running, that will promote the shop, right?"Bookmark here

"...That's a great Idea, But I have one condition."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"You all should wear something that I will give you!"Bookmark here

"Of course."Bookmark here

"I don't care as long as this ends quickly."Bookmark here

"Please give us all cute outfits Alex-chan!"Bookmark here

"....Costumes......"Bookmark here

"Then, it's a deal!"Bookmark here

Cecil went near me and whispered.Bookmark here

"Just what are you planning?"Bookmark here

"Just do it, I don't need to explain. You'll thank me later."Bookmark here

"...if you say so."Bookmark here

After that, we all went inside the shop and Alex gave us costumes to wear.Bookmark here

After wearing them we went to the store floor.Bookmark here

"Everyone is so cute!!!!!"Bookmark here

The one who said that was Onee-chan.Bookmark here

Onee-chan is wearing a maid outfit.Bookmark here

Celeste is wearing a blue dress.Bookmark here

Xeline is wearing a white goth Lolita Outfit.Bookmark here

Alex is wearing a butler outfit.Bookmark here

Cecil is wearing a suit inside a trench coat.Bookmark here

And I am wearing something like what a pirate wears based on what I saw in a book.Bookmark here

Why the hell does Alex have these kinds of things at the shop?Bookmark here

I guess this just shows her.... I mean... his passion for sewing.Bookmark here

"I guess your plan is going smoothly." Bookmark here

Someone whispered to my ear.Bookmark here

"Eh? When did you get here?!"Bookmark here

The one who whispered to me was the berserker.Bookmark here

"Acei-chan!"Bookmark here

"Hi."Bookmark here

"Go run with us!"Bookmark here

"Sorry.... I don't like physical activities."Bookmark here

"Buuuu...."Bookmark here

"Aceilette-sama! Can you at least wear a costume?"Bookmark here

"But I don't want to-"Bookmark here

"You don't have to run! You can just stay here!"Bookmark here

This is bad... for my plan, I need not to be seen by everyone. If Berserker stays here, it will be ruined.Bookmark here

Berserker looked at me then smiled.Bookmark here

"Nah, I'd rather read in the library... I think I might get in the way of someone when I stay here."Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

"Acei-cha—"Bookmark here

"Sorry, take care!"Bookmark here

Before Onee-chan talked, Berserker walked fast, I never would've thought that I would see her do physical activities like that in my entire life.Bookmark here

I guess he knows that Onee-chan won't stop until she goes with us so she left before Onee-chan had the chance to do it.Bookmark here

But still, I expected berserker to know my plan only up to the phyiscal activities.Bookmark here

But did she know what I would do after that?Bookmark here

...That's impossible.Bookmark here

But....Bookmark here

I don't really know, that person is too smart for me to handle.Bookmark here

Why would she even walk all the way here just for that?Bookmark here

And how did she know we were here? or... did she follow us after we left the library?Bookmark here

It's useless to think about it.Bookmark here

"Cecil-chan, don't worry! you look good in this kind of outfit too!"Bookmark here

".....thanks Roxelle."Bookmark here

Why is Cecil depressed again?Bookmark here

I don't have time to think about it so I'll just start telling the rules.Bookmark here

"Well then, I'll tell you the route....First , we start at the entrance of the tailor, then the next destination is the pharmacy, next is the knights guild. Then you go to the clinic from the knights guild. After that, go through the market on the wall side. The next is the path between the inn and aventurers guild. Then the finish line is behind this shop.....I'll show you a map."Bookmark here

I showed them a map of Quina I drew before with a map route on it.( here

Everyone looked at it.Bookmark here

"Everyone okay?"Bookmark here

They all nodded.Bookmark here

"Then, let's go to the starting line."Bookmark here

The starting line was in front of the shop.Bookmark here

"Everyone ready?"Bookmark here

They all nodded.Bookmark here

"3,2,1....."Bookmark here

"Start!"Bookmark here

Everyone started running.Bookmark here

While we ran, people around started looking at us.Bookmark here

The reason was obvious, we were wearing unique outfits that are not worn every day.Bookmark here

After 400 meters, a gap has shown.Bookmark here

Last place is Xeline.Bookmark here

Ha!Bookmark here

Second to the last is Celeste.Bookmark here

In front of her was Alex.Bookmark here

Third place is Cecil.Bookmark here

Second place is me.Bookmark here

And first place, surprisingly... no, it's not surprising... is Onee-chan.Bookmark here

Onee-chan is running backwards and looking at us appreciating everyone's costume.Bookmark here

She was just running easily without effort and sweat while the others, except for Cecil, was breathing heavily.Bookmark here

"Onee-chan... I wasn't expecting you to be athletic."Bookmark here

"Hmhm! Impressed, Center-chan? I train at school!"Bookmark here

Yeah, I forgot that she stayed at school from 7:00 to 3:00 which was way too long.Bookmark here

Xeline was just required to attend from 12:00-1:00 and normally, it should be 11:00-3:00 like Celeste.Bookmark here

"Onee-chan, are you ready to give me the first place?"Bookmark here

"Do you think you can catch me! Center-chan?!"Bookmark here

"I would want to stay, but I have important things to do!"Bookmark here

For my plan to succeed, I need to be able to get there first. no. I need to have a large lead from them.Bookmark here

I stopped and kneeled in sprinting position, this is to relax myself and go at full speed.Bookmark here

"Center-chan?! Why did you stop."Bookmark here

Then...Bookmark here

*psssh!*Bookmark here

I ran in a burst of speed, surpassing onee-chan in an instant.Bookmark here

"So fast!"Bookmark here

"That guy... he will be a great blacksmith."Bookmark here

"Nameless-kun isn't human!"Bookmark here

" cool......"Bookmark here

"Damn show off kid."Bookmark here

I ran as fast as I can so I will have a good lead.Bookmark here

The reason I did this race because I realized something after playing the piano yesterday.Bookmark here

My heart rate was fast because I was tired.Bookmark here

This made me realize that this is one of those things that will make your heart beat faster.Bookmark here

I know that this is in another book, but I don't need to read it anymore because it so obvious.Bookmark here

They say that when the heart rate increase, love is activated.Bookmark here

But there should be a trigger.Bookmark here

The reason I need to have a large lead was because of that trigger.Bookmark here

I ran at full speed.Bookmark here

After a few minutes I reached the finish line.Bookmark here

"haa...haa.... time to get started!"Bookmark here

I took out the nails I got before and planted them everywhere.Bookmark here

These nails are attached to strings.Bookmark here

The strings and nails are all strategically placed.Bookmark here

Okay, now , we're all set.Bookmark here

I could set this up yesterday or a while ago, but that would be risky because if whoever finds find out, they would remove it, destroying the plan and also giving the possibility of my hunting skills exposed.Bookmark here

....what's taking them so long?Bookmark here

After a few seconds I saw someone I know running towards me.Bookmark here

It was unexpectedly Alex.Bookmark here

Then behind him there are two figures.Bookmark here

"Ohh.. So that's what's happening."Bookmark here

Behind Alex there were two figures but four people.Bookmark here

Cecil was carrying Celeste, and Onee-chan was carrying Xeline.Bookmark here

Xeline was breathing heavily with a flushed face, and so was Celeste.Bookmark here

Celeste was being carried by Cecil at his back, and Xeline was being carried by Onee-chan in a princess carry.Bookmark here

"Cecil-chan, want to switch babies?"Bookmark here

", I'm too tired to switch... how can you be not tired."Bookmark here

"With Xeline-chan or Celeste-chan, I can run the whole world without getting tired!"Bookmark here

For some reason I believe that, because she was not even sweating even while wearing that outfit... what a monster.Bookmark here

After a few moments when Alex was about to reach the finish line.Bookmark here

"Okay! I want to at least get Xeline-chan to second place!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan suddenly had a burst of speed.Bookmark here

Instantly overtaking Alex and reaching the finish line.Bookmark here

"Second place is Xeline-chan and third place is me!"Bookmark here

"This damn brat got lucky today."Bookmark here

"haa..haa.. shutup, why the hell do I have to do this stupid activity anyway..."Bookmark here

The next who crossed was Alex followed by Cecil who was carrying Celeste.Bookmark here

"Roxelle.. your too fast, why didn't you try to win if you're that fast?"Bookmark here

"Why? If I did that, I won't see all of your cuteness! It would be a waste!"Bookmark here

It's a good thing Alex proposed wearing these or else Onee-chan might've reached here before I finished my preparations.Bookmark here

"haa..haa..."Bookmark here

"......"Bookmark here

"Cecil-san?"Bookmark here

For some reason Cecil looked at his outfit, closed his eyes and smiled a lonely smile.Bookmark here

"....Cecil-san, does it really not look good?"Bookmark here

Alex asked with a worried look on his face.Bookmark here

"No! it's not that it looks good!"Bookmark here

"Oh really?....."Bookmark here

"Yes! Yes! Believe me!"Bookmark here

"......."Bookmark here

Nope, she looks loneley.Bookmark here

"Then... what's wrong Cecil-san?"Bookmark here

"N-Nothings wrong!"Bookmark here

"Alex-san, could you check his outfit... it might have some things that are hurting Cecil."Bookmark here

"Wha? Is it true?!"Bookmark here

"No! nothings hurting me!"Bookmark here

"Let me see!"Bookmark here

As Alex was going to Cecil.Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

"Wha?!"Bookmark here

I pulled a string.Bookmark here

The string rose and it tripped Alex's leg.Bookmark here

Alex tripped over the string and fell over Cecil.Bookmark here

This was the reason for my strings. By putting a lot of strings, I can make him fall anytime and anywhere on this small area.Bookmark here

Cecil saved Alex from falling by grabbing his shoulders and Alex's hands were placed on Cecil's chest.Bookmark here

The operation was a success.Bookmark here

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"Bookmark here

But there was something else...Bookmark here

The one who shouted was, no.Bookmark here

The one who squealed was Cecil.Bookmark here

"What?! Cecil-san you're?!"Bookmark here

Cecil was covering his chest with both of his... no... her arms.Bookmark here

She had a bright red face and was looking at Alex with a flushed expression.Bookmark here

Her eyes were sparkling with embarrasment.Bookmark here

""""You're a girl?!""""Bookmark here

"What?! You guys thought Cecil-chan was a guy?!"Bookmark here

Me, Xeline, Celeste, and Alex were surprised.Bookmark here

Onee-chan seemed that she knew all along.Bookmark here

So that was the reason she said before 'don't worry, that kind of outfit also suits you' to Cecil.Bookmark here

Alex was looking at Cecil with bright red face when he saw this side of her.Bookmark here

*hic*Bookmark here

"Ah! You made her cry Alex!"Bookmark here

"I-I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean it!"Bookmark here

Cecil suddenly started crying.Bookmark here

Alex was surprised and didn't know what to do.Bookmark here

"Ummm... Cecil-san! I-I'm sorry for touching you! You could hit me all you want!"Bookmark here

"*Hic* no! That's not the reason why I'm...."Bookmark here

"Eh? umm... Can I ask you a reason?"Bookmark here

"The reason.... *hic* The reason I am lonely was... when you made me wore costumes for males, the reason I got lonely was not because I didn't like them, it was because it made me realize that you don't even see me as a girl...*hic* this made me lose hope that you would ever see me as a girl..."Bookmark here

"See... you... as a girl?"Bookmark here

"Eh?!"Bookmark here

Cecil seems to not realized what she's done.Bookmark here

This made both of their faces beet red.Bookmark here

"Oi stalker, you knew along that Alex was a guy?! I'm leaving!"Bookmark here

"Center-chan! Read the atmosphere! Stop messing around!"Bookmark here

This was the first time Onee-chan scolded me.Bookmark here

Still, I got worried for nothing! I thought Cecil would get angry at me for no telling her that Alex is a guy which will make our relationship bad and affect my job in the blacksmith.Bookmark here

"....Cecil-san..."Bookmark here

"Oi stalker, just get on with it."Bookmark here

She looked at me and nodded.Bookmark here

Knowing that the truth has been spilled, there is no turning back.Bookmark here

"Alex-san....I always knew that I look like a guy, and I am also a blacksmith which isn't womanly... the reason I was looking at your shop was because I wanted to wear a dress... I wanted to at least wear those dresses that you put in your shop... those dresses were the most beautiful things that I saw... I wanted to wear them.... that was the reason I was looking at your shop but a reason was added to that."Bookmark here

"....."Bookmark here

"The reason was because there was someone I admired inside the shop, doing what he loves the most, not caring about what anyone says... I was fascinated by you... then one day I realized something."Bookmark here

"...!"Bookmark here

Cecil looked at Alex in the eyes with a face full of conviction.Bookmark here

Their faces were both beet red.Bookmark here

"I realized my feelings for you... I realized that I ---?!"Bookmark here

Alex stopped Cecil's lips with his hands.Bookmark here

"You don't have to say anymore..."Bookmark here

"......"Bookmark here

Cecil's face then started to become gloomy.Bookmark here

"Cecil-chan...."Bookmark here

"Rejected!"Bookmark here

"Center-chan!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan looked at me with angry eyes and I averted my gaze. I just copied what the guy in the comedy book I was reading before.Bookmark here

Alex grabbed Cecil's hand with fingers intertwined with each other.Bookmark here

"?!"Bookmark here

Cecil looked at Alex with a surprised look.Bookmark here

"Cecil-san... the truth is I already knew that you were staring at the shop for a long time....The truth is.... when you looked at the clothes in my shop... I was motivated, there were a lot of times that I was questioning myself if what I'm doing is really weird for other people... Saying why a guy like me is doing tailoring..."Bookmark here

"Nope, I thought it fit you."Bookmark here

"Shut up Center-chan."Bookmark here

Wow, Onee-chan is like a different character today. Am I really that annoying?Bookmark here

"But everytime I saw you looking at them with sparkling eyes, I got motivated. The truth is, I wanted to call out to you... to reach out to you... but you never came... I was doing my best to make you enter the shop..."Bookmark here

"......"Bookmark here

"Then one day, you were dragged inside the shop, it made me so happy that you really wanted to try out my clothes the entire time... I got exited and gave you the best ones, but when you looked lonely, my heart felt like it was collapsing... but I didn't give up! I wanted to see you smile for my outfits!"Bookmark here

"When you made a lonely smile a few seconds ago, it felt like my whole world was destroyed..."Bookmark here

"...."Bookmark here

"But when you said that my dresses were beautiful, it felt like I was saved... the person that I wanted to come to my shop this whole time has always watched me made them... she called them beautiful."Bookmark here

"....."Bookmark here

"But was not all, you only didn't see the dresses, but you also saw me as a guy. You already saw who I am without even talking to me. That made me happy the most."Bookmark here

"So Cecil-chan... let me say it..."Bookmark here

"....?!"Bookmark here

He held both of her hands and put them in a position where they are held between their faces.Bookmark here

Both of their faces are beet red with the pupils of their eyes shaking like it was sparkling.Bookmark here

"Cecil... I have fallen for you."Bookmark here

Hearing this Cecil's face became deep red... her eyes has opened wide and her mouth was opened like she wanted to say something but it won't come out.Bookmark here

Alex remained a serious face after saying the statement.Bookmark here

Looking around, Onee-chan was holding her cheeks with her eyes focused on them, her face was beet red and she wore a happy smile.Bookmark here

Celeste was also deep red with both of her hands covering her mouth.Bookmark here

And Xeline was...Bookmark here

Looking the same as always... well, I guess she is smiling a little?Bookmark here

I'm the same too... I understand Xeline, we don't really understand what's so special, but we know that they looked happy so we just smiled at them and became happy at them.Bookmark here

After that moment, Alex spoke again.Bookmark here

"....Cecil-san..?"Bookmark here

Cecil didn't know what to say, she was dumbfounded and she looked very happy.Bookmark here

"Oi stalker! Just speak up! I have no time for this! I still need to do work and mfpffpt!"Bookmark here

"Center-chan! Please be quiet!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan covered my mouth.Bookmark here

Cecil was taken back to reality.Bookmark here

"....Alex... I have fallen for you too... no, I have always... loved you...."Bookmark here

Hearing this, Alex did a gentle smile with her face still red then he hugged Cecil.Bookmark here

Cecil hugged Alex back putting her face on his chest looking comfortable while being beet red.Bookmark here

Seeing this everyone made a happy smile, we were happy for them because they looked happy.Bookmark here

"Onee-chan, can I ask you something?"Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

"Is this guy to guy, girl to girl, guy to girl, or girl to guy?"Bookmark here

"..........."Bookmark here

"I'm just curious... based on what I read, it was always guy to girl... but this is everything of those... I'm so confused."Bookmark here

"Center-chan, I don't know if your just too innocent, but please stop talking for a bit okay?"Bookmark here

Onee-chan was getting annoyed at me.Bookmark here

Alex and Cecil laughed softly.Bookmark here

"I can't believe a little boy who don't even know what love is was the one who brought us together."Bookmark here

"Yes, thank you Nameless-kun... this all happened because you dragged Cecil to the store."Bookmark here

"Then why are you two still here? Didn't you want to try out dresses or something?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, you're right!"Bookmark here

"But... I stink of sweat...."Bookmark here

"It's fine!"Bookmark here

"No it's not! I don't want to mess up your dress! I'll take bath first! I'll come back later!"Bookmark here

"Then, just take a bath here!"Bookmark here

"Eh?!"Bookmark here

"Kyaaaaah!"Bookmark here

That was Onee-chan, it seems she's back to normal.Bookmark here

Everyone noticed this and just ignored her.Bookmark here

"I would just give you a towel... I have a lot of clothes here, so you better be prepared Cecil!"Bookmark here

"Y-yes! I'll do my best!"Bookmark here

"Wait Before you leave..."Bookmark here

""?""Bookmark here

Xeline was the one who spoke.Bookmark here

She looked at me with a serious expression.Bookmark here

Then she pointed at the ground.Bookmark here

It was a string.Bookmark here

"Explain."Bookmark here

It seems that she noticed them before.Bookmark here

This means that she already knew that I was up to something.

Everyone tilted their heads at Xeline's statement.Bookmark here

"How much of that did you plan?"Bookmark here

"Eh? What do you mean Xeline-chan?"Bookmark here

"This guy needs to explain everything to us. He orchestrated everything."Bookmark here

"Really? How?"Bookmark here

Xeline pulled a thread from the ground.Bookmark here

""""?!""""Bookmark here

"I saw you pull a thread on the ground a while ago, when I reached here, I was surprised that there are threads that are scattered like this."Bookmark here

The others looked at their feet.Bookmark here

"I have seen small materials in making potions so I can see small things, I can see these strings like it was black paint over white you know?"Bookmark here

"....Damn showoff...."Bookmark here

I can't think of any excuses, no matter what you think, having strings and nails around is definitely weird.Bookmark here

I looked at Alex.Bookmark here

"Hey, you truly love Cecil whatever happens right?"Bookmark here

"Yes, whatever happens."Bookmark here

"What if what you feel is just an illusion?"Bookmark here

"what do you mean?"Bookmark here

".... Alex, I asked Nameless to make you fall in love with me... that was the reason he dragged me to your shop."Bookmark here

"Hm? I kinda know that already."Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, it was obvious... but when I saw that you were a girl, everything instantly got revealed to me, that all those times waiting for you, I was in love... I didn't care if it was all planned or something, actually, I was happy that you would go through all of these just to make me fall..."Bookmark here

I pointed at Cecil.Bookmark here

"The plan was for me to make Alex check Cecil's outfit."Bookmark here

"This was my plan:Bookmark here

First, I made them wore costumes, no, it could also work even if Cecil was the only one wearing the costume.Bookmark here

Second, I made the run around in order to increase their heart rate this will increase the chances of falling in love.Bookmark here

Third, After reaching this area, I would set up the traps to make Alex trip.Bookmark here

Fourth, I would suggest to Alex to check Cecil's costume, since Alex was a bonifide sewing maniac, he would check Cecil's costume.Bookmark here

Last, I would pull my traps and make Alex trip, making it look like an accident.Bookmark here

When falling down, Alex heart rate would increase, and danger was eminent because falling would trigger human reflex and would sense danger.Bookmark here

While he senses danger, Cecil would save him, this will jumble and confuse him on his heart rate from falling, being tired, being scared, and as well as having a savior.Bookmark here

This would increase Alex's affection a lot because of the illusion that he fell in love with Cecil the instant she saved Alex from his fall.Bookmark here

This would Alex have no choice but to think that this is love and even if his mind rejects or accept it, he would fall in love with Cecil.Bookmark here

In summary, I just forced Alex's mind and body fall in love with Cecil.Bookmark here

The only thing that I didn't expect was Cecil being a girl and Cecil being lonely, which added to that effect."Bookmark here

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard this.Bookmark here

"Wow, you're unbelievable! From now on... I'll call you 'Love Master!'"Bookmark here

"Yeah, Nameless-kun... I didn't know you were a genius! I'll also call you 'Love Master' now as well!"Bookmark here

""Eh?!""Bookmark here

Xeline and I was dumbfounded in Cecil and Alex's unusual reaction.Bookmark here

"Wait! Aren't you angry? He just said he lied to you!"Bookmark here

"This brat is right! The love that you guys felt was just an illusion that was set up by some kid."Bookmark here

"Hahaha! Center-chan and Xeline-chan are so cute! I want to hug them!"Bookmark here

""Eh?!""Bookmark here

"... they are too innocent... they don't know love at all..."Bookmark here

""Eh?!""Bookmark here

Even Celeste...Bookmark here

"Love isn't as easy as that."Bookmark here

Alex smiled to me and Xeline.Bookmark here

""What do you mean?""Bookmark here

"Well... it's true that what you did really did heighten my heart rate or something like that, but that isn't enough to make a person fall in love with another."Bookmark here

""........""Bookmark here

"Me and Cecil were already in love with each other without us realizing it, you just made it happen faster, in other words, it was inevitable for us to not fall in love with each other... you just made it happen with the fasted method available... truly a 'love master'"Bookmark here

"".......""Bookmark here

Both Xeline and I were just confused.Bookmark here

Me and Xeline looked at each other.Bookmark here

"....well... I guess.... this is a success?"Bookmark here

"I.. think it is...."Bookmark here

Xeline and I can't think of the logic behind this.Bookmark here

"Cecil-chan! what are you waiting for? I want to see you wearing a dress!"Bookmark here

"R-Right!"Bookmark here

"Come here Cecil, I'll show you the way."Bookmark here

"O-Okay..."Bookmark here

Both of them went to the shop and the four of us followed.Bookmark here

5 of us are currently in the shop and Cecil was in the bathBookmark here

"I am glad that I have Center-chan! People falling in love with each other are the things I want to see the most!"Bookmark here

"....what about you falling in love, Roxelle-senpai?...."Bookmark here

"I already am in love! I love Center-chan and Xeline-chan!"Bookmark here

""""........""""Bookmark here

"I guess even Roxelle hasn't feel love yet..."Bookmark here

"What are you talking about Alex-chan?! I know love!"Bookmark here

"Well... you sure do, it's overflowing... but for some reason, the love we are talking about is different."Bookmark here

"I know what it is! don't tease me! I'm not a kid!"Bookmark here

She is, she's only 3 years older than me and Xeline.Bookmark here

"You just want to see others fall in love with each other."Bookmark here

"I think I know what kind of affection Roxelle has."Bookmark here

A voice suddenly came from the entrance.Bookmark here

"Berserker? You again?"Bookmark here

"Roxelle, what do you think about romantic fiction books?"Bookmark here

"They are my favorite!"Bookmark here

"I guess this is what Roxelle's version of love is..."Bookmark here

"What kind do you mean Berserker?"Bookmark here

"She learned love through fiction books or in other words, seeing love bloom between individuals. Seeing the main heroine fall in love with the hero made her heart rate fast. Something like, seeing something that heightens your emotions and confuses it for love."Bookmark here

I don't get it.Bookmark here

"No! I really do know love!"Bookmark here

"Well... you do know it, you love your siblings or... to be honest... you love cute things."Bookmark here

"Yes! I love them all!"Bookmark here

"Doesn't onee-chan just love everything or something? It's a more probable explanation."Bookmark here

"Not really, Roxelle... Look at these."Bookmark here

Berserker picked up a beetle.Bookmark here

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!"Bookmark here

Her shout isn't the usual happy squeal but a scared squeal.Bookmark here

"O-Onee-chan! I can't breathe!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan squealed and hid behind me and hugged me tight from behind.Bookmark here

"She's scared of insects, well... not cute insects, but insects that activates a humans natural reaction of disgust. The bottom part of an insect."Bookmark here

"Kyaaa! Acei-chan!!! Please throw it away!!!"Bookmark here

"You want me to squish it?"Bookmark here

"Noooo! Don't kill the poor thing!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan's weird.Bookmark here

"Onee-chan... we use some materials from insects in making potions right? How can you be scared of them?"Bookmark here

"This and that are different!"Bookmark here

"Hmmm...... what if I..."Bookmark here

Berserker put the beetle near the face of onee-chan who was hiding behind me.Bookmark here

"Ce-center-chan... Help...."Bookmark here

This is the first time I saw Onee-chan docile. She has tears on the edged of her eyes and is shaking behind me pleading.Bookmark here

"Oi berserker, you sure are having fun... come to think about it, I didn't expect you to know what 'Love' is."Bookmark here

"I just based everything on the book. And based on what is written, I haven't felt it yet."Bookmark here

"I see."Bookmark here

I looked at Onee-chan then looked at Berserker.Bookmark here

"You really like terrorizing others like a berserker."Bookmark here

"No! I was just curious what Roxelle will look like when she feels fear!"Bookmark here

I can't blame her I was curious too.Bookmark here

I looked at Xeline.Bookmark here

Ah.Bookmark here

She turned her face away avoiding eye contact.Bookmark here

We're both the same, I was a little curious too. And based on what Xeline looked like, she can't deny it as well because her face direction when I looked at her.Bookmark here

"Aceilette-sama is so cruel!"Bookmark here

"Huh?!"Bookmark here

"Y-Y-Yes! This berserker is too violent!"Bookmark here

"Nameless, you have been together with me the most, I know you're just as curious too."Bookmark here

"N-N-No! Of course I'm not! But that brat sure is!"Bookmark here

"Wha-wha-what are you talking about! don't drag me in!"Bookmark here

"I hate you three!"Bookmark here

"""?!"""Bookmark here

Hearing Onee-chan shout that with tears on her eyes....Bookmark here

For some reason, I felt an unknown fear coming from myself, even if she really didn't mean what she said, it made me feel scared that I might lose something important... I don't know what it is though....Bookmark here

Scared I might lose Onee-chan's love?Bookmark here

"Horyaa!"Bookmark here

*Punch*Bookmark here

"Gouh!"Bookmark here

"Haaaaa!"Bookmark here

*Bam*Bookmark here

"Gah!"Bookmark here

*thud*Bookmark here

I punched Berserker in the stomach then she bent, and Xeline did an unbelievable heel drop on her head.Bookmark here

"Onee-chan we dealt with the monster!"Bookmark here

"We dealt with the berserker! No please don't be scared!"Bookmark here

""Bookmark here

Berserker is lying on the floor twitching while saying her last words.Bookmark here

"Onee-chan.... do you hate me know...?"Bookmark here

"Onee-chan...sorry..."Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

Onee-chan looked at us with a surprised face.Bookmark here

Xeline was making a worried face with her eyes almost watering up and her eyebrows with an inverted V.Bookmark here

I was worried as well, but I don't know what face I was making, maybe like Xeline's?Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan... Center-chan..."Bookmark here

""Onee-chan...""Bookmark here

Onee-chan hugged us tight.Bookmark here

"Don't worry! I love you! I will never hate you! I will always love you! Even if you kill me, I will still love you!"Bookmark here

"Onee-chan... that's too much."Bookmark here

"Is Berserker's violence influencing you? Oi berserker, get out of here!"Bookmark here

"W-Why is e-everybody acting out of character..."Bookmark here

"""""You started it!"""""Bookmark here

"Phue."Bookmark here

Berserker finally breathe her final breathe.Bookmark here

Though I must say, I didn't expect her to be the type to touch insects like it was nothing and even use it to scare someone out of curiosity.Bookmark here

"Onee-chan..can't...breathe..."Bookmark here

"My...Bones...Are..cracking..."Bookmark here

Xeline and me was being hugged tightly by onee-chan.Bookmark here

"I will never let you go! I just felt both of your love and I will never let this feeling go away! This is the best feeling!"Bookmark here

"Phue..."Bookmark here

Xeline finally gave her last breathe.Bookmark here

"Losing...consciousness..."Bookmark here

"Hmmmmmpp!!!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan hugged us tight.Bookmark here

"Onee-cha...."Bookmark here

"Huh?!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan loosened her grip seeing the corpse of Xeline on her arms.Bookmark here

She let us go and Xeline fell on her back while Onee-chan caught her before falling on the floor.Bookmark here

"Haaa....Haa...Haaa...."Bookmark here

I am on the floor breathing heavily to catch my breathe...Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan! Wake up!"Bookmark here

"I....can...see..the...light."Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan!!! Don't go into the light!"Bookmark here

"So berserker's violence rubbed off on onee-chan... this is dangerous."Bookmark here

"Eh?! What happened here?!"Bookmark here

A voice suddenly came from up the stairs.Bookmark here

We all looked at the stairs and we got stunned at what we saw.Bookmark here

It was Cecil, she was wearing black dress with has some small gems on the bottom that made it looked sparkling.Bookmark here

I always saw her as a boy, but for some reason, I was amazed at what I saw and my heart rate increased because of amazement.Bookmark here

"....Wow...."Bookmark here

"Cecil-chan! You're so pretty!"Bookmark here

"Oi! Where did your testosterones go?!"Bookmark here

"Center-chan! Please shut up for a moment!"Bookmark here

"........"Bookmark here

Xeline just looked at her with awe.Bookmark here

"Good job to the one who made that... I can see that that dress is made to temporarily increase the heart rate of people by reflecting light to the eye and—"Bookmark here

"You shut up too Acei-chan!"Bookmark here

It seems berserker revived.Bookmark here

Onee-chan is really out of character today.Bookmark here

"Cecil.... you look beautiful."Bookmark here

Alex smiled and looked at Cecil with sparkling eyes..Bookmark here

Then...Bookmark here

"Cecil?!"Bookmark here

Cecil suddenly had tears coming out of her eyes.Bookmark here

"Cecil? What wrong! Does it hurt? Did I make it wrong?!"Bookmark here

"*hic*No... I'm just so happy...I have wanted to do this for so long... this all feels like a dream...."Bookmark here

"........"Bookmark here

Alex went near Cecil.Bookmark here

"This isn't a dream... you are really beautiful, please come every day and wear my dresses."Bookmark here

"*Hic* Yes..."Bookmark here

"For a guy... you sure cry a lot, stalker..."Bookmark here

"Center-chan... I don't know if you're doing this on purpose or not."Bookmark here

This was the second time in my life I saw Onee-chan annoyed.Bookmark here

"Nameless-kun, no... Love Master!"Bookmark here

Alex called out to me.Bookmark here

"Thank you for everything, This was all made possible because of you."Bookmark here

Alex bowed her head.Bookmark here

"Not really, I just made the inevitable happen faster."Bookmark here

"Center-chan! please call me again when you turn into 'Love master mode' again!..... but please shut up on the best parts."Bookmark here

"O-Okay onee-chan..."Bookmark here

I saw Celeste look at the time.Bookmark here

It was already time for her to return.Bookmark here

"....Alex-san, stalker... it's time for us to go..."Bookmark here

"Okay, goodbye everyone..."Bookmark here

It was 5:45pm and she needed to go back.Bookmark here

"Come to think about it, I think I will complete that ladder of yours tomorrow."Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

"I already started to learn woodworking."Bookmark here

"........"Bookmark here

Celeste looked down.Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"Nothing...."Bookmark here

I wonder what's wrong?Bookmark here

"I'll send you back to school."Bookmark here

"We'll come with you Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"No, it's better if we just go with the two of us, we might get caught if all of us go."Bookmark here

We might get caught if Onee-chan comes with us.Bookmark here

"Buuuu.."Bookmark here

Onee-chan pouted and made a buuu sound.Bookmark here

"Oi brat."Bookmark here

I looked at Xeline and she nodded, she probably knew what I was going to say.Bookmark here

"... Onee-chan... I feel tired..I think something is wrong with me."Bookmark here

"Really? Xeline-chan! Let's go home, I'll take care of you! Bye, Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"Oi, make sure she's safe."Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah."Bookmark here

"Kyaaaaaa!"Bookmark here

"".........""Bookmark here

With that both of them left.Bookmark here

"I'll go ahead first."Bookmark here

"Eh? The library is along the way right? just come with us."Bookmark here

"I think you guys will spend a little more time."Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

"Well then, see you tomorrow."Bookmark here

With that, berserker left.Bookmark here

"What did she mean?"Bookmark here

"Nameless-san."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"...can I go with you to your home..."Bookmark here

"The bench? why?"Bookmark here

"I just want to..."Bookmark here

"......"Bookmark here

We went to the bench.Bookmark here

"So?"Bookmark here

"Can you sit down?"Bookmark here

I sat down the bench.Bookmark here

"Ummm..."Bookmark here

She looked uneasy and don't know what to do.Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"I-I'm sorry for intruding!"Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

She sat beside me.Bookmark here

"......."Bookmark here

"So this is the sight you always look at... it feels good... like it feels free..."Bookmark here

"......."Bookmark here

"Nameless-san?"Bookmark here

"....this just feels weird....having someone sit with me on this bench... this is the first time this ever happened."Bookmark here

"Really?"Bookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

She turned red and faced down.Bookmark here

"So? What do you want?"Bookmark here

"...I just want to stay with you for one last time...."Bookmark here

"Eh? last time? you're going to die?"Bookmark here

"I'm not!"Bookmark here

She looked up the sky and told her story.Bookmark here

".....the truth is, tomorrow will be my last day in town... my parents will send me to school at the capital tomorrow... I was the one who requested it because I wanted to see more of the world rather than being locked up in the school."Bookmark here

"Back at home, I was also sheltered and was never allowed to go outside, I always felt that I was missing out on a lot of things and that I'm just wasting time inside a box with time not moving."Bookmark here

"It was the same at this school, it was fun at first, but it seemed to become smaller, after a while... the school was just another box with stopped time too."Bookmark here

"For the past 2 years, the only thing that was making me stay was my friendship with Xeline-chan, which was enough reason for time to flow again for that box...."Bookmark here

"She said she was not enough reason for me to stop doing what I want.... She was the one who suggested that I should just do what I want and leave Quina. I told her that it doesn't matter, but she said she would stop being friends with me if I don't do it."Bookmark here

"That brats heartless huh?"Bookmark here

"No! I know she's just doing this for me... I think she wants it because she thinks it is for the better."Bookmark here

" it for the better? do you want to leave?"Bookmark here

"...I want to see the world outside, I was actually reluctant to do it at first, but because of you... I realized that it was what I really wanted."Bookmark here

"Huh? Because of me?"Bookmark here

"Yes... when you took me out of school, I was shocked.. the truth is I was scared, what would happen if I go out? would I get in trouble? Does the world outside not be as good as I think it is?"Bookmark here

"But just these two days I was with you, a lot has happened. I saw another side to Xeline, I became friends with Aceilette-sama, I saw Cecil's love bloom, and I also ran around town wearing a costume and got carried around by a person."Bookmark here

"Because of this, I figured out that those fears are worth nothing compared to the feeling I had for those two days... Those were the most fun times I had in my life."Bookmark here

"But still, the feeling of being forced to go back to that box still scares me... I don't know what to do."Bookmark here

"Then, just stay here... I'll just sneak you out like before... Based on your story, you will be closed in your box again when you return to the capital."Bookmark here

"Yes, I want to stay... but, I don't want to be a burden to you..."Bookmark here

"You won't be a burden."Bookmark here

"No, that may be what you think, but for me... it makes me feel like a burden..."Bookmark here

"Is that so?"Bookmark here

"I don't want that... I want to be able to learn to escape the box myself... If I always rely on you, I would never be free... I want to be free and not be a burden.... I want to walk beside you as an equal."Bookmark here

"Walk beside me?"Bookmark here

"Yes... when that happens."Bookmark here

She placed her right hand over my left cheek.Bookmark here

".......?"Bookmark here

"......."Bookmark here

She removed them.Bookmark here

"I'll tell you when that time comes..."Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"......this box of yours."Bookmark here

"what?"Bookmark here

"It has no walls."Bookmark here

"......."Bookmark here

"...I want it too...."Bookmark here

"Don't live outside, it's dangerous."Bookmark here

"Heehee, you're the same as always."Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"Nothing."Bookmark here

She smiled at me.Bookmark here

I looked at the sun, it's setting.Bookmark here

"Oi, let's go."Bookmark here

"Okay."Bookmark here

We went to the lake where the window is placed.Bookmark here

"Nameless-san."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"Can I have one of those nails?"Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"I want it as a remembrance of this town."Bookmark here

"A nail? Seriously?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

" way."Bookmark here

"What?!"Bookmark here

"I need those."Bookmark here

"......."Bookmark here

"Come on, let's go."Bookmark here

I carried her in a princess carry.Bookmark here

"I'll give you something tomorrow, the ones I don't need to keep."Bookmark here

I jumped up to the window.Bookmark here

"You alright?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"Well, then... this is goodbye."Bookmark here

"Goodbye, Nameless-san."Bookmark here

"Oh, wait... I want to copy a scene from a book, it was a book about a person with the same circumstances as you."Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

I grabbed her left hand with my right hand, looking like I was about to pull her towards me.Bookmark here

"If they won't let you out, I'll take you by force... my princess."Bookmark here

Celeste became beet red when she saw me do this.Bookmark here

"Hmmmm... I guess fiction books are also good sources of getting the heart rate increase... I should've just read those instead of that psychology books."Bookmark here

"B-B-Baka!"Bookmark here

"Eh?!"Bookmark here

Why did this gentle girl call me stupid? I would not know.Bookmark here

Maybe because I used her as a test subject? Do people really don't like that? It was the same when Aceilette experimented on Onee-chan.Bookmark here

When I was about to jump down.Bookmark here

" don't need to take me.... I will be the one to go to you... my prince..."Bookmark here

When I turned back, she was already walking upstairs.Bookmark here

"So, she knew that book too?"Bookmark here

I dropped down the window and went to the bench to rest for a little.Bookmark here

"I guess this will be a busy night..."Bookmark here

With that, I went around the town making something.Bookmark here

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