Roreru Enzeru

Roreru Enzeru

I am a semi-closed otaku. What other people think is that I watch anime only as a side hobby little do they know that I watch a LOT of anime read many Light Novels.

I'm an amateur writer. I didn't try to write for the people reading them when I was writing because I had no plans to post them online before because there was no place to post them or I just wasn't trying to find one.

I mostly write in first person perspective.

Not a fluent English speaker/writer.

I didn't draw the picture.

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Last Updated: Apr 26, 2017
Chapters: 18

A story in a fantasy world about the adventurer, 'The Kid who lives in the center of town'. Having no name, no house, no relatives and no origin, a kid will live his life and how he changes growing up until he becomes a strong adventurer. Creating relationships with people, doing jobs, and doing ...


Green Demon

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2017
Chapters: 1

A boy who was nicknamed 'Green Demon' in his middle school just graduated. Even though he is called a 'Demon' he is friends with everyone in the middle school. This middle school is a boy exclusive middle school with a bad reputation as a school full of delinquents. This middle school has no high...